Unique Traditional Dresses of Tamil Nadu

Unique Traditional Dresses of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is rich in culture and tradition; it is famous for many unique traditions followed by people over there. However, Tamil Nadu is most known for its authentic traditional dress, the dresses that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. They are so simple and elegant and made up of quality fabric. the textiles of Tamil Nadu are especially famous for mulberry silk and Zari, the silk and Zari quality is unique to and only found in the roots of Tamil Nadu. Typically, their traditional dresses denote the life of people living in Tamil Nadu.

By looking at their attire you can very easily understand their culture, customs and lifestyle. The dresses depict the essence of their life which is rich and prosperous, one thing which is well-known is that people never compromise over quality and whatever they wear has a meaning and an in-depth connection with their roots. So, now if you are eager to know their traditional dresses in depth, then this article is to make you aware about the authenticity of traditional dresses of Tamil Nadu.

1. Lungis


The first piece of cloth that comes to mind when you talk about traditional dress of Tamil Nadu is Lungi. It would be rightful to say that the popularity of lungis in world is the contribution of Tamil Nadu. It is the people who continued to live their tradition for centuries and never failed to amaze the world. If you ever visit the place, the first thing you will notice is people wearing the same attire in unity. This piece of cloth is their pride, and it makes them unique from the rest of the states. Moreover, the Lungis are one of the most comfortable pieces of cloth to wear so you can walk, sit, run or dance easily while wearing a lungi. It is made from a rich fabric that fits you well and feels comfortable on your body.

2. Silk Shirt

Silk shirt

Silk Shirt is another traditional piece of cloth for men in Tamil Nadu. The colors of silk shirts found in Tamil Nadu are something you won’t find anywhere else. The finest silk shirt with multiple colors and clear shine is what they enjoy wearing. It is easy to carry and feels light on the body. Most men love to wear these shirts because of their solid color that fits with every bottom wear. Moreover, the shirts found here are unique in fabric and quality, so if you want to get the best material of silk shirt with high-class quality then you must pay visit to Tamil Nadu.

3. Angavastra


This piece of cloth is the specialty of Tamil Nadu; it is their prime piece of cloth which denotes their traditional dress. A traditional dress of Tamil Nadu is said to be incomplete without it. This piece of cloth is worn over a shirt on the left shoulder, it is also known as a shoulder cloth or stole worn by men. For any special and important event in Tamil Nadu, it is sort of mandatory to wear, especially the Brahmans of Tamil Nadu wear this during pujas and temple visits. It is made from heavy Kanji Varam silk, and it is available in a variety of solid colors and golden borders.

4. Saree


One of the most popular attires that is worn by women in India in many states is saree, but Tamil Nadu holds a special place for saree. Silk sarees are counted as traditional dress of Tamil Nau for women. The sarees are so unique that you won’t find it anywhere else, the handwork on the sarees of Tamil Nadu makes them special and unique from rest of the states. From parties to paying to visit to the temples, sarees occupy major space of women’s wardrobe in Tamil Nadu. It is beautifully draped around the body in different styles and looks gorgeous in every form.

5. Pavda


Pavda cloth is something you will typically find in Tamil Nadu only, and they aren’t easily found in other states. This special cloth is unique and holds equal importance as sarees in Tamil Nadu. So, those women who can’t afford high-grade sarees they wear Pavda as a traditional dress. However, this doesn’t mean that Pavda is a low-grade outfit, it can be said that it is replica of sarees, and it is affordable. Moreover, the Pavda is available in a variety of fabrics, so if you are going for a cheaper one makes sure that you check the quality of fabric before buying.

6. Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez

This two-piece attire is worn by women in many states of India. However, many people don’t know that it is counted as a traditional dress of Tamil Nadu and worn on special occasions. The salwar kameez is different from what you will find in the rest of states, it is in Tamilian style and the handwork on the outfit denotes the tradition of Tamil Nadu. It is worn with beautiful dupatta, which enhances the beauty of the outfit. The dupatta is made of silk or Zari with typically golden patches on it comprising broad and beautiful borders. The choices that you get are immense, you get so many beautiful pieces of cloth that choosing one gets overwhelming.


Tamil Nadu is known for its unique traditional dresses that are existing from centuries and till now they haven’t lost their essence. The traditional dresses of Tamil Nadu relate to the roots of the states, they denote their values, culture and lifestyle. Moreover, they are so unique in terms of design and fabric which is remarkable. Be it men or women of Tamil Nadu the traditional outfit of both are amazing. Besides, the famous Kanchipuram silk belongs to Tamil Nadu, this is high-graded silk and most of the traditional dresses of Tamil Nadu are made from Kanchipuram Silk only. It has rich golden borders and dense fabric in contrasting colors. It is the tradition that is 150 years old, and it is purely hand woven, till now the use of machinery in making of clothes is minimal, that’s the uniqueness of Tamil dresses which is also recognized by the people of other states.