Pattu Saree Latest Trends For South Indian Brides

Pattu Saree Latest Trends For South Indian Brides

Looking for an exquisite form of south Indian silk sarees? Pattu sarees have got all your answers. Known for their pure gold-coated silver zari, golden borders, rich weaves, and heavy contrasting patterns and motifs designs, pattu sarees have been maintaining their sheer position in the south Indian bride’s closet for many ages. They are an elegant, stylish, and most-preferred go-to-option for south Indian wedding attire among brides due to their regal and classy look, texture, and fine prints. No matter how much you like modern contemporary sarees and Indo-western gowns, no other outfit can beat the magic of traditional South-Indian Pattu sarees. These sarees are made with exemplary mulberry silk threads while the specialty of these is the use of different colors of the borders from the color of the saree. South Indian brides love to wear them due to their fine, glossy, and smooth finish which consists of golden embroidery in vivid colors while completing their look with the contrasting blouses and heavy gold accessories gives them a head-turning statement.

Pattu sarees are associated with royal, class, luxury, and grandeur. There are different types of Pattu sarees that you can choose from for a Diva-like look on your special day such as Samudrika Pattu, Parampara Pattu, and Vastrakala Pattu. With the changing times, various fashion designers are experimenting with the regal look of these sarees by modifying the traditional pattu saree and replacing them with half fine Zari. If you also want to look beautiful on your wedding day wearing these astonishing south Indian Pattu sarees, here we are sharing some of the on-going trends women are falling for. Let’s have a look:

Pattu sarees

1. Gorgeous Red Bridal Pattu Saree

Red is the most preferred, loved, and adorned color for brides for ages considered the color of passion and love. When it comes to the latest trends in Pattu sarees for south Indian brides, no other color can fade its magic. It is the most popular choice among brides. So this wedding season, go with this color to enhance your bridal beauty. Simply adorn your look with a matching dupatta and designer blouse. Also, don’t miss luxurious temple accessories.

Red Bridal Pattu Saree2. Big Border Bridal Pattu Saree

These days, more and more south Indian brides are opting for intricately woven border pattu sarees with zari in vivid colors to make their silhouette voluminous on their big day. It can make any bride look elegant, stylish, and beautiful. The big and heavy border Pattu sarees are in trend for south Indian weddings.

Big Border Bridal Pattu Saree3. Get A Metallic Look In Bronze Hues 

Pattu Saree Metallic Look

Gold Pattu sarees are the most loved and a perfect go-to-option among south Indian brides but these days, various metallic shades have also found their ways to traditional south Indian sarees. The hues like gold, silver, copper, rose gold or a blend of metal shades are trending these days. This wedding season, opt for bronze pattu sarees instead and pair it up with the contrasting orange blouse to add spark. You can further flaunt your exotic looks with dewy makeup and heavy hair accessories. It will give you an exceptional trendy south Indian bride look.

4. Opt For A Ravishing Combo Of Gold And Red 

Gold And Red Pattu Saree

Though red is the evergreen and first choice in colors when it comes to bridal Pattu sarees, if you want to add a hint of modernity to it, you can go with the superb combination of gold and red. It will look flawless and give you a desired and elegant bridal silhouette. The combination is stunning and further pair it up with the heavily embellished maggam work blouse. It will spellbind people at weddings.

5. Stripes And Check Patterns

checked pattu saree

When it comes to making your look trendy and exclusive in silk sarees like Pattu sarees, the popularity of certain designs like stripes, and check patterns are going to get out of fashion. Being allured by more and more south Indian brides these days, you can try pattu sarees enchanted with stripes and checks on your special day instead of paisleys and flower motifs. Choose vibrant colors like pink, purple, and green, etc, and pair them up with contrasting blouses. Do not forget elegant traditional jewelry.

6. Try Heavy Or Net Dupatta

Net Dupatta on pattu saree

A discussion about traditional Pattu silk sarees for south Indian brides without mentioning the added dupatta seems a little bit weird. This wedding season is all about experimenting with the bridal dupatta – An important piece of bride’s clothing that adds touch and style to the overall silhouette.

More and more brides are opting for gorgeous net dupatta to amp up things and trendy looks. If you are wearing heavy accessories and a saree, a lightweight net dupatta would make you look cool and relaxed.

However, if you want to keep the traditional vibes in your bridal looks, you can also go with the heavy embroidered and embellished traditional Banarasi dupatta. It works like a charm with pattu sarees and adds more class to the bridal look. If banarasi is not your choice, you can try another silk dupatta.

Silk Dupatta7. Simple Plain Pattu Sarees With Heavy Borders

Plain Pattu Sarees

Most brides are willing to have an opulent look on their big day but if you want to keep your look simple yet appealing and elegant, these plain pattu sarees with heavy borders are your choice. Try a pink pattu saree with the embellished golden pallu and motifs on the borders. Complete your look with a green contrasting blouse and lightweight accessories. You will look mesmerizing.

8. Animal Prints And Buttas

Animal Prints And Buttas saree

For a unique and attractive bridal look, you can try pattu sarees with gorgeous animal prints and butta patterns. For example, elephants, tigers, lions woven on these heritage sarees will certainly grab people’s attention and make you the center of attraction. Additionally, opting for adorable butta patterns is also a great idea to get the traditional vibes in your wedding.

9. Shades Of Royal Blue And Pink 

Royal Blue And Pink saree

These days, south Indian brides are experimenting with bold and pastel colors instead of evergreen red shade. So why don’t you try them on? Choose the royal blue and pink shades and enhance your bridal beauty. The stunning combination of blue and pink creates a stunning contrast that gives you a breathtaking silhouette. If you love to experiment with bright and eye-popping colors, then pick these colors on your big day.

10. Contrasting Blouses

Contrasting Blouses

To make a bridal look more appealing and enhancing, you can experiment with the designs and colors of bridal blouses. Try pairing intricately and heavily embroidered pattu sarees without blouses in contrasting colors. For example, if you are wearing a pink embroidered pattu saree, you can complete your look with gorgeous and contrasting green blouses. Keep your makeup balanced and carry golden jewelry. It will look stunning. Apart from colors, you can also opt for designer blouses like full-sleeves, or high-neck, etc.

11. Unique Draping

south indian saree draping

To give your south Indian bridal a different look, only experimenting with the designs, patterns and colors are not enough. You can simply register your memorable presence by draping your pattu sarees in impressive ways. These days, there is a wide range of draping styles getting popular among brides you can fall for. For example, lehenga style, dhoti-style or loose pallu style, etc. It will make you look trendy and irresistible.

For a modern approach to your wedding day, don’t hesitate to glorify your look with belted sarees or blouse jackets. They are at their peak these days for wedding seasons. Apart from these, the accessories also play an important part. You can decorate your bridal pattu saree with elegant saree brooches. It will look elegant.

These were some of the most popular pattu saree trends for south Indian brides to steal the show. Try them now!!!