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A kaftan is a long loose dress that is worn by women, though it can also take on many other forms. The term might also refer to a man’s long belted tunic, or a large, loose shirt or top. Kaftans may also be long or short, and can feature a range of different styles and patterns.

In other words, this generally describes a baggy item of clothing that can be worn either on its own, or on top of other items.

Choosing Kaftan’s for Women

A kaftan is such a versatile item for women that you can find one for nearly any kind of occasion. In particular though, they tend to be very well suited to warmer weather and more casual occasions. You can wear a kaftan on holiday for instance over the top of swimwear, and this way it will act to cover your modest while also letting you avoid sunburn. The kaftan when worn this way remains very light and airy however, and lets air circulate and breathe easily.

As beachwear like this, the kaftan goes particularly well with sandals and other similar clothes. You can wear it with big chunky jewelry, with beach hair, with shades etc. But what many women don’t realise is just how versatile this item of clothing is and how many different situations it can be worn in.

For example, if you were to cinch in the kaftan at the waist with a thin belt, and perhaps wear it over jeans or bottoms, then it can become an item that is similar to a kurti or the like. This way, they can be worn into the office, or they can be worn when out shopping or getting coffee with friends. The right shoes and bag can also go a long way to dressing the item up – and you still get to enjoy the comfort and the often colorful patterns.

You can even wear kaftans over the top of entire outfits and keep them open like a scarf or poncho.

Choosing Your Kaftan

With so many options, it can sometimes be hard to choose your kaftan. So where do you start?

One tip is to make sure you pick the right fabric. Lightweight natural fabrics tend to work very well with this item as they will avoid moisture and perspiration, and they will help you to stay cool in the hotter summer months.

Think about the patterns and what they will work well with. If you are going for a very busy pattern, then of course you want to try and keep your other items relatively simple – jeans and a white top for instance will often go very well with a more patterned kaftan.

On this page you will find a wide variety of kaftans and should be able to find the perfect design for the look/occasion that you have in mind.