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Printed Kurtis


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Printed Kurtis

Kurtis have been around in Asia for a long time. These are traditional items that are commonly worn at formal events, as well as more casual affairs. Today they’re increasingly found in the office where their flattering shape and attractive design make them an ideal fit to wear with a pair of trousers or jeans.

On this page, you’ll find a wide range of printed krutis. And we think that these are perfect for the modern woman. Here’s why.

Reasons Why Printed Kurtis Are THE Most Useful Items for Your Wardrobe

The printed kurti is a kurti – a long top or short dress that can be worn over the top of trousers or jeans. These are often sleeveless, and they often feature plunging necklines. But while that’s true, they also come in a variety of different designs, patterns and materials – to suit any occasion.

For many years, kurtis have been enjoyed at formal events where they will often feature beautiful hand-embroidered patterns. But this is not where the kurti began life – originally these were actually very plain items that were worn by a wide range of different people.

The kurti is today returning to that more everyday use. Now it is commonly worn in the office, where the embroidery is often replaced by modern, bold, floral prints.

This makes for an item with SO many benefits:

It’s Flattering

Wearing clothes into the office can be hard for women. You don’t want to look frumpy with something baggy and old, but nor do you want to draw too much attention to yourself with something extremely tight or low cut.

The kurti is ideal in this sense. It is loose-fitting meaning that it doesn’t ever appear inappropriate, but it also hugs the body in a flattering manner, and is attractive and colorful in its pattern. It’s smart and beautiful, but it’s never attention seeking.

It’s Convenient

The kurti is highly convenient, seeing as it can be worn with trousers, leggings, a skirt, or jeans. It can be worn into the office and then worn to drinks after. And the same item you wore to the office can ben worn at home when you’re lounging around!

Some kurtis, such as the crepe kurtis (which you will find on this site) don’t need ironing. Others are very light for summer. All of them are well suited to a range of different climates.

It’s Comfortable

Perhaps most important of all, the kurti is comfy. The fact that it fits loosely and can easily move to fit your position, means that you never feel restricted or overly tight. And because it adds another layer, you can wear whatever you feel best in underneath. The kurti is a great choice of clothing for the office then because it won’t make you distracted from work.

You’ll find a wide range on this very page, so happy shopping!

Latest Printed Kurtis Collection Price July, 2024

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Designer Party Wear Heavy Print Rayon Kurti - Yellow & Grey₹1,044.00
Designer Party Wear Heavy Print Rayon Kurti - Maroon₹1,044.00

Printed Kurtis Price last updated on 21/7/2024