9 Types of Creative Masks You’ll See in the Market

9 Types of Creative Masks You’ll See in the Market

As soon as the coronavirus started spreading across the globe, one thing that caught everyone’s attention was the face mask. It has now become necessary to wear the mask for protecting each other from the virus. At times, the mask’s requirement increased so rapidly that it created their shortage in the market. It became essential to reserve the N95 masks for frontline warriors like doctors, nurses, ward boys, and police officers.

After looking at the rising demand for masks, the benefactors and fashion designers came up with the idea of creating non-medical masks that people would love to buy. Already the coronavirus started affecting the fashion industry, which ultimately created new opportunities to deal with the pandemic situation. Creating such designer face masks wasn’t done to trivialize the pandemic, but to fill the gap of making a good impression that is lost due to the faces covered with masks.

Now, more and more people are looking for unique face masks in the market to express their styles. Hence, we thought of presenting all those creative masks you’ll get to see in the market.

1. Monochromatic Masks:

Besides white and black masks, people started creating masks of different colors ranging from pink, blue, yellow, orange, red, to olive, mustard, rust, and many others. These masks are created with either a single layer or 3-layers based on the quality of the fabric. The best thing about these masks is that you can wear them based on color-codes of your outfits and create an impressive outlook.

The reason why we have added these monochromatic masks is that they are created in various patterns right from round shapes to rectangular shapes. Some of them have elastic rubber bands, while others have ties and velcro straps. As the monochromatic masks are reusable and convenient for daily use, they have gained popularity among other types of masks.

2. Printed Masks:

Printed MasksThe printed masks have caught the attention of people who like to add a bit of fun and interest in their dressing style. As soon as the demand for such face masks increased, the creators started coming up with new ideas every day. These masks are observed to be praised by people of all ages as there are designs for every personality.

You will see masks printed with feminine designs, floral motifs, polka dots, stripes, while some of them even have a quirky appearance. The funkiest ones include sarcastic and humorous quotes printed on the masks, which are mostly preferred by the younger generations. The childish ones include cartoon characters and cheerful colors to make the kids comfortable with masks. Many creators have also started creating masks that have a person’s face printed on them. Although such masks may look weird at first, people still prefer buying them because of the unique and bizarre prints.

3. Quilted Masks

People who often need to visit the market for buying essentials prefer wearing quilted face masks. The reason for choosing this mask is quite apparent from the scientific research where it was observed that the masks with two layers of quilting cotton fabric offer the most effective protection from the spread of coronavirus.

Even older people prefer using these quilted masks because of the simple designs and comfort of natural fabrics. These masks are available in different shapes such as a cone or round shape and decorated with prints and color patterns. The best thing about quilted masks is that you can protect yourself effectively from the coronavirus and also enjoy wearing different prints and colors.

4. Wedding Day Masks

Weddings have got a new look where people are seen wearing masks matching with their wedding outfits. You might have already come across wedding masks made with designs similar to the bridal outfits. These masks are made for the bride and groom to add a special feel to their outfits and to protect them from the spread of coronavirus.

If you have wedding plans, make sure to go through such wedding masks or get them customized from your designer. The fashion designers have already started providing such masks along with the wedding couture. Whether you have planned for a classic or boho theme, a romantic or a traditional theme, you will find wedding masks suitable for every one of them.

5. Fashionable Masks

You might have heard the saying, ‘Fashion has no limits.’ And, that’s what inspires the fashion designers to come up with new ideas. Many creative minds have made fashionable masks that resemble closely to wedding masks but have a great exposure as they are not limited to only wedding themes. These masks are created with a thought of adding cheerfulness to functions and protecting oneself from the transmission of coronavirus.

Moreover, it may be of no surprise that we will have to celebrate the upcoming festivals by putting masks on our faces. So why not use the fashionable masks instead of wearing the typical plain ones? These fashionable masks are decked up with sequins, beads, embroideries, laces, patchwork, any various other designer work. They are observed to maintain the fashion statement even in times of crisis.

6. Environment-friendly Masks

Healthcare providers need to use disposable masks, which is ultimately creating a threat to the environment. Such masks are made from layers of non-woven material and designed for single use. So, it has become necessary to reserve these masks only for the healthcare workers while creating environment-friendly masks for other people.

Hence, government and health organizations have also recommended people to invest in the environment-friendly masks that are made out of cotton and other natural materials. These masks are washable and reusable, which helps in protecting the environment. You can find these masks in monochromatic shades as well as prints to keep going with the style.

7. Gold, Silver, & Diamond Masks

People have gone the extra mile in designing the masks by adorning them with gold, silver, and diamond. Yes, you heard it right, and many of you might have already seen such news. One man from Pune has made a golden mask for himself while a jewelry store in Surat has started selling the masks made with precious jewels. These masks are decked up with diamonds and designed in various patterns. Moreover, they are reusable, washable, and created by using N-95 masks.

8. Branded Masks

Many people opt for branded clothes, watches, bags, and many more things. The sole purpose of doing this is to buy a trusted and high-quality product that lasts for a long time. That’s when most brands like Louis Phillippe, Puma, Wildcraft, Peter England, Allen Solly, and Van Heusen, among others, started selling their branded masks and observed a great response from their customers.

As far as the customers are concerned with their own safety, they will keep purchasing masks from such renowned brands. Moreover, they get a chance to wear stylish masks that match with their clothes as many brands provide free masks with the outfits. Thus, it seems that the trend of branded masks may stay for a long time in the future.

9. Fancy Masks with N95 Protection:

The creative idea of making a designer mask with N95 mask protection is ruling many people’s hearts. This is when we can say that fashion meets safety because you get adequate protection stylishly and affordably. These masks are created from cotton or silk fabrics and available in various designs, colors, and prints. Additionally, the filter is added to resist the dust particles and provide fresh air for breathing. These masks are reusable only for a certain amount of time, and their washability depends on the design type.


The coronavirus pandemic has created a tough time for everyone, but some creative minds are trying their best to keep the people safe by coming up with unique masks. We aren’t sure of how much time it would take to get rid of this global pandemic, but till then, we can surely take every step in keeping ourselves inspired and safe with these creative face masks.