Navratri 2021 Colours with Sarees to Make you Look Divine

Navratri 2021 Colours with Sarees to Make you Look Divine

Navratri is just around the corner, and we all know how excited everyone gets to celebrate this joyous occasion. After all, it’s time to celebrate the victory of good over evil. To those who don’t know about Navratri, it’s a Hindu festival that runs for nine nights and ten days, hence the name “Navratri,” i.e., nine nights. During this time, the devotees dedicate their time to the nine avatars of Goddess Durga by fasting and praying as it’s considered sacred and brings good luck.

The majority of the devotees also flaunt outfits with colors dedicated to the goddess’s nine avatars and indulge in the cheery dandiya nights to celebrate this occasion. For women, wearing traditional outfits like salwar suits and Kurtis is always exciting but wearing sarees on festive occasions gives a special vibe. Plus, sarees hold a unique charm that represents the power, harmony, and positivity of the feminine spirit of Goddess Durga.

So we thought of adding a fashion touch to this Navratri 2021 by curating a list of colors of the year and sarees that fit in them. It’s obvious that no one can avoid the fashion quotient in this 21st century! In this article, we will be talking about Navratri 2021 colors with sarees that’ll make you look divine. We will also discuss the significance of these colors and how they resemble each auspicious day.

Day 1:- Yellow/ Oct 7, 2021:

Yellow Colour Saree

The first day of Navratri 2021 starts with a yellow color that signifies happiness, joy, brightness, and cheerfulness. On this auspicious day, you can spread happiness and youthfulness through your devotion and attire infused with the enlightenment of yellow shade. Fill your first day with the color of bright sunshine that offers a sense of unparalleled optimism and mirth.

 Go for a soothing yellow color chanderi saree adorned with block prints and a golden designer border. You can drape this saree in an open-pallu style or pin it up with the pleated pallu. If you want to sport a royal look, choose a designer saree with cotton or chiffon fabric, as it will be lightweight and add brightness to your personality.

Day 2:- Green/ Oct 8, 2021:

The second day flourishes with the green color representing aspects of Mother Nature and the beginning in one’s life. This color signifies growth, prosperity, peace, serenity, fertility, and spiritual knowledge. Plus, it also symbolizes the divine blessings, calmness and tranquility from Goddess Durga.

To add a refreshing feeling to your day, you can choose a jacquard silk saree decked up with colorful prints and floral motifs. The natural elements present in this saree’s prints exude a nourishing feeling through the wearer’s personality. You can pair this vibrant shade with diamond jewelry to match the grandeur of the Navratri festival.

Day 3:- Grey/ Oct 9, 2021:

Grey Colour Saree

The third day of Navratri, i.e., Tritiya begins with the ecstasy of grey color, which represents the strength and fearlessness for the destruction of evil. It is dedicated to Devi Chandraghanta, who is known to carry a half-moon on her forehead, which signifies emotional stability and keeps the mortal grounded to basics. 

As this color signifies strength, you can choose a saree that speaks boldness in its appearance. Consider wearing one that has ample designer work with rich patterns and embroideries. You can sport the luxurious Banarasi Silk Saree decorated with beautiful zari work along the borders and pallu.

 Day 4:- Orange/ Oct 10, 2021:

Orange Colour Saree

The fourth day of Navratri continues with the bliss of orange color that signifies the happiness, tranquillity, brightness in our life. It also signifies warmth and exuberance, which adds a sense of content life. To embrace the energy of this color, you can choose to wear a saree that showcases positivity through your personality. 

Go for the printed Kota Saree adorned with artistic prints on the borders and filled with small butti work on the rest of the saree. With its elegant and sheer fabric, this saree will make you look divine and spread the positivity through its color.

Day 5:- White/ Oct 11, 2021:

White Colour Saree

The fifth day of Navratri shines with the calmness of white color that signifies peace, purity, and serenity. On this day, devotees can don the pristine white color that offers a sense of brilliance and illumination filled with perfection and softness.

You can carry the epitome of peace and calmness on this day by wearing the classic Manipuri Silk Saree, which is known for the fusion of culture and fashion. It will elegantly drape over your curves and make you look gorgeous with its fine prints, designs, and captivating patterns. Pair it with some oxidized jewelry to match the serenity of the saree’s white color.

Day 6:- Red/ Oct 12, 2021:

Red Colour Saree

On the sixth day of Navratri, wearing red signifies the passion and anger of Goddess Durga. It also symbolizes infinite courage, intense passion, health, and life. To exude this sense of passion and fearlessness through your devotion, you can opt for a traditional Bandhani saree in red color that showcases the bright shades with intricate tie-dye patterns.

If you want to carry a bulkier look, then choose the royal Paithani saree in the red shade with peacock prints and zari work on the border. Both these sarees are bound to make you look divine on this auspicious occasion of Navratri.

Day 7:- Royal Blue/ Oct 13, 2021:

Royal Blue Colour Saree

The seventh day of Navratri is dedicated to the luxurious feeling of royal blue color. This color signifies health, wealth, and divine energy of oneself. It also goes hand in hand with a sense of elegance, trustworthiness, reliability, and unmatched elegance.

To add the royal essence to your devotion, you can wear the silk embroidered saree in royal blue color with intricate design work and sequins patched to the borders. You can also choose handloom sarees filled with small butti work and heavy borders for a royal and luxurious look.

Day 8:- Pink/ Oct 14, 2021:

Navratri Pink Saree

The eight-day of Navratri festival is devoted to the sublime pink color that symbolizes love, femininity, and affection. This color also symbolizes kindness, harmony, and tenderness that promises unconditional love. Additionally, it represents new beginnings and hopes, so devotees looking forward to new things can surely don this glamorous shade on the eight-day.

To embrace the beauty of pink color, you can go for traditional hand woven pink sarees created with royal banarasi weaving. Another option is to flaunt the heavy designer sarees with stone or embroidery work that adds heaviness to the subtle shine of the pink hue. These saree selections won’t only make you look divine but also add a feminine touch to your personality.

Day 9:- Purple/ Oct 15, 2021:

PurpleColour Saree

The ninth and last day of Navratri brightens with the purple color that symbolizes the ambition, goal, energy, power of intellect, and peace related to one’s life. Most importantly, this color is dedicated to Goddess Mahagauri as it signifies endurance and nobility. Devotees can wear the purple color on the ninth day and seek blessings from goddess Navdurga with the supreme sense of richness and opulence.

To get a perfect traditional outlook, wear an elegant purple color Art Silk Saree that contains minimal block prints with a heavy border. This saree will elevate your beauty and make you look fabulous with the power and peace of purple shades.


We hope this religious and holy nine-day festival will add joy, happiness, power, and strength in your life. So make sure you follow these Navratri 2021 colours with sarees and be the style diva that represents fashion with culture. Happy Navratri!