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Posted in Fashion By Neekee Singh | April 18, 2019

The blouse is back in fashion this year, and there are a thousand and one different blouse designs that you get to choose from for when you decide that it’s time to change your look. There are some great classic designs like the Chinese collar, round neck, high neck and V-neck that are almost guaranteed not to go out of fashion at any point soon, and there are more radical designs that you might not have seen before off the runway, but that are now turning more heads as everyday fashion wear.

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Posted in Fashion By Stylecaret | April 10, 2019

The Salwar is a traditional form of clothing that you’ll traditionally see in many parts of India, although it’s gaining a lot of popularity as a style choice elsewhere in the world – and the Salwar can be the perfect clothing choice for almost any occasion. The Salwar is perfect because of its adaptability, and it’s great because you can wear your Salwar for formal or casual occasions – and in almost any type of weather.

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