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Blended Kurtis


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Blended Kurtis

Blended fabrics are fabrics made from two or more materials. The objective here is generally to provide the new material with the best properties of each of those items - and often, this can result in some really beautiful and comfortable items.

Blended fabrics often include a range of synthetic and natural fabrics, and this allows you to achieve all kinds of different effects. From cool, breathable fabrics, to moisture-wicking fabrics, to fabrics that don't need ironing! You can find fabrics that will cling to your body and flatter your silhouette, and you can discover floaty, modest fabrics that will be perfect for summer, and that will help to hide your physique.

By combining the kurti - which is already perhaps one of the most versatile items of clothing there is - with the incredible versatility of blended fabrics, you open up a whole world of possibilities and a massive range of potential outfits and looks!

Choosing Your Blended Kurtis

A kurti is a traditional item that comes from Asia and is worn in India, in Pakistan, in Sri Lanka, in Bangladesh and many more countries. It was initially a casual item worn by men and women alike and was often very plain, made from cotton or silk. From there, it developed to become more commonly a female item that was made from a range of stunning materials which you could wear to weddings and other occasions. Often these kurtis would feature elaborate embroidered patterns that would be incredible works of art in their own right.

Then the kurtis evolved again. After coming to Europe and the US as part of the Bohemian movement in the 60s, modern office workers adopted them. Women found their versatility and convenience incredibly useful and found that they could wear these items over the top of jeans, trousers, or skirts. They were modest enough to be worn in the office, without looking overly frumpy or casual. And they were colorful and beautiful enough that they could be worn after too!

Kurtis suits all figures, and you can wear them in any weather. And when you combine this with the possibilities of blended fabrics, you have an outfit for literally any occasion. To choose the right item, thinking about what will flatter your physique. Look for a material that will hang straight down, and that will create a more vertical appearance. Often, overweight women will make the mistake of trying to 'hide' their curves using floaty material. This appearance only worsens the problem by creating more fabric that looks wider. Choose heavier materials to look slimmer then, and combine that with darker colors. Likewise, think about what will be comfortable at any temperature. Lighter kurtis are very useful for summer. Finally, consider the practicality: will this be easy to iron?

You can find a vast selection of blended kurtis right here, so shop around for your perfect item.

Latest Blended Kurtis Collection Price June, 2024

Blended Kurtis Products Price
Designer Party Wear Heavy Print Rayon Kurti - Yellow & Grey₹1,044.00
Designer Party Wear Heavy Print Rayon Kurti - Maroon₹1,044.00

Blended Kurtis Price last updated on 12/6/2024