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Embroidered Kurtis


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Embroidered Kurtis

While there are many different designs and styles of kurti, perhaps the one that still sticks in the mind most is that most traditional of kurtis that we still see in the movies. These are the kurtis that are worn to weddings and other formal occasions, and that often feature beautiful embroidery – often stitched by hand. These are unique, colorful, beautiful, and fitting for the most important of days and evenings.

What is an Embroidered Kurtis

For those not familiar with kurtis, these are traditional items of clothing that come from India and elsewhere in Asia. They are effectively like long tops or short dresses and can be worn over the top of other clothing – particularly jeans, leggings, and skirts.

Kurtis are often without sleeves and often feature deep necklines. Those seen at weddings will often feature elaborate, hand-made patterns as mentioned. However, this actually isn’t the most traditional style – as originally the kurti was more often plain and made from either silk or cotton. It could be worn by anyone and actually was more commonly worn by men!

Over time, the traditional kurti became the embroidered style that we see women wearing at weddings and other occasions, but now its definition has also broadened further to include a range of printed and more casual, modern tops that are worn around the office and on nights out.

The embroidered kurti is still often the most elaborate and beautiful of them all though.

How to Wear Embroidered Kurtis

If you will be wearing an embroidered kurti, then you can still choose to wear it in a casual fashion. In this case, you may wish to wear the shorter variety and to match it with jeans. This can create a great contrast that is well suited spending time with friends, going out for food, or otherwise looking smart without being overly formal.

When the occasion is more formal though, the embroidered kurti works particularly well in its longer form – worn with leggings underneath which may remain entirely covered. It can also be worn well with other traditional items in this way – such as with a fitted churidar or salwar. You can accessorize with a scarf, or with a matching bag, and it will look particularly good with large hoop earrings, or a necklace.

There are still many different styles of formal embroidered kurti. You can get these tops with asymmetric designs that are longer at the back for instance. You can get them with sleeves. And you can get them with flared bottoms. You’ll find a wide range of different styles, colors, and looks on this page and we’re confident you’ll find something you like here! Every item we sell is beautifully made and looked after, and our service is second to none. This is the one place you need for beautiful and versatile kurtis!