How To Style Your Kanchipuram Saree?

How To Style Your Kanchipuram Saree?

Any discussion on the authentic traditional south-Indian saree is incomplete without mentioning one of the most well-known Kanchipuram sarees. The very first thing that pops up in our mind after seeing these gorgeous, elegant, and glamorous sarees is a nine-yard clothing piece carrying attractive and stunning zari-embroidery designs, ravishing temple patterns, and wide borders made out of colorful thread work. The exquisite Kanchipuram sarees are being loved and adored by women all over the world for their pure silk fabric, amazing weaves, and unmatched color combination showcasing traditional motifs like flowers, peacocks, horses, or various animal figures, etc. You can also find the exceptional designs of motifs presenting the temple borders.

Heavy, ornate, and splendid Kanchipuram sarees have always been the preferred choice among women for almost any occasion. For ages, women are glorifying their traditional beauty in Kanchipuram silk sarees and if you are also a fan of these sarees, here we have brought you a few styling tips to enhance your traditional look in Kanchipuram sarees. It is just about adding a hint of modernity with the traditional sarees. Wearing these Kanchipuram sarees can be a little overwhelming task but when you pair it up with the right accessories, no other outfit can make you look as elegant and ravishing as a Kanchipuram saree.

Kanchipuram silk sarees

Let’s take a look at these styling tips for Kanchipuram sarees:

1. Glorify Your Presence With Semi-draped Kanchipuram Sarees

Semi-draped Kanchipuram Sarees

Yes, you heard it right!! Now there is a wide range of semi-draped Kanchipuram sarees you can buy to look unique and bold but with traditional hints. They come with the pre-arranged pleats in stunning designs giving these sarees a feminine and irresistible look. They are a true blessing to those women who want to wear them on various occasions but struggle in draping due to lack of time. But not anymore. If you want to add a modish charm to your traditional silhouette, opt for these sarees.

2. Try Different Draping Styles 

kanchipuram saree Draping Styles 

One of the main reasons why Kanchipuram sarees have become a preferred choice among women is their adaptability to the changing needs of women. Gone are the days when there was only one traditional way to drape them. Women out there are now experimenting with various draping styles. You can also take ideas from them. Here they are:

  • Wear Your Kanchipuram Saree Like A LehengaKanchipuram Saree Like A Lehenga

Are you willing to wear an elegant lehenga and a regal look Kanchipuram saree for an occasion? Then why not both? To make a modish and chic appearance, you can wear your Kanchipuram sarees in lehenga style with or without pleats. As an alternative, you can also buy a fusion Kanchipuram fabric saree where the skirt part will be of other fabric and the pallu part can be of Kanchipuram fabric. It will look exceptional on any occasion. This is a modern adaptation of this timeless classic where you do not need to form pleats but simply tuck it in your petticoat and drape it. Complete your look with an embellished choli and you are all set to rock the occasion.

  • Loose Pallu Style 

Loose Pallu Kanchipuram Saree

This is another way of draping a Kanchipuram saree which can give you a regal and attractive look within a minute. You can create your own unique style statement by tying your saree in loose pallu style. In this style, you can drape the pallu in a regular style but just keep it a little loose on the waist part. Pin it up on the shoulders and pair it up with an elegant neckpiece.

  • Wear It With A Jacket Blouse 

Jacket Blouse silk saree

These days jackets are at their peak among women due to their adaptability to any type of ethnic wear, from salwar suits to saree, they give a head-turning style statement for any occasion. So why don’t you try them with your Kanchipuram sarees? Go for contrast simple or embellished jackets depending on the looks of your saree and give yourself a wonderful look just like that. A side-bun and dropdown earrings will look good.

  • Style It With Belts

Belted silk saree

If you are not so much into jackets, you can give yourself a modern twisted appearance by styling your Kanchipuram saree with ornamental belts. It is one of the trendiest and cool styles of wearing traditional sarees. You can opt for a sleek belt or a matching broad belt and pair it up with classy accessories. It will look flawless.

  • Gujarati Style

Gujarati Style silk saree

In Gujarati draping style, you can keep your exquisite and heavy worked pallu at the front and flaunt its magic. Whether it is the traditional Nivi style of Andhra Pradesh or the Coorgi style, the elegant Nauvari style, there is no end of creativity when it comes to draping sarees differently.

3. Blouses Are A Game-changer

One of the most trendy, fashionable, and cool ways to style your Kanchipuram sarees with contemporary touches is to pair them up with designer blouses. These days, there is a vast variety of designer and stunning blouses you can enhance your overall party look. For example, deep back, cut-out back, high-neck, readymade, puff sleeves, mirror work blouses, sleeveless blouses or sheer blouses, etc. For a modernized appearance, just ditch those traditional half-sleeve blouses and try any of them in striking colors. Team up your Kanchipuram saree with full-sleeved printed blouses of contemporary designs. You can also opt for intricately embroidered blouses with sequins, or lace works. It will add volume and drama to your overall silhouette. The tailor-made or collared blouses are also a good idea to amp up things for you.

Embroidered blouses

4. Pay Attention To Accessories

Accessories on silk saree

Statement jewelry plays an important role to style Kanchipuram sarees and glam up your entire look at an event. Thus, it should be carefully chosen. Keep the rule of balancing in mind. For example, either wear a heavy neckpiece or statement earrings such as jhumkas or chandbalis and go light with the other accessories because Kanchipuram sarees come in heavy designs and works, and accessorizing them with too much jewelry will spoil your look. Avoid chunky jewelry and make yourself look cool and chic by carrying a matching potli bag for different occasions like festivals or weddings. If there is a wedding, you can complete your look with golden necklace designs and a small bindi to contrast with the embellished saree.

There are also a few things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a Kanchipuram saree such as:

  1. Colors play an important role while choosing Kanchipuram sarees. You need to go with the color combination that complements your skin tone and body type. If you are opting for a Kanchipuram saree for a wedding, go with the dark colors with bright hues. It will leave you with a taller look. But if you want a thin look, dark shades like royal blue and indigo will work best.
  2. You should also be a little bit choosy towards the embellishments of Kanchipuram sarees as they can enhance your overall look. For example, if you are healthy, pick up a saree with fewer embellishments and heavy borders instead. It will make you look slim. In other cases, you can try bright-colored zari borders in golden hues and sequins to stand out in the crowd.
  3. As far as you are concerned about prints, you should go for vertical prints instead of horizontal prints to make a lasting impression. Try printed Kanchipuram sarees with borders and buttas.

There is no doubt that if a Kanchipuram saree is styled in the right way, nothing can beat its flawlessness and charisma. Follow these tips and for more variety of Kanchipuram sarees, visit Stylecaret now!!!