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Crepe Kurtis


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36 per page

26 Item(s)


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Crepe Kurtis

Crepe fabric is a twisted weave fabric that has a somewhat pebbly appearance. This is not only visually arresting and a very good to look at, but is also highly convenient. Why? Simply because it doesn’t often need ironing!

The Perfect Garment for Work

In fact, the crepe kurtis is in many ways the ideal item of clothing to keep in your wardrobe for office work. There are a number of reasons for this.

It’s Slimming

While work is not a fashion show, you do want to look your very best – especially as they say that you should dress for the job you want! Kurtis are slimming anyway due to their long length that draws the eye up and down the body. At the same time though, the crepe kurti is also especially slimming due to the slightly greater weight of the fabric. This ensures that it falls down the body and clings a little more – only in the most flattering spots.

It’s Versatile

You can make the crepe kurti as smart or as casual as you need it to be for your particular office. Wear it with smart trousers or a pencil skirt (choose a slightly shorter design) and it will be the perfect item for power dressers. OR wear it with jeans and it will look right at home at a more casual office. In fact, you can keep the kurti on when you go out for drinks after too, and it will still look just right!

It’s Comfortable

Many people underestimate the importance of being comfortable at work. Simply put though, if you are going to do your best work, then you can’t be distracted by uncomfortable clothing.

Kurtis are comfortable in every type of weather thanks to the fact that you wear them over the top of other items. You can wear a kurti over your other clothes on cold days in order to be a bit warmer for instance, or you can wear it over a vest if you want to be cool and airy.

It’s Easy

Not having to iron is an absolute godsend each morning. And trust us – not ironing isn’t an option for many other items!

They Look Great

Finally, kurtis also look beautiful. Take a look around our store and you’ll find a wide selection in a broad variety of styles. What you’ll find to be true of all of them though, is that they are stunning to look at – some with bold, modern prints, others with traditional, embroidered patterns. Either way, this is a unique, cultural, colorful, and eye-catching garment.

Take a look around our site and you’ll find a ton of beautiful kurtis. On this page you have your crepe kurtis, but we also sell them in chiffon, in silk, and in a host of other materials. Plus, you can get the very best service and delivery.