6 Most Beautiful South Indian Sarees To Add To Your Collection

6 Most Beautiful South Indian Sarees To Add To Your Collection

South Indian sarees never fail to grab people’s attention on any occasion. Be it traditional ceremonies, or casual or formal, they are the most preferred, favorite, and all the time go-to-option among women of any age. The most distinguishing feature of these sarees which makes them an alluring and unique choice from all other traditional sarees is the sheer fabric of silk. It is a lightweight, soft, glossy, and smooth textured fabric which is easier to carry and comfortable.

South Indian sarees are known for their rich golden borders, intricately woven patterns, and weaves. From Kanchipuram sarees to Banarasi silk sarees, you can find any of these south Indian sarees in a range of colors, designs, and patterns. The alluring embroidery work done on the borders in vibrant colors, designs and patterns give them a dazzling and attractive silhouette while the exquisite sequins, mirrors, and stonework even glorify their beauty more.

Available in a wide range of styles from Uppada silk to Banglore silk, these traditional sarees boast rich prints like brocade, block, floral, and many more. They have been a very popular choice among women across the world and if you have not explored a vast and exquisite range of South Indian sarees, you are in the right place. Here we have curated a list of Top-7 most beautiful south Indian sarees you can add to your collection this year. Let’s have a look:

1.  Kanchipuram/Kanjivaram Silk Sarees 

Coming from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, it is one of the most renowned traditional silk sarees which is widely worn all over the world. They are available from medium-range to heavy. The attractive gold zardozi borders, unique temple patterns, and intricate zari work make these Kanchipuram sarees an exquisite, elegant, and stylish choice among ladies. You must try them in rich colors like Red, Orange, Yellow, or Gold and style them with golden jewelry for an irresistible traditional look. You will surely get people’s eye on functions. Made with the highest quality of silk, motifs having zari, they will be a perfect addition to women’s closets which never goes out of fashion. B-Town beauties like Rekha and Vidya Balan have taken these dramatic sarees to a whole new level. Try them now!!

Kanchipuram/Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

2. Banarasi Silk Sarees

A discussion going-on about silk sarees without mentioning Banarasi silk seems next to impossible. Banarasi silk sarees are one of the most ornate and all-time favorite south Indian traditional attire among women for almost every occasion. Coming from one of the holiest cities in India, Banaras is known for muslin and silk fabrics for centuries. Fine weaving with gold or silver zari in rich brocades designs and patterns making them a flawless choice for wedding ceremonies. Women prefer wearing these exclusive Banarasi sarees to look captivating and gorgeous. The Banarasi silk fabric can be recognized with its tight weave, metallic sheen, goldwork, and detailed designs of flowers, figures, checks or net, and leaves. You can choose from Jangla, Tanchoi, Cutwork, Tissue, or Buttidar Banarasi sarees depending on the designs and materials used. Glorify your look with authentic jewelry and heavy designer blouses.

Banarasi Silk Sarees

3. Mysore Silk Sarees

Want to try lightweight and comparatively easier to carry south Indian sarees? Try an exclusive range of Mysore silk sarees manufactured in Karnataka and available in a plethora of colors with thin and contrasting borders having motifs like mango buttis or floral patterns. These traditional silk sarees are regal in appearance and look fabulous on any function. All credit goes to the soft, and lustrous fabric of the saree while the most distinct feature of these sarees is the use of pure silk and gold zari for a natural sheen and royal texture. They will be a perfect choice to be worn on various traditional and casual occasions. Since they are available in a single standard color with golden borders and zari, you should try them in traditional hues like orange, red and green. They are one-of-its-kind sarees that deserve to be in your collection.

Mysore Silk Sarees

4. Kasavu Sarees

One of the most popular and ravishing South Indian traditional sarees from Kerala, Kasavu sarees look attractive and known for their simple yet elegant appearance. Thanks to the fabric of these sarees, they are soft, lightweight, and have a glossy texture. The interesting thing is that they are always almost white in color or related hues like beige, tan, cream, or off-white with breathable material. You can recognize them with gorgeous heavy golden borders. Kerala Kasavu sarees are known for their artistic and appealing designs. The contrast of the white gold borders with the creamy white body of the saree creates a dramatic look on different occasions. Add them to your collection this season to embark on your sober yet cool silhouette. You can flaunt your traditional look by pairing up these sarees with a gajra in a bun and golden jewelry. The designs in these sarees can range from beautiful motifs of flowers and leaves to simple lines, shapes, or check patterns.

Kasavu Sarees


5. Uppada Silk Sarees 

Uppada silk sarees are one of the most preferred and favorite silk sarees being adored by women all over the world. Originated in the town of Uppada in Andhra Pradesh, these sarees are made with cotton and silk or a combination of both. These sarees are woven with an age-old Jamdani weaving style and they are light in weight i.e. easier to carry and style in various drapes. The different combined fabrics provide a comfortable feel to the saree. You can try these gorgeous Uppada silk sarees which are mostly available in bright colors and soft pastels further decorated with gold zari work. It will make you stand out from the crowd on any occasion. Simply style them with traditional accessories and a fancy clutch. You can also opt for various types of Uppada sarees to flaunt your traditional vibes such as with zari borders, Uppada half and half sarees, check sarees, jamdani sarees, and Uppada with butti work sarees and many more.

Uppada Silk Sarees

6. Ikat Pochampally

Last but not least type of south Indian saree taking place in this list is none other than Pochampally sarees. Coming from the Telangana district, you can try these sarees in cotton, silk, or a combination of both. They will look outstanding and gorgeous on any occasion. Be it wedding ceremonies, casual or family get-together, it can make women steal the show. To make these sarees, the very famous Ikat style is used which is similar to Patola sarees of Gujarat with appealing geometrical patterns giving them a voluminous look. You can try these Ikat sarees with adorable small motifs of peacocks, elephants, zig-zag, diamonds, and flowers. These sarees are known for their vivid colors and sleek block patterns. Opt for bright hues of shades. For example, White, blue, black, mustard yellow, and orange, and style them with elegant accessories. You will look stunning. For a more attractive trendy look, you can pair them up with a contrasting jacket or blazer.

Ikat Pochampally

Bottom Line

These were some of the top-6 gorgeous south Indian sarees which you can add to your collection. There is no doubt that these sarees have their own unique charm and style women from all over the world are falling from. No woman’s closet is complete without having any one of these tremendous sarees. Whether it is your Big-day or you have a special occasion to attend, invest in south Indian sarees. You will never regret your decision.