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Chanderi Kurtis


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Chanderi Kurtis

Chanderi is a traditional ethnic fabric that is very lightweight and that has a sheer texture and luxurious feel to the touch.

This makes it not only a wonderful choice for any item of clothing, but also the ideal match for the kurti design.

But exactly what is a chanderi kurti? Who is this for? Read on and find out more about this item – and why you should definitely have at least one in your wardrobe!

About the Chanderi Kurti

The kurti is a traditional item of Indian/Sri Lankan clothing that has also been worn in many other countries throughout Asia. It typically has a low neckline and no arms, and is effectively best described as a ‘dress top’. That is to say that it is longer than a typical top and thus will hang down past the waistline. But it is a top in that it is typically worn with something else on the bottom half, and usually over the top of some kind of top.

Who is the Top For?

The kurti was originally a piece of traditional clothing that was worn in India and several other countries by a wide range of different types of people. Unlike many other traditional garments, this originally plain, cotton-or-silk item was worn across regions, classes, and cultures.

One thing has remained the same: the kurti is still worn by a wide variety of different people. What has changed is that it is now not a plain item of clothing by any means.

Rather, the kurti will typically come with either a bold modern pattern, or a traditional, embroidered pattern.

That is the first person this can be worn by then: the traditional Asian woman (or man) attending a formal event. The chanderi kurti is particularly well suited to this.

The kurti is now popular all around the world however and it originally began this transition thanks to the bohemian movement of the 60s. The Kurti was a popular choice for those attending festivals and living the hippy lifestyle!

The kurti is still well-suited to this use today then and can be perfect for artistic souls and those that enjoy bringing a little culture to their wardrobe.

But since making the journey to the West, the kurti has been appropriated by many other groups. In particular, it is now a very popular piece of office wear for many women. The reason for this is that it is smart enough for the office, while still being comfortable – and not overly tight or revealing.

Worn on jeans or trousers, this makes the perfect modern fusion outfit for Indian women in Europe and the US – but it is also a staple for women of all other cultures too owing to its versatility.

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