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Contemporary Kurtis


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Contemporary Kurtis

Why is it that the kurti has become such a popular contemporary item of clothing?

Let us count the ways!

One obvious answer is kurtis are very often beautiful. Take a look at the traditional kurti, with its heavy work, stone work, mirror work, and incredible embroidery and you are pretty much wearing a stunning work of art!

At the same time though, a kurti can also be more than that today. In fact, the kurtis that you tend to see most often are rarely those authentic, traditional styles anymore.

Instead, kurtis are more often modern, stylish, and contemporary. The contemporary kurti features bold, attractive, and modern patterns. These include floral prints, and prints that take inspiration from those aforementioned traditional designs.

These are still beautiful of course, and they still benefit from the flowing design and light, floaty nature of that item of clothing. What’s more though, is that the contemporary kurti is incredibly practical and versatile. You can wear a contemporary kurti on top of trousers, jeans, leggings, or a skirt. And with jeans, it becomes an excellent example of fusion wear – you are paying homage to Indian culture, while still wearing something that looks modern and at home in the office.

The contemporary kurti will typically be somewhat shorter to this end and is worn as a slightly longer top. It is ideal for the office because it is long and loose enough to be modest, while still being attractive enough to turn heads and to make you look glamorous and stylish. In fact, the kurti itself is such a fashionable item, that the simple fact that you are wearing one will gain you instant points!

What’s more is that the kurti doesn’t look stuffy or formal in the way that perhaps a chiffon top might. It looks just as at home in a bar or at home, meaning you can stay in the same outfit for work drinks, or when you go home to relax.

How to Find Modern Kurtis

If you’re looking for a modern kurti, then you should think about what precisely you will be using it for. As this will be worn with a range of bottom halves, you might want to think about a color or pattern that will be versatile enough to be worn in those different scenarios.

Meanwhile, think about the material. The right material should be warm enough on cool days, without being stifling when worn over a vest top. What’s more, is that the best kurtis will be easy to iron – or may not even need any ironing at all!

You’ll find a wide range of beautiful, colorful, and comfortable kurtis right here on this page. Take a look around, find the style you like, and you can rest assured we will get it to your door promptly and in the very best condition.