19 Hot Fashion Trends Gifted by Guys to Gals

19 Hot Fashion Trends Gifted by Guys to Gals

Fashion is one such industry where no trends are gender specific. Men have been wearing floral prints as jackets while women have been wearing leather pants and jackets to look revolutionary.

There is no second thought about the fact that women’s fashion is more diversified than men’s fashion. At the same time, one can’t deny the fact that some inspiration from men’s fashion has added to the diversity of women’s fashion. i.e., Men’s style contributes a part to this diversity. So thanking men for some of the fashion trends, here is a list of trends if women fashions that are inspired by men.

1. Shirt

Girls in Shirt

It is incredible how this staple men’s wear has found a permanent residency in women’s fashion. Women nowadays love this piece of clothing for versatility and glamour. They are easy to pair with jeans, skirts, shorts, trousers, etc. There is a shirt for women for every occasion. So much so that fashionable women often pair this garment with a saree or lehenga with some accessories.

2. Denim Jackets

Ladies Denim Jackets

Another fashion trend that has crossed gender prejudice is Denim Jackets. Denim jackets are considered casual wear, but when and if paired well, they can fall under fancy attire. They have a reputation of looking fantastic with almost, we mean almost EVERYTHING! If you don’t own a denim jacket, if your wardrobe even complete?

3. Jeans

Ladies Jeans Varities

Do you remember how women started wearing jeans and when? Yeah, neither does us. Arguably the best men’s clothing found its way to women’s fashion. Jeans are the most comfortable clothing, which makes women feel pulled together and sexy! Moreover, we have more varieties then men; boot cut, boyfriend, flared, skinny, to name a few.

4. Chinos

Girl's Chinos Style

Fun fact: did you know chinos were khaki-colored military pants that got the name in Spanish American ware in 1898?  The source of the name is, in fact, the Spanish name for China, as the cotton fabric used to stitch the pants were sourced from China. In the 20th century, Chinos were recognized across the world as it became part of US military uniforms, only to be used by women as well. Chinos, unlike Jeans, are light in weight and have become a part of semi-formal or formal wear for women.

5. Blazers

Girls Blazer Fashion Trend

One can remember men wearing the blazers and women wearing dresses or sarees, the dapper era, where everything looked classy. This is how the Blazers came into trend. Men would wear the Blazers to their workplace and parties, meaning pretty much any formal event. However, the rebellion phase of the 1920s was where women started wearing blazers too; though it was short lived. Later in the 1980s, the power of suits was reborn, which continues till date. One might think it is recent that women blazers came in the market while the truth is far from that. Although, now women pair it differently and according to the occasion, with jeans, pants, or skirts!

6. Patiala Salwar

Patiala Salwar Suit

We did not only take inspiration from men for casual or formal wear, but also traditional. You’d be surprised to know that, royal men of Patiala, Punjab originally wore Patiala Salwar with tight kurtas. The combination gave them a royal look. However, when the trend was brought to women fashion, it changed the entire look and use of Patiala bottoms when paired with kurtas, Kameez, shirts, long t-shirts, etc.

7. Heels

Ladies Heels Types

Another interesting fact from fashion trivia that might shock you is that heels were originally created for men. Yup, you read that right. Heels back in the 16th century were invented for Persian soldiers, to make horse riding easier. Soon after, they became a symbol for royalties. But in the 1630s, the women when started embracing masculine fashion trends, they also began to wear high heels. Not to mention that the women wore the heels so well that, now the footwear is associated with feminity.

8. Jumpsuits

Cool Fashionable Jumpsuits

Given that jumpsuits have been around for years and decades, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it was men’s wear. Precisely made for men at work, like mechanics at factories and garages, the design has altered for women now. The one piece is available in various types of designs like the halter, deep neck, off-shoulder, cold shoulder, and tube type.

9. Loafers

Trendy Loafers For Women

Well, loafers now may be stapled footwear in women’s fashion, but earlier use to be used by men. Here are a few things why one should go for loafers, one they are sophisticated. Two they are stylish, and third, they are one of the most comfortable footwear ever made. Well, if those reasons weren’t enough, here is another one. You can wear these with most attires and walk comfortably in formal or informal settings.

10. Big Faces Watches

Women's Big Watches

Breaking the stereotypes, big faces watches are not limited to men nowadays. The women have been pulling off the big dial watches for a while now. Adding spark and boldness to the outfits, women often are seen to wear these watches to their work and casual gatherings.

These fashion trends were a statement as they crossed over the gender-nests created by society. Women started to break these stereotypes way early. Centuries ago women took a stand for women all over the world where we are free to wear clothes of our choice. A lot of miles have been covered on this path of change, yet there is way more to go. Giving more power to the designers and trendsetters who have supported the ideology of equality, here are a few more trends, fashion accessories, and outfits that are not a part of any stereotype.

11. Suspenders

How to Wear Suspenders

The suspender can be tracked back the 18th century when they were worn with ribbons attached to buttonholes of trousers. Suspenders were worn inside and as an undergarment for the longest time. It wasn’t till 1938 that suspenders came in trend. After falling out of trend in the 20th century, the suspender came back in trend. But soon after, suspenders were seen worn by women in the 1970s when working women started to dress up as men did to symbolize equality.

12. Bow tie

Women's Bow Top

The era of the 1700s-1800s was fairly impressive for everyone as bow ties were included in ladies fashion. One of the earliest fashion magazines was started by Louis Antoine Godey, Godey’s Lady’s Book. In an edition of 1863, the articles revolved around ladies fashion and introduced the concept of bow neckline and various designs around them. Currently, in the modern world, women wear bows tie as men and not only ribbon-like look with formals and office.

13. Tie

Tie for Women

Though women had been taking stands and making a mark in the world irrespective of the field, it came as no surprise that actress Diane Keaton in her movie “Annie Hall” wore a hat, wide ties, vests, and shirts; Outfit out of men’s closet. In 1977, this character had influenced a new trend for women altogether where wearing wide ties or men’s ties as they are called more popularly, wasn’t a problem. Over time, different types of ties have replaced the wide tie like slim ties.

14. Leather Jackets

Stylish Leather Jackets For Women

The history involved with leather jackets is intensive. But the trend of leather jackets started in the 1900s as it was paired with aviators. Back then it was called the military look, which in World War 2 was called Bomber Jackets. However, it hit the fashion industry hard when Harley Davidson (Had to be them) designed the first motorcycle jacket. Soon after the jackets were associated with adventures and many other celebrities giving it a new name to the same trend. Women soon started breaking the chains and wearing the jacket as well. And now, they pair it with a shirt, skirts and make them an all-rounder garment for both formal and informal settings.

15. Business socks

Business socks for women

Well, the nerd look isn’t limited to men either. In the world of ankle socks, where socks aren’t visible at all, a lot of women wear business socks pairing with skirts and formal shoes. The idea behind the look is to pull off the nerdy look but with style. To complete the outfit, one can wear it with shirts tucked in the skirt and bow-tie or a slim tie. It gives quite a uniform-look, however, one can accessorize and let their hair down to give it a little stylish twist.

16. Boots

Women's Boot Style

Till the Victorian era, the boots were men’s footwear, but in the Victorian era, things had finally started to change, slowly but the change was visible when men and women both began wearing boots. As women began to wear the footwear, the tread caught everyone’s eye across the world and grew like fire. Though the trend started with an ankle boot, it later evolved into various different forms like knee-length boots, pencil heel boots, etc. Nowadays, the boots are worn by women in a more casual setting and paired with hot-shorts and fancy tops.

17. Baggy jeans

Baggy Jeans For Women

Another interesting fact of fashion history will be baggy jeans or saggy pants are that they are actually inspired by prison wear. Men in prison couldn’t always find the pants of their size that would fit them, which is why they borrowed a belt to hold them. Unfortunately, they didn’t always support them. Later in the 1990s, the Hip-Hop artists started to wear oversized jeans with belts setting the trend. Later women started adopted the trend and wore jeans with loose t-shirts. And today, women often are seen wearing baggy jeans with shirts or sweatshirts.

18. Small wallets

Small wallets for women

We all know that women have been using large bags when men have used small compact wallets for centuries now. Since men didn’t require many things to carry with them, men’s wallets were designed to carry just the green bills, money. On the other hand, women carried huge bags with a lot of makeup and other things in it. But, walking beside men as equals women need small wallets that are compact and easy to carry around as well. Some ladies might carry a massive bag with them, but small wallets that have their cards and money are now a necessity.

19. Vests

Women Wearing Vest

A woman’s vest can be traditional as well as formal. Though the trendsetter for vests back in the 1950s was men, soon women had set eyes on the clothing and made it their own. Nowadays, one can see both women and men wearing in meetings and work in a formal environment as well as the traditional environment. The traditional vests are often heavily embroidered or worked. Women in India often wear it with Patiala Salwar or dhoti pants, or long skirts making the outfits look heavier and nice.

There are a lot of trends and fashion accessories that have been inspired by men’s closets, but there is no doubt that women have embraced the trends gracefully. They have also not only worn the men’s wear well but made it a point to make their own version of it. One can say that the inspiration was taken from the opposite gender, but once worn; they can’t say it wasn’t made for women. The fashion industry has been breaking these stereotyping for a long time now. Not only have they been gender neutral, but given freedom to people of all the sexuality to embrace them and make their own identity with mix and match to clothes and other accessories.

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