Be a Style Diva with the Elegant Velvet Sarees

Be a Style Diva with the Elegant Velvet Sarees

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Velvet’? The soft, delicate, smooth and silky touch, right? That’s what makes the velvet sarees an out of the box outfit which provides sheer, elegant, and smooth textures. Velvet is a material made with a process called tufting where the soft strands of fibres are uniformly distributed in a short thick and dense heap which gives a delicate touch to the fabric.

The fibre used in making velvet sarees is either natural or synthetic, which creates variations in the material. The most famous yet expensive velvet fabric includes silk threads in the weaving process. But nowadays, to make it affordable, the manufacturers are using polyester and nylon threads as an alternative in making velvet sarees.

Velvet sarees hold a royal ecstasy as queens and royal families wore it. They have the remarkable presence of richness even after so many years. The rich and luxurious look makes these sarees an eye-catching piece for every woman.

History Of The Aesthetic Velvet Sarees:

History of Velvet Saree

The invention of velvet was done long back around 809 AD by Kashmiri Merchants. It marked the nobility from Baghdad and made it a rich and luxurious fabric. Later Cairo became the most exclusive manufacturer of velvet, which ultimately started gaining popularity all over the world. Slowly the manufacturing started taking place into all major cities of India, and the velvet became a prominent choice for women who loved to add this masterpiece into their closet.

Occasions To Flaunt With Velvet Sarees:

Occasions To Flaunt With Velvet Sarees

Velvet Sarees offer such an irresistible impression in a manner that no one can ignore such fantastic artwork. Women of all age groups and any body type can wear these sarees as they are pleasing to the eye and doesn’t make you look grumpy. The velvet fabric sticks to the body by revealing your curves and silhouettes.

To add the beautifully crafted velvet sarees into your closet, let us see on what occasions can you wear them:

  • Weddings and Receptions

Weddings and Receptions

You can select the dark shaded velvet sarees for grand functions such as weddings or receptions where the shimmering shine of sarees lightens up with the surrounding themes. If you are supposed to attend any reception of a close friend, then try draping over a purple colour velvet saree with minimalistic jewellery that will embellish your outlook.

  • Office Parties and Functions

Office Parties and Functions

You can choose the lighter shades such as pink, beige or white at office parties so that they do not make you look dramatic in such an environment.

  • Traditional Functions and Festivals

Traditional Functions and Festivals

You can have the velvet sarees for festivals or traditional functions where you get to spend time with your loved ones. Try to make the moments memorable with a grandeur look so that you can cherish them forever. The enticing artwork made on some of the velvet sarees creates a unique style statement on the go.

  • Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Add glamour to your special day by draping over a dark shaded velvet saree which comes with a half net and half saree. These sarees are famous among the bollywood divas as they flaunt them at award functions and red carpets. The dark velvet sarees will enhance your personality and fascinate your look on your special day.

If you are seeking a special gift for your dear woman, then try gifting her a dark red or maroon colour velvet saree with a laced border or sequin work to make her feel special and add a charisma to your relationship.

Tips for Getting Started With Velvet Sarees:

Tips for Getting Started With Velvet Sarees

The gorgeous and alluring charm of velvet sarees gets attractive by the perfect embellishment. To make it enchanting, follow these basic tips whenever you want to buy yourself a beautiful velvet saree.

  • Get the right fabric

Get the right fabric

As you have seen, the velvet fabric is not only weaved with silk threads but other synthetic fibres as well. You can find the textures of cotton, polyester or nylon. To make it appealing and comfortable for you, ensure what fabric suits you the most. Style can show off, but your discomfort will also make its way on your expressions if you choose the wrong material. So be wise while selecting velvet sarees so as not to lose the charm of wearing them.

  • Seek for a vibrant and suitable shade for your skin

Navy Blue Velvet Saree

The allure of velvet sarees lies in deep dark shades such as crimson red, navy blue, black or purple color. It does not mean there is no right place for the lighter shades. Both the dark and light hues hold their spot for every occasion and every skin colour.

To make it easy, you can imagine yourself with a fair skin tone wearing a dark shaded crimson red velvet saree with a laced border. Sounds wonderful, right? But if your skin tone is too fair, then the light shaded sarees won’t look as attractive as the dark ones.

Similarly, the person with melanin skin tone can opt for the lighter shades as they contrast with the skin colour. So it is necessary to find the perfect and suitable colour shade while buying any velvet saree.

  • Find your interest among countless patterns

Interest among countless patterns of velvet saree

Everyone has a different taste in choosing their outfits. Some like to keep it heavy, bold, attractive while some want to keep it simple, elegant, yet classy. Which category do you prefer? Well, it is all up to your choices to try new things and keep the ones that suit you.

To make a vibrant and bold look, you can select the velvet sarees that are interlocked with net and designed with sequins and mirrors. These artwork looks attractive for both color hues as they enhance the looks of saree.

If you desire to keep it simple, then pick the plain velvet sarees that have embroidery on borders and pallu. Drape them in proper pleats to avoid a grumpier look.


Velvet Sarees have been in trend since ages, and they tend to remain in the same popularity. To make these sarees as your style statement, you can follow the tips shared above and start experimenting with your new looks.