20 Latest Patterns of Blouse Neck Designs

20 Latest Patterns of Blouse Neck Designs

Latest Patterns of Blouse Neck Designs : Introduction

The blouse is back in fashion this year, and there are a thousand and one different blouse designs that you get to choose from for when you decide that it’s time to change your look.

There are some great classic designs like the Chinese collar, round neck, high neck and V-neck that are almost guaranteed not to go out of fashion at any point soon, and there are more radical designs that you might not have seen before off the runway, but that are now turning more heads as everyday fashion wear.

Changing your blouse to the right style can make you feel like a million dollars – and sometimes all it takes to make your confidence shine through is to find the right look that fits your body.

Looking for the essential blouse cut that fits your style for the year 2019?

Here’s more about the essential blouse neck designs that you should know about – and just how you can use each of them to compliment your unique style.

Essential Options: Choosing Your Blouse

Choosing Modern Blouse Designs

Which of these designs you choose to compliment your main style this season will depend on a few essential factors, including just what you’d like your individual style to be – and what body shape you have. What features you want to accentuate versus which ones you might want to downplay are also essential to know when you’re choosing a blouse.

Comfort is another important feature that has a major influence on how you choose a blouse – who would wear something that isn’t a comfortable fit? Find the right fit for your size and body type, and find one that doesn’t have loose-hanging bits that can get in your way or parts of it that are restrictive and impair your movement.

Look also happens to be a crucial factor for choosing a blouse. Look in the mirror once you’ve tried it on, and see how it fits. The whole wonder of a fitting process is the fact that you get to change to a different style of blouse if you don’t like the ones you’ve tried on – and you get to do this through all of the styles until you’ve found the right one.

Why Care?

Best Blouse Designs Ideas

Top-tier celebrities all have stylists who choose their styles for them when it comes to public appearances and red carpet events. This means that they don’t have to worry about a single thing themselves, since these appointed stylists are usually experts in their fields and used to keep a close eye on fashion trends throughout the year – in fact, some of these stylists are in the front row of the top fashion shows every single year just so they can help to style their celebrities.

These style experts often charge huge amounts of money for their services. It’s obvious that this is something that most people can’t even dream of affording – but you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of other ways in which you can keep an eye on fashion trends that don’t involve paying a stylist thousands of dollars to figure out your style or design you something.

Without a style expert, you’ll have to learn how to be your own style expert.

This is why it’s so important to get to know different blouse cuts and styles: When you walk into a store, you should know exactly what you want – and be able to convey this to the sales assistant. If not, you’ll end up with something that might be close to what you wanted when you walked into the store but isn’t close enough.

Knowing what the different types of styles are for your blouse also means that it’s easier to find the one that fits your body best.

Sales Assistants

Ideas To Buy A Perfect Blouse

Looking for the right blouse and have no idea where to start? You might not be sure of the type of cut you need or know which one will fit your body type best. That’s fine! While most people have a pretty good idea of what they like and don’t when it comes to their fashion needs, very few people can consider themselves fashion experts – and the majority of people need a little bit of help when it comes to choosing their style.

We’ve already discussed the fact that a personal stylist might be out of the question for most people, but there is still an option left for most people who need a little bit of help when it comes to choosing the right blouse or cut for their needs: A sales assistant.

You can find a sales assistant in every single clothes shop, and at their most basic knowledge level, they’ll know at least everything in the shop – and for the majority of chain clothing stores, their sales training involves knowing how to sell the products they have in the shop. Again, the most basic form of this will involve knowing which body type fits what – or which cuts go best with which look.

It’s like having access to a stylist who knows the stock in the shop, without having to pay premium rates for a personal stylist – and you can get a lot of the same results just by asking a shop’s assistant just what could work for you.

Don’t be discouraged if this doesn’t work at the first shop that you go to. Usually, you’ll be trying the same technique at two, three or sometimes a few more shops until you find the right blouse that fits your needs.

Tips for Blouse Buying

Spme Tips For Buying Blouse

Buying a blouse? Apart from knowing the cut of what you’re choosing, there are a few other crucial things that you should know when it comes to picking your blouse. Here are some of the most important factors…

  • The Fabric: Always consider the fabric first when you’re buying any type of clothing piece. Fabric is important because of the way it looks, but it’s also vitally important because of a lot more than this – fabric is also important due to the way that it feels and reacts to your body. There are many people who are allergic to certain fabrics, or just find certain fabrics to be abrasive and uncomfortable for their skin – you’ll know what fabrics do this to you if this describes you at all.
    Most people know what types of fabric they find comfortable for their skin, but just in case you don’t, you’ll have to try several different options to find one that works for you. Note that you’ll want a fabric that breathes more than one that doesn’t.
  • The Cut: The cut is the final – and perhaps most important thing that matters to what kind of blouse you choose. While it doesn’t seem that important, it’s what influences both the look and feel of your chosen blouse, and it’s what this article is all about. The cut describes just how the blouse fits your body, and most of the most common types of blouses that you’ll find are described in this article so that you can find the right one for you and your body much easier.
  • The Hang: The cut isn’t the only factor that matters when it comes to choosing your dress.. The hang of the dress also matters to just how well it works for your body – and the hang of the body is exactly what it sounds like if you’ve never heard of it before. It’s the way that the dress or blouse hangs down to your body: This is something that’s different for every single blouse that you choose, and you’ll have to try a few different styles once again to find the right one that’s suited to your needs.
  • Skin Tone: The first thing that most people will think of when they choose a blouse is their body type, and we’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with this – but what people most often consider last in the process is their skin tone and how it matches up with their clothing choice. Some skin tones will look better with earthy shades, while other people might prefer to be clad in pastel shades – it all depends what works for you. Again, the best way to figure out what works for you and doesn’t is to experiment with different options until you’ve found the right one for you.
  • Patterned (or Not): Once you’ve decided on all of the other factors for your choice of the blouse, there’s still something left that you’ll have to decide on What kind of pattern would you like your blouse to have if anything? Patterns can be great for the right look, while for another look it might be easier to go for something where you don’t have to worry about a pattern.

Following Trends

Trendy Designer Blouse Neck

It’s pretty tempting to follow trends when it comes to fashion; you know, you check out something that a celebrity wore on the red carpet, or you check out the fashion line-up from magazines to make up your mind about what you should be wearing for the season.

Trends come and trends go: What’s in a season for the 90s will die out by the 2000s and then make a surprising comeback somewhere in twenty years or more as something “retro” – or as something entirely new that puts a different spin on what used to be retro.

The point is that fashion can be pretty confusing – and trends can change at the drop of a hat (or the cut of a blouse). Following the current trend isn’t always the best option – and instead of following trends like everyone else does, how about choosing from a list of things that are pretty much always known to be trendy and can be adapted to suit almost every look?

Instead of following trends, choose from the select few blouse cuts that are known for being always-trendy – and from these, just choose the one that fits your specific occasion. The good thing is that these fashion options can be combined in a number of ways to make a new look, or even adapted to create a new piece of clothing.

And of course, instead of following the trends like everyone else, why not be the one that creates the trend instead?

Different Styles
If you want to pick a blouse, you can’t just pick anyone off the shelf. A little more thought goes into it, but you don’t have to hire a professional designer in order to find the right style for you. We’ve put together this article to make it easier for you to find the right style of blouse for your needs without having to resort to means that are as exclusive or expensive as a dressmaker, and the rest of this article describes the different blouse styles ranging from the common ones to a round and high neck, and the ones that you don’t see nearly as much like the off-shoulder or embroidered blouse.

Different Blouse Neck Designs

Blouse Buying Tips

Section Introduction

The first thing that you should know about choosing a blouse is the fact that they’re not all the same. You’ll probably have figured it out by this point in the article, and then you’ll soon realize that there’s a next step in the process: Just what type of cut should you choose/? There are many more different cuts than you might think, including common ones and some least common ones – and any one of these just might be the perfect choice for your style needs.
Here’s some more about the different blouse neck designs and which one could be suited to your needs.

Round Neck

Round Neck Blouse Designs

The round neck can perhaps be called one of the most popular blouse styles of all time, and you’re almost certain to encounter a round neck blouse at any point during the year – it’s just one of those things that are perpetually in style. The cut of the round neck blouse is pretty easy to describe, and it comes down with a simple “rounding” around the neck – although the amount of curving that this rounding is subject to will depend on each individual blouse.

Remember that a round neck that goes down too low and comes down to a V isn’t called a round neck any longer, but instead will fall under the definition of a V neck – well, hence the V in the name.

Round necks are great because they’re popular for almost any type of use without having to reveal too much – and they’re excellent when worn on their own, or with a matching jacket to compliment the look.

Chinese Collar

Chinese Collar Neck Designs

The Chinese collar is another one of the most common classic blouse styles that you’ll have seen on shelves. It’s been popular for several years, and it’s for a lot more than just expressing a love for Chinese culture – the Chinese collar hugs the neck a lot closer than many other forms of a blouse, and it’s so characteristic that you’ll know it the moment when you see it. The Chinese collar is something that remains consistently rather than fading in and out of popularity like some of the other types of blouses that appear on this list – and it has made appearances in everyday fashion as well as on the red carpet.

It looks good no matter what, and it’s available in every single pattern that you can think of. For the right look, it’s perfect – and it can be casual, edge or sophisticated depending on what your needs might be.

High Neck

High Neck Blouse Designs


The high neck blouse makes for another one of the most popular choices that never goes out of style, and this is for pretty good reason. When you take a look at the high-neck blouse, the first thing you’ll notice is the fact that the blouse is called the high neck because it’s exactly that – instead of coming down like a V-neck, it’s like a rounded neck blouse that goes up higher towards the neck, but isn’t as collared as you’ll see a Chinese Collar Blouse to be.

High necks can be great for casual wear in situations where you don’t want to reveal too much, and they happen to be just as great – and always classic – if you’re going for a corporate look instead.

Square Neck

Square Neck Blouse Designs

The square neck blouse has a square, straight line where the round blouse would instead have a curve. It’s another one of the most popular blouse styles that you’ll never see go out of fashion, and it can be said that every woman should have at least one square neck blouse as part of their wardrobe.

The great thing about the square neck blouse is the fact that it can come in several different varieties, which are either low or high – and you can find a square neck blouse in almost every pattern that you can think of.

It’s a classic, and it’s a great fit for any point in the season. It can also be combined with several other styles: For example, short-sleeved or not, and low-hanging or not.


V Neck Blouse Designs


The V-Neck is a design that will forever remain popular, and you can see the V-Neck blouse at pretty much any point in the season. It’s one of those things that never go out of style, and it’s perfect to wear in combination with pretty much anything. What defines the V-Neck blouse is the fact that it comes down to the middle in a V – and the height of the V can greatly vary, from less revealing to more. The V-neck remains ever popular, and it’s great for both casual wear or something a little more corporate and professional.

If you’re looking for a blouse cut that will always turn heads, the V-neck should be on your top three list of clothing items – and it’s not just for one season, it’s something that you can buy once and wear for years no matter what the occasion might be.

It can be combined with several different styles, and it can be found in several different cuts that still exist with the classic V-neck, which means that this one is versatile as well as fashionable.

Off-Shoulder Blouse

Off-Shoulder Blouse Designs

An off-shoulder blouse can come in several different neck cuts, but what characterizes the off-shoulder blouse is the fact that it has a cut that falls “off the shoulder” on one side – leading to the partially uncovered shoulder look. This fits almost any occasion, and you can expect it to be great fashion at any point during the year. An off-shoulder blouse can be a lot more flowing than the usual round or V-neck, and it’s great to wear if you want to expose a little more skin – or show off a great shoulder tattoo. It’s also great for keeping your body cool, and it can be great – better for hotter days – than your traditional round blouse.

Sometimes, off-shoulder (also called off-the-shoulder) blouses will instead uncover both shoulders – and which of these two options you go for will depend on the rest of your style. Off-shoulder blouses are especially great for taking the edge off the heat of summer; they’re perfect for casual wear, and usually not for corporate (although when for the right environment or corporate party, it can be adapted to even this with the addition of some accessories to the main outfit, like a jacket).

What defines the off-shoulder top?
Simple: It’s off the shoulders. If you’re struggling to picture this effectively, look up an image of Brigitte Bardot and her classic off-the-shoulder blouse – which is still in style years later!

Saree Blouse

Designer Saree Blouse Ideas

The Saree blouse carries with it the unique style of India, and you should choose the Saree (sometimes also spelled as Sari) blouse when you’re looking to carry this uniqueness within your own style along to any event that you choose. Most of the time, the Sari/Saree blouse can be adapted to suit both casual and sleeker use – and the traditional Sari blouse is available in many different varieties, shades, and fabrics (although usually smoother, silkier fabrics) so that you really can adapt it to suit your needs no matter what they might be.

Princess Cut Blouse

Princess Cut Blouse Designs

The princess cut blouse is one that’s designed to look absolutely royal – and because of this, it’s usually employed to suit more formal events and functions. Sometimes the princess cut blouse can be combined with other techniques to create a blouse that’s a princess cut and, for example, a spaghetti top at the same time – but most of the time, you’ll find standard princess cut blouses anywhere you’ll find a round or V-neck blouse, too.

Of course, just because it’s usually made for formal functions doesn’t mean that you have to stick to them: As with most types of blouses, the princess cut can sometimes be adapted to fit almost any style, even when you’re choosing to rock it casual instead.

Spaghetti Strap

Spaghetti Strap Blouse Designs


The spaghetti strap blouse is a simple design that usually comes over the shoulders with what’s called “spaghetti straps”, so named because of the fact that they tend to be thin – just thin enough to hold up the rest of the blouse. Spaghetti straps can have a lot of benefits, including offering a little more support for the breasts (especially when combined with a good quality bra that fits your body and the style of your blouse) and being cooler when the heat of summer comes along.

Of course, spaghetti strap blouse is only used to describe the straps – everything else about the blouse can still fall into several different categories on this list, and you might have a spaghetti strap blouse that happens to be a V-neck at the same time.

Most women have a few spaghetti straps as part of their wardrobe, and if you don’t, it’s time to get a few: They always remain in style, and they’re as great for casual wear as they are for a planned outing to a fancy restaurant when combined with the right accessories.

Tube Style

Tube Style Saree Blouse Designs

Tube style tops are also often referred to as “boob tubes”, and these are much like spaghetti strap tops or blouses when the spaghetti strap is removed. The tube style top fits around the body and the waist and usually doesn’t require any need for strapping anything up or down – hence its name, tube style or tube top. They’re often perfect for casual wear – and especially great for around the house when you just want something you can literally slip into without having to worry about any straps.

While they’re usually not considered for fancier functions and events, a tube top can still often be adapted to be the perfect fit – and it doesn’t have to take much.

For home projects, people have also had great amounts of success with turning a simple t-shirt into a tube-style top just with a few modifications that only need a pair of scissors, needle, and thread.

Open-Backed Blouse

Open-Backed Blouse Designs

The open-backed blouse is one that most people will be familiar with – and this is true regardless of which era they might have grown up in. If you ask someone who reached the peak of their fashion in the fifties, they’ll know it just as well as someone who is trying to reach their fashion goals in today’s age. This should tell you everything about the versatility of the open-backed blouse – or at the very least, point out the fact that the open-backed blouse has remained a classic for years.

If you’re looking for something formal and elegant for a formal function or event, there are many women who have opted to go for the open-backed blouse – and as you should be able to see from any pictures that were taken on the red carpet of people wearing the open-backed blouse, it will remain a classic for decades to come.

There are varying types of open-backed blouse designs that you can choose from, and you should go for the one that’s the most comfortable fit for you; this is largely influenced by your body type and how comfortable of a fit the blouse is for you – this is where you’ll have to rely on your own individual preferences to decide if the blouse works for your body or not. If not, there are still plenty of options left that could be the perfect fit for the function you’re planning.


Buttoned-Back Blouse Designs

If you find that open-backed blouse designs feel a little too daring for your tastes, you should go for something with a buttoned-back design instead – this is much like your regular form of blouse, and can have several designs up front including V-neck or round neck – but with one difference: If you don’t want to wear it as an open-backed blouse, you can choose to button the back of it up instead. Sometimes this comes with a zipper instead of regular buttons, but the concept remains the same – if you don’t like the idea of an open-backed design, there’s nothing that says you can’t change it to another style of a blouse on this list that would fit your style better.

Bikini-Shaped Blouse

Open-Backed Blouse designs

The bikini-shaped blouse is also sometimes referred to as the bra-blouse because of the fact that it closely resembles one, but isn’t. See, a bikini-shaped blouse is still considered to be a blouse on every level, except it uses the traditional bikini to as a base – sometimes the blouse consists of only the bikini top, while other times it might extend further down and cover the middle. A bikini-blouse is great to wear for certain types of events, especially ones where you’re looking to show a bit more or offer a little better support for the upper body.

Sometimes the bikini-shaped blouse can also be considered for certain formal functions, and it can work great when used to accompany the correct look – but it should be said that it’s pretty obvious the bikini-shaped blouse should not be used at every single opportunity where you can wear one.

Jacket Blouse

Jacket Blouse Designs

If you haven’t been able to guess, the jacket blouse is a combination of a classic-style blouse and a jacket – and it’s great for events where you need to go for either completely casual or slightly chic-casual. It’s one of the few ones on this list that can also be adapted to corporate wear – and won’t need any weird accessories to work, just the right jacket blouse in the right style. It’s known for being slightly heavier than the average blouse, and can sometimes be hotted to wear depending on the conditions you’re wearing it in.

What makes the jacket blouse great is the fact that it doesn’t have to be worn along with a jacket as an accessory: It can be worn as-is, and it can save you a lot of effort when it comes to trying to figure out just what the right jacket is for your individual style.

Corset Blouse

Corset Blouse Designs

If you’ve never seen a corset blouse before in your life, it can be described as looking something between a tube top and a strapped-back top; of course, it slightly resembles the old-timey corset design too, but without the rigid discomfort of actual whale bones to keep the shape! Instead of being a practical method of torture for women in another era, modern corset blouse tops are a lot less rigid and a lot more comfortable instead.

When choosing a corset blouse, remember that comfort is what you’re going for. You shouldn’t be going for anything that can be considered restrictive when it comes to your blouse. It should be a loose, comfortable fit – and many corsets are adjustable until you manage to find the right level of “tightness” for you.

Embroidered Blouse

Embroidered Blouse Ideas

The embroidered-style blouse can be found in the same style that you can find a lot of the other blouses on this list, and just the fact that it’s embroidered doesn’t mean it should be excluded from any other categories on this list. Generally, these aren’t for everyday and casual wear, but instead for those special occasions where you’d really like to stand out from everyone else. The embroidered blouse can be a great way to make your fashion sense stand out at the right event, and it’s generally considered to be too delicate for everyday wear – but of course, this can be done with proper care of the blouse and if you have several to shift their use throughout the week.

Sometimes an embroidered blouse can come with an air of mystery when it’s a great vintage piece. But it doesn’t have to be vintage to count as incredible – and if you’re going for a unique, sleek style, you can play around a great deal with embroidery.

Back-Tied Blouse

Back-Tied Blouse Designs

Looking for a blouse that’s almost in the style of a corset but quite as formal? Well, then you’ll be looking at the back-tied blouse instead. Again, when it comes to the neck and top, we can be looking at several different types of cuts, including a round neck or a V-neck cut – choose what suits your body type and why you’re wearing the blouse. With a back-tied blouse, the only real constant is the fact that the blouse gets tied up at the back – and in many cases, you get to experiment with the kind of knot, and an experienced knot-maker can even adordn the back of the back-tied blouse with specially tied knots that help to compliment the look.

Backless Blouse

New Trendy Backless Blouse Ideas

The backless blouse can almost be compared to the tube top, but imagined instead with a strap that connects the blouse around the neck. Usually, this ends in a round neck at the front, but can sometimes be a V-neck – or any other form in combination that you’ve encountered in this article. What’s great about the backless blouse is the fact that you can play around with accessories and hair especially – and many choose a backless blouse when they want to opt for something that allows them to show off their hairstyle, or sometimes a tattoo on the back.

It’s usually imagined for red carpet and formal function use, though can sometimes fit chic casual when worn with a few adaptations to accessories.

Halter Neck

Halter Neck Blouse Designs

The halter neck blouse is known for coming up a little closer to the neck than your traditional round blouse or V-Neck, and this can have plenty of advantages for the right use or occasion. For one, halter necks are great for when you want to accentuate certain features and play down a few others, and they also happen to be an excellent choice when you’re looking for something to wear in colder weather. Usually, there are no restrictions on what you can or can’t do with a halter neck: Wear it for a formal function or don’t, that’s entirely up to you.

U-Neck Blouse

Fancy U-Neck Blouse Ideas

Looking for something that’s not quite a V-neck and not quite a round neck, and kind of a round neck fit without really being a round neck fit at all? Go for a U-Neck blouse. It’s great for when you’re looking for something in-between, and it’s great just for the fact that it often happens to be one of the most comfortably-fitting options – especially if you’re looking for overall comfort and style that goes with everything, and is known for never going out of style.

It’s a great choice, especially for those events or days where you just aren’t sure what to wear. Sometimes you have to keep it simple if you want to achieve the best possible results.

Laced Blouse

Laced Blouse Styles

If you’re looking for high style, an embroidered blouse isn’t the only fancy thing on this list that can make you feel like a million dollars. In fact, it’s true that any of the chosen designs can be perfect for making you feel like a million dollars!

For those really special days and events, the laced blouse happens to be back in style – and while authentic lace can often cost you considerably more than the mass-produced variety, it’s worth every cent and can last you for decades more to come if you’re able to take care of the blouse for the long haul: Always remember that delicate lace requires delicate washing, too!