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Festival Kurtis


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Festival Kurtis

While kurtis are traditional Asian garments that have been around for hundreds of years, you can thank the Bohemian movement in the 60s for helping to make them popular throughout the rest of the world. Of course the kurti is now very popular in a wide range of countries, which is owing to the beautiful and practical design, and the comfort and practicality.

Very often women are forced to choose between practical and good-looking. Do you go with the practical flats, or the unwieldy heels? Do you choose the sensible-yet-dull jeans, or the occasionally-inappropriate leather trousers?

The kurti is both attractive and practical, and nowhere is this more apparent than at a festival!

What is a Kurti

Kurtis are traditional items from Asia that can be best described as long-tops or short dresses. They are often sleeveless and have deep necklines, to be worn over the top of other clothes and even dresses in some cases. They can be worn with waistcoats too alternatively.

Kurtis come in both shorter and longer varieties, with some longer items being long enough to be worn as dresses on their own. They can also be very traditional with embroidered patterns or they can be modern with bold prints to be worn with jeans.

They are at once flattering – seeing as they can fall in such a way as to hug the body, and seeing as they draw the eye up and down to make the wearer look slimmer – but also practical, as light fitting, demur, and cultured items.

For Festivals

For festivals there are a few boxes that need ticking. Typically, you will want to wear something that is loose fitting to allow for dancing and to prevent you from getting to hot – tick.

At the same time, festival wear should also be comfortable and should avoid getting damp in the rain. The kurti is perfect for all weather, again because it is loose fitting, and because it can be made from a range of materials.

At the same time, festival wear is very often designed to be colorful and bright. This helps to attract attention and will ensure that you fit in with the fun, ethnic, colorful vibe of the event itself. No one wears black to a festival!

And whether you choose to go with a fusion look – wearing a modern, patterned kurti with jeans – or a traditional look with embroidered patterns – you will find that this is the perfect look.

Finding Kurtis

On this site, you will find a wide variety of kurtis. While they are designed to fit all tastes and all occasions, they all have one thing in common: they are beautifully made and caringly delivered to your door. We won’t be beaten on price or quality, so take a look around!