7 Saree Secrets to Look Slim – Without Actually Losing Weight!

7 Saree Secrets to Look Slim – Without Actually Losing Weight!

A saree is the most gorgeous and elegant Indian ethnic attire women love to wear on almost all occasions. This nine-yard piece of clothing has made a mark all across the world for its unmatched beauty and sheer charm. Thanks to the flawless beauty of this outfit, and the availability in different styles, fabrics, works, and patterns, women can now flaunt their traditional silhouette with modern contemporary vibes.

But wait!! Has it ever happened to you when you looked at yourself in the mirror draping your favorite saree that looked awesome on the mannequin at the showroom? But when you look at yourself, you are left with nothing but low self-esteem and fake promises to hit the gym the next day? Don’t worry!! Saree is an evergreen ethnic attire that suits women of any body type regardless of their age or shape and makes them look elegant, classy, stylish, and glamorous by experimenting with different saree styles. All you need to do is to be a little extra careful while choosing the type of saree and wear it in the right manner. The right tricks and tips will help make you look slim and show off the best silhouette at the event.

Here we are sharing these Top-7 saree secrets to look slim without actually losing weight. Check out them:

1. Play Smart With The Overall Look:

Saree look

Sarees can immensely give you a diva-like look and glorify your personality with a picture-perfect silhouette provided you pick up the one that suits you adorably and complement your body type. No matter how flattering the saree is, if you are not so good at the basics, an attractive & gorgeous piece of saree can spoil your whole game. So, choose the saree according to your body type, structure, complexion, and height.

2. The Fabric Game

The Fabric Game
The very next thing after deciding the overall look, you have to pass the second barrier which is choosing the right fabric. The fabric of the saree makes a huge difference in your overall look.

Avoid airy fabrics like organza, silk, cotton, etc can make you look even more plumpy & heavier as they add volume to the draping. It can be too firm to enhance your curves and end up flaring out instead. When it comes to choosing the right fabric for your saree, you should opt for the fabric that hugs your figure perfectly and falls on your body lightly with grace.

So, pick sarees in lightweight fabrics such as Georgette, Chiffon, Satin, or Crepe, etc. It will help you look slim and glamorous. These fabrics will naturally adapt around your body and give you a well-fitted and head-turning look. So take a look at your fabrics while choosing sarees.

3. Details And Prints To Keep The Ball In Your Court

slimmer look

If you want to have a slimmer look, over-the-top details are definitely not for you. Stay away from anything big or eye-catching when it comes to choosing the right saree for a slim look.

As far as you are concerned about printed sarees, big prints can surely grab people’s attention but small, spread-out prints are your true friends. Invest in at least a few versatile plain sarees with thin borders to bring the magic. Avoid bold or dense prints, horizontal patterns, too many embellishments, or too many colors. Plus, broad borders are a big “No” for healthy women. Go for the sarees either without borders or subtle borders so that you can avoid a volumized silhouette.

embroidered saree
If you love embroidered or heavy work sarees, you must opt for lightly embroidered sarees and notice that your saree is having delicate works of sequins, Gota-Patti, pearls, mirrors, or stones enhanced with zari on the edges. Too many embedded sarees can make you look louder and spoil your elegant look.

4. Get The Right Colors

Get The Right Colors of sarees

Colors have a huge influence on your overall personality and when it comes to looking slim in sarees, choosing the right colors even gets more important. So, make sure that you go for dark colors like Black, Purple or Pastel violet shades. Picking up dark colors is the safest option for women of all shapes and sizes as it helps you hide your fat and makes you look slim. Pro tip – go for the monochrome sarees with dull metallic hues. It will look subtle and graceful. Also, ensure that your saree has thin borders so that you can have your glamorous appeal.

5. Correct Draping Is More Important

Correct Draping

A saree can do wonders if draped correctly. Most of us take care of all other aspects of the saree but often neglect to ensure the flawlessness of draping. How you pleat or drape a saree is the most important factor that helps you look slim. Going for a drape that does not suit your body or looks can make you look clumsy and unorganized.

So avoid long-length sarees and go for the usual length. Plus, tie your petticoat above the navel level and make sure it is neither too tight nor too loose. Instead of small pleats, make 4-5 medium-sized pleats evenly and arrange them smoothly from top to bottom. Plenty of pleats can make you look heavy-bottomed and bulgy from the bell. While tucking them, it should be slightly towards the side of the navel. If draping is not your thing, you can go for Pre-Stitched sarees or Ruffle sarees. Keep the pallu of the saree open on your arm and avoid pleated pallus. It will look the best hanging over the shoulder and arm. Getting a good drape is an initiating step towards a slim look in a saree.

6. Elegant Supporting Artists

saree accessories

The next thing that takes place in this list is the items that support your saree i.e. Blouse, petticoat, accessories, jewelry, makeup, and hairstyle. They all play an important role to bring out the best saree silhouette in a graceful way.

When it comes to blouses, you should wear a well-fitting and well-cut blouse that suits the curve of your body. As far as the size of the sleeves, choose long-sleeved blouses or peplum choli instead of sleeveless or halter style blouses. It will create an illusion of a taller elegant frame and make you look slimmer especially if you have heavy arms. The quarter-sleeved blouse or blouses with fuller necks or high necks will be a good choice for you to look slim. Avoid deep neck blouses. In simple words, you can choose from anywhere between full-sleeves, three-fourth, or even half-sleeves. Sleeves play a vital role to make you look slimmer.

What about jewelry and accessories? These are the most influential players to expose the beauty of a lady. So you need to keep one thing in mind that you must avoid huge neck-pieces, chunky, and accessories. Say No to waist bend and do not carry a purse on your shoulders. Carry a small or mid-sized hand clutch in neutral colors. Always follow the simple rule of balancing means neither too much nor too light. Avoid heavy makeup and stick with light makeup instead to flaunt your beauty. Keep your hairstyle simple.

7. Carry Yourself Gracefully

Carry Yourself Gracefully in saree

The last and final step is to maintain good body language. A good posture can be a game-changer for you if you want to reflect your confidence with elegance. So, stop thinking about your flaws as it will make you look nervous and conscious. Just stand, walk and sit upright like a Diva. Avoid showing slouched shoulders. Try to relax and calm and feel good about yourself. Confidence will surely path your way to the head-turning statement.

These are some of the best tips to look slim in sarees without losing weight. Start your preparations now and pull your beauty off at the next party.