Top 7 South Indian Wedding Saree Trends

Top 7 South Indian Wedding Saree Trends

If you are looking for an exceptional and diva-like South-Indian look in weddings, we have got you the latest South-Indian saree trends you can try and make people get their eyes stuck on you. South Indian sarees are known for their shimmering silk fabric, intricate golden/silver embroidery, unique designs & patterns, heavy golden borders, and embellished pallus with sequins, mirrors, and stones. They look flawless and exceptional on women with any body type, skin tone, or age. The distinctive feature of south Indian sarees is the exemplary zari work and availability in a wide array of styles including Uppada silk, Bangalore silk, tussar silk, muga silk, and many more. The lightweight, shining, and soft features of silk fabric make these sarees easier to carry and drape as well as an excellent choice to wear for both daily and casual occasions.

Be it Kanchipuram silk sarees, Banarasi sarees, bridal pattu sarees, or printed silk sarees, these sarees have their own charm and elegance which women like to flaunt on almost every occasion. Famous for their rich royal look and hand-woven styles, just team up your elegant South Indian sarees with gold jewelry, high stilettos, and fancy clutches with gorgeous brocade or zari work and you are all set to steal the show.

Here we are sharing Top 7 South Indian wedding saree trends which you can try to look gorgeous in weddings. Take a look:

1. Metallic Fabric South Indian Saree 

Metallic Fabric South Indian Saree

For the wedding seasons, more and more women are now preferring gold Kanchipuram Silk sarees to look different and appealing. But additionally, metallic shades like gold, silver, copper, rose gold or a combination of metal shades have carved their way to the south Indian saree trends this year. The use of metallic shades brings shine and hues to the overall silhouette of this saree and makes ladies look stunning and exceptional. The main concern is about the fabric of these sarees which is available in a wide range of colors such as bronze, silver as well as looks like latex. This is one of the best ways to embark on your presence at weddings. These metallic sarees are a perfect combination of tradition and modernity as a traditional south Indian ethnic attire crafted with aesthetics.

You can style these sarees in many ways to add a pinch of glamour and make a head-turning statement. Complete your look with statement jewelry to get an elite look. However, if you are not so much into big accessories, there is no need to worry. They will look equally beautiful with minimal or no accessories.

2. Big Border and Silver Border Kanjeevaram Saree

Silver Border Kanjeevaram Saree

There is no doubt that Kanjeevaram Sarees are the most preferred choice among ladies for wedding functions but with big and heavy borders. The vibrant color shades and intricate zari work on borders are in trend these days as they make these sarees look even more elegant and beautiful. You can try dark-shaded Kanjivaram or Banarasi silk sarees beautifully adorned with Tempel and other designs like checks, floral, and leaves. How about wearing a light green saree with intricate diagonal floral designs on gold and silver zari? The beautifully blended big red border with gold zari brocade of peacocks makes it a trendy silhouette for you.

Just style them with heavy golden accessories, hairdo, and classy handbags and you can charm people with your voluminous presence at an event by draping your silk sarees in different ways. You will look stunning on any occasion.

If you are not so much into big heavy borders, you can also try adorable silver borders silk sarees for an attractive and trendy look. The gorgeous silver motifs and silver borders look as stunning as gold zari borders. If you want an exceptional and irresistible look at weddings, you must try them. Style them with gold and diamond accessories. It will look amazing.

3. Dhoti-Style Silk Sarees

Dhoti-Style Silk Sarees

The next South-Indian saree trend in this list is to wear your silk sarees in dhoti-style. The draping style of these saree shares its resemblance with Maharashtrian dhoti. However, draping these sarees perfectly requires a lot of practice and time which can be a little bit of a daunting task for you. So as an alternative, you can also opt for pre-stitched dhoti sarees to achieve the same level of elegance and style.

These are the most preferable choices among women who are in a hurry and want to save their time and effort in draping the saree. The dhoti-pants crafted into a saree is another well-adapted modern version of traditional south Indian silk sarees. If you are going with these pre-stitched dhoti sarees, you should try dull colors to bring the best version of your elegant beauty. For example, grey and black. They will look stunning with the designer blouse and trendy accessories.

4. Belted Banarasi Silk Sarees

Belted Banarasi Silk Sarees

Belted South Indian sarees are at their peak these days. Teaming up your sarees with belts will make them look appropriate for the fusion touch. You may have noticed various south-Indian actresses flaunting their chic look in these belted sarees. You can also add a waist belt to enhance the traditional beauty of your saree and to give them a modern contemporary touch. It will give your personality a trendy spark so people could not let their eyes off. Plus, it will be even easier for you to carry the dupatta with comfort. Earlier women like to accessorize their silk sarees with Kamar Patta or gold and silver carved metal belts. These days, this style has some variations resulting in several types of belts you can play with such as metallic, leather, fancy, jeweled, beaded, broad, or sleek. The belts not only keep the pleats firm but also provide you a flawless look.

5. Blazer Look In Art Silk Sarees

Blazer Look In Art Silk Sarees

Another latest trend in South Indian art silk sarees is to add a charm of gorgeous blazers or jackets to these sarees. Teaming up your south Indian sarees with an outer blazer, Kurti or jacket is an appealing step towards looking trendy and fashionable. You can opt for a monochrome blazer for a formal look or a long embellished contrasting Kurti for a party look. For a modern and stunning look, you can also go for floral or check-patterned jackets with a contrasting touch to the saree you are wearing. The blend of traditional sarees with a blazer will bring an eclectic modern silhouette to the saree.

6. Off-shoulder Or Customized Blouses

Off-shoulder Or Customized Blouses

If you have got good curves, you must try this trend of pairing up your south Indian sarees with gorgeous off-shoulder blouses. The elegant brocade printed off-shoulder blouses in vibrant colors like flashy pink, navy blue or mustard yellow will look amazing and flawless on women on any occasion. It will give you an attractive, bold, and chic look sufficient enough to make you stand out from the crowd. Try wrap off-shoulder, jacketed off-shoulder, turtleneck off-shoulder blouses this season.

You can also try well-customized blouses with versatile designs, styles, and patterns. These personalized blouses will enhance the beauty of traditional sarees this year. Try heavy work blouses, embroidered blouses, patchwork, and contrasting colors, etc.

7. Shades Of Green And Pastel Colors

Shades Of Green And Pastel Colors

This wedding season is all about experimenting with the colors. Women are opting for pastel colors such as pink, peach, lavender or mint. They work well with every type of jewelry, be it gold, silver, or pearls, beads, and diamonds. So, next time while choosing an eye-catching color for tussar silk sarees, keep them in mind. However, the shades of green are also in trend these days after red. You will look gorgeous in a myriad of green shades like light, dark, teal, or sea green.

Weddings are a perfect opportunity to flaunt your traditional silhouette and with these South Indian wedding saree trends, you can add a hint of contemporary touches to your silhouette and keep the ball in your court!!