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Fusion Kurtis


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Fusion Kurtis

The kurti is an item of clothing that originally comes from Asia, and that was worn popularly in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and several other areas. It began life as a simple item of clothing to eb worn over the top of other clothes, and that would hang loosely over them. However, it has since developed into something that is more elaborate and can be worn at weddings, or something that is more casual and attractive and well suited to casual events.

Many women say that if they have a few kurtis and a few pairs of bottoms, they can dress for pretty much any occasion. Why is that?

Well take a look:

  • Long kurti with embroidery and fitted salwar – perfect for special occasions and weddings
  • Kurti and pencil skirt – ideal for work
  • Kurti and jeans – ideal for drinks out/casual office wear
  • Kurti and trousers – ideal for work
  • Long, light kurti with leggings – ideal for relaxing around the house
  • Long, light kurti with swimwear – ideal for holidays

The list goes on!

On this page though, you are going to find fusion kurtis in particular. So what are these and why should you be interested?

The Fusion Kurti

Fusion kurtis are not a style in themselves, but rather a way in which the kurti can be worn.

One of the things that many women like about the kurti is that it maintains a little traditional Indian, or Asian culture. They enjoy the way it fits and feels – it is light and airy – and they like being able to stay connected to their heritage. Then again, many women born in the West also enjoy kurtis partly because they appreciate the culture and the style.

But if you’re going to work or dealing with a mix of people, then you might not want to lean all the way into traditional dress. In that case then, you might be keen to look for an outfit that might offer something of a compromise.

And this of course is where the ‘fusion’ part comes in. Take a contemporary kurti with a modern design and you have something that is based on Indian culture, but has a more modern and Western twist. Wear this, or even a more traditional item along with jeans, and you can likewise mix and match inspirations.

Combining different traditions, styles, cultures, and eras can make for some stunning outfits that are simultaneously modern and also richly cultured. On this page, you will find a wide selection of different stunning kurtis that are perfectly suited to being worn in this way.

Find the kurti that will match the look you’re going for, and then think about how to dress it up or down!