Stunning Bridesmaids Outfit Ideas for Indian Wedding Functions

Stunning Bridesmaids Outfit Ideas for Indian Wedding Functions

Indian wedding functions vary with its different cultures across every mile and every state. So while looking for outfit ideas to wear at any Indian wedding, you need to be specific with the culture. The northern states prefer more joyful and modernistic themes while still being with an ethnic Indian touch, and the southern states prefer more traditional themes.

With such diversity, the dressing pattern also varies with the states. You can see northern weddings filled with casual clothing, including colorful and designer outfits. On the other hand, you can see southern weddings filled with Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram sarees.

In this article, we will have a glance at designer outfits that most of the bridesmaids and the bride’s sister flaunt at weddings. With this, you will have a walkthrough of the outfit ideas that you can wear at different Indian wedding functions.

Outfit Idea for Mehendi Ceremony:

Outfit Idea for Mehendi Ceremony:

At the Mehendi ceremony, you will be busy sitting on a couch with your hands and feet straight, getting your beautiful Mehendi design done. So, you have to choose an outfit that will make you feel light and comfortable, and even lets you enjoy the joyous atmosphere along with the wedding bells.

You can choose a sharara, light lehenga from a variety of lehenga designs, jacket styled long kurti, anarkali dress, or go for an Indo – western look. Prefer dark pastels over light ones to shine in the dazzling decorations. Embellish the outfit with a beautiful maang tikka and enrich the neck design with a beaded necklace.

fishtail braid hairstyle for sangeet

Coming to hairstyles, you can have a fishtail braid, which is the perfect hairdo for Mehendi ceremonies as the hairs stay in place without bothering you much. Messy braid with embedded flower buds also creates a style statement for Mehendi ceremonies.

Outfit Idea for Sangeet Ceremony:

Outfit Idea for Sangeet Ceremony:

With all the families hitting the dance floor on funky beats, you shouldn’t be stuck with your tangled outfit. So, choose a lehenga choli and drape a laced down dupatta over your back. The brocade lehenga is another designer pattern in lehengas that shines out of the crowd and also doesn’t make you look too dramatic.

braided hairstyles by embedding dry flowers

Thinking about jewelry? To rock the floor with your dance steps and to flaunt your outfit, you can put on bangles for a tinkling sound effect lined with chandbali jhumkas. Try to keep your hair styled with offbeat braided hairstyles by embedding dry flowers to make it attractive, and in resemblance to your outfit. If you want to avoid too much jewelry, you can avoid wearing the necklace by wearing a high neck blouse pattern to make the outfit look complete.

Outfit Idea for Haldi Ceremony:

Outfit Idea for Haldi Ceremony:

While choosing an outfit for the Haldi Ceremony, keep one thing in mind that your outfit may get stained with the Haldi, while people are applying it to the bride ( and to each other though!). The stains may stay with your outfit forever, making the outfit useless for any other occasion. So, it is preferable to pick up the dark yellow or turmeric colored outfits that will go with the flow of the ceremony.

You can wear long gowns with embroidered work on the front side of the outfit, or you can opt for a crop top lehenga with intrinsic work on the top.

Want a bold look? Well, you can keep your crop top either off-shoulder or go with a halter neck pattern. You can also wear a sharara with heavy pendants hanging along both sides of the kurti.

Jewellery for Haldi Ceremony

Try to go for a piece of minimalist jewelry as it would become uncomfortable for you to bear with the wet haldi paste that probably someone might put on your skin. Make the outfit tuned with each accessory by wearing golden shaded jewelry. You can also add a maang tikka with hair plaits tucked with a brooch.

Outfit idea for Saat Phere (Seven Vows at Indian Wedding):

Outfit idea for Saat Phere

Saat Phere turns to be the essential ritual in an Indian wedding and a special moment for your best friend or sister i.e., the bride. Well, being a special moment for her, you should keep the red colored outfit booked for the bride as most of the Indian Weddings revolve around the red color theme for the bride and groom. Not Always!

So, you can choose outfits with blue, green, olive green, beige, pink, or any shade of your favorite color. You can give the most ethnic wear a chance to flaunt for this occasion, which is a long dazzling saree, by experimenting with different draping styles and pairing it with a patterned blouse. Sarees nowadays appear with different fabrics to suffice the varied culture and themes at an Indian wedding. With georgette silk sarees to crepe sarees, every material with intrinsic work on the borders, creates a style statement for weddings.

Don’t want to exaggerate your outfit? Then you can have a plain silk saree with lace borders and a designer blouse.

You can spare jewelry while wearing other outfits such as lehenga choli or long gowns, but not when it comes to a saree. The beauty of a saree enhances with the embellished jewelry and the perfect hairstyle. Make sure you highlight the jewelry by opting for a matching piece of beaded necklace and pair of either hoop or chandelier earrings. If you are looking for a high neck blouse, then you can easily brush aside the necklace.

braided bun hairstyle

Select the braided bun hairstyle for high neck blouse designs with modernistic sarees. And a crown braided bun if you are going towards traditional sarees.

Outfit Ideas for Reception:

Outfit Ideas for Reception:

Smile Please! Yeah, that’s what you have to keep doing at a wedding reception tirelessly. So be it smiling back to the photographer or the other relatives who continuously keep on making eye contact with each other on such occasions. So, you have to be a style diva with all the other bridesmaids and keep your face lit up with a smile.

Confused between a lehenga choli/ crop top lehenga or a long flared gown? We suggest you wear a long flared dress at the wedding reception as already the lehenga cholis make their way into other occasions at any wedding.

You can find a range of different gowns made of velvet, silk, chiffon or georgette and each of them with different artwork. It is all up to your likelihood of what suits you best.

Find the heavy work gowns and embellish them with beautiful jewelry such as diamond necklaces and earrings that brighten up the luxurious look of gowns. For hairstyles, you can have a dutch side braid with embedded flowers or try bumped up curls, which are one of the most iconic hairstyles for long dresses.

The wedding season comes with a lot of excitement and creates many unforgettable memories. To make these memories worthy, you have to style yourself with the utmost desire so that you can look back at your outfit goals and suggest outfits for the upcoming weddings.