Smart & Elegant Office Wear Ideas for Women

Smart & Elegant Office Wear Ideas for Women

Wearing classy outfits for the office will not only enhance your looks but also affect your working mood. You might be quite sure of how your mood drops on Sunday night with the thought of a dreary Monday. But who said Mondays always have to be daunting? You can add a cheerful start to your Monday and keep going with the same enthusiasm for the whole week by just sporting some smart and elegant office outfits.

Fashion has always kept inspiring people to be attractive and productive. That’s what you have to do here. When you wear professional yet classy outfits to the office, you will feel productive and interested in doing your work. Although doing this won’t help you in getting a promotion, you will surely get some compliments from your colleagues. So, if you want to carry an up-to-date and fascinating look at the office, make sure to go through the ideas mentioned in this article.

Here, we have arrayed some of the smart & elegant office wear ideas for women who find themselves struggling with office outfits everyday.

Formal Office Wear Ideas

Formal Office Wear Ideas

A decent outfit that exudes elegance and formalistic behaviour is all that you need for a perfect workday. Most of the offices have stringent rules for the formal outfits where you don’t have many options to go for. But, you don’t have to worry about such rules when you can create multiple styles with some voguish raiments.

1. Trousers with top:

Trousers with top

Trousers create a captivating outfit when paired with stylish tops and a blazer. All you’ve got to do is make a colour code out of your outfits that fit perfectly with each other. Buy some trousers in elegant shades such as white and pastel colours of beige, olive green, pink, and blue. Now, you can pair them with your sleeveless top and pull off a shrug or blazer. Or, you can pair them with full-sleeves tops and shirts. With so many different options, we are sure that you won’t be left out of choice while selecting your office wear outfits.

Style Tip: Always wear bellies or high heels while wearing the trousers because an elevated look creates a regal impression on the personality.

2. Pencil skirts with top:

Pencil skirts with top

Pencil skirts are every lady’s coveted raiments as they get to embrace fashion in a professional style. The different lengths and sizes of pencil skirts make it easy for you to pair them with shirts and tops to create a flawless office look. If you have any scheduled interview or presentation with your teammates, then opt for this outfit idea. It will not only offer a professional look but also make you feel confident throughout the day.

Style Tip: You can put on a belt to add a charm to the skirt as you tuck in the top. Moreover, high heels fit perfectly with this outfit, so make sure you have fascinating pieces of footwear to pair with the skirt.

3. Dress:


Dresses offer the utmost comfort and shine to the office wear outfits when you match them with some sleek and simple statement jewellery. For adding dresses to your office wear, you need to look for plain or striped dresses that blend in light shades to sync with your office norms. You can pair them with a shrug or a blazer and pull them on Thursdays or Wednesdays.

Style Tip: Keep experimenting with your dresses by adding belts and various types of jackets for a unique look. The best thing about wearing dresses is that you can pair them with various footwear like shoes, sneakers, strappy sandals, high heels, etc., but ensure that everything matches perfectly.

4. Palazzo top:

Palazzo top

Palazzo’s create a fusion of casual and formal along with traditional and modern fashion because of the exceptional designs and colour combinations. You can wear them with different tops such as crop top, tank top or even kurtis. Additionally, you get various styles of palazzo that represent modern and traditional culture based on the prints. For weekdays, you can pull off the plain and formal palazzo tops while reserving the designer ones for Fridays.

Style Tip: You can wear a shrug over the top for adding a fancy look to your outfit. For footwear, prefer strappy sandals that match your palazzo’s or top’s colour shade.

Traditional Office Wear Ideas

Traditional Office Wear Ideas

Traditional outfits always hold a soft spot in every lady’s life. They are often observed to provide a little dose of inspiration to a mundane office day and spark up the wearer’s personality. Hence, whenever you feel that you need to be active for a long time at your work or would like to be more productive, choose the traditional outfits.

1. Saree:


The ethereal beauty of a saree is incomparable with any other outfit. You get to embrace so many different fabrics, colours, and most importantly, designs by wearing a saree. But, remember to add the minimal designs in your office wear sarees to carry a charismatic yet formal look.

Most working women prefer cotton sarees for the office because these sarees are comfortable and lightweight. If you are used to wearing heavy sarees, then no one can stop you from embracing traditional outfits all week long. One more thing to keep in mind is that you should always look for pastel shades for office wear sarees to amp up your professional look.

Style Tip: Pull a dark grey colour cotton saree and put on a small bindi to enhance your traditional makeover. Put a stylish bangle in one hand and your favourite watch on the other. Pick some traditional juttis and hold a leather handbag that matches your saree colour. You can switch this look with various other sarees on alternate days or at least once a week.

2. Kurti:


Kurtis are an excellent option for office wear as they are comfortable, convenient and suitable for all age groups. If you feel short of top ideas, you can easily sport a kurti with jeans and showcase new styles everyday. You can also pair them with cigarette pants or leggings and add high heels to your footwear. The varieties of kurtis such as long kurtis and short height kurtis among many others will leave you spoilt for choice. You can choose both the dark and light shades as there is no restriction on colours for kurtis. But, make sure that the prints are not too dramatic for your office look.

Style Tip: Pair the flared kurti, short height, or a front-slit kurti with your jeans while reserving the long kurtis and side-cut kurtis for cigarette pants and legging. Contrasting colours enlightens the kurti look, so make sure you pair them accordingly.

3. Salwar suit:

Salwar Suit

In recent years, salwar suits have gained the limelight owing to the new designs and patterns. You won’t look old school because the new age fashion designers have introduced some new styles, especially for a professional appearance.

Different styles, such as churidar suitsand palazzo suits, are the primary choices of working women. So, if you need to add a twist in your office wear outfits, choose the light-coloured salwar suits and pair them with your favourite strappy sandals.

Style Tip: Add the light-coloured salwar suits with decent neck patterns to your office wear wardrobe so that you can pair them with jeans without carrying the dupatta.

Casual Office Wear Ideas

Casual Office Wear Ideas

Sporting a casual look for office has its own magic as it uplifts your mood and creates a positive impact on your working style. You might be craving to pull out your casuals as soon as Friday arrives. So here are some casual office wear ideas to add a spark to your Friday mood.

1. Jeans top:

Jeans Top

Pairing your ripped jeans with tank tops, off-shoulder tops, polo t-shirts, and various other tops will create countless options for your office wear. You need to pair the contrasting shades so that your outfit creates a fantastic casual impression. Bright colours like red, maroon, navy blue, olive green can be paired with light-coloured jeans. And, for the dark jeans, you can opt for black, white, pale yellow, light pink, light blue shades to create a charismatic appearance.

Style Tip: While wearing this outfit, opt for sneakers or casual shoes rather than sandals and high heels for a casual office look.

2. Midi-dress:

Midi Dress

You can include midi-dresses with floral prints, stripes or monotonous shades in your office wear outfits on casual working days. The most popular choices of women are long-sleeved collar dresses, and the flared ones as both of them offer a charming appearance.

Style Tip: Pair high-heels or shoes with this outfit and create a stylish hairdo that enhances your casual makeover.

3. Denim jackets

Denim Jackets

Denim is everyone’s favourite, so why not add it on your funky Friday’s list? You can always pair denim jackets with dresses, jeans-top or skirts. The comfort and grandeur of denim jackets cannot be understated owing to the stylish looks of blue shades.

Style Tip: Remember to pair the light and dark shades to create a contrasting effect from your outfit.


We know that sometimes you get out of ideas and cling to your wardrobe for hours selecting the outfit for your office, but now you no longer have to worry about it. Just follow the office wear ideas mentioned in this article and rock with your styles every day to your office.