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Finding the Perfect Short Kurti for Your Summer Wardrobe

A Kurti or Kurta is an outfit that hails from India, but which has since been assimilated by the rest of the world thanks to its convenience and style.

The kurti is a comfortable-yet stylish outfit that can be worn casually or formally, and that is appropriate for a range of different situations. They are upper garments that are generally quite loose fitting, but which hang below the waistline. This can then be worn with jeans to create a more modern look and in the shorter style, it will often look a little like a long-top.

The great thing about the kurti is that it has the summery, loose-fitting appeal of a dress, while still allowing women to wear jeans or trousers in colder weather. It lends itself to more colorful, floral patterns, and that helps to make a colorful splash while still being formal enough to pass for office wear!

When to Wear

Short kurtis are a little more casual in look and tend to work best with trousers or jeans which makes for an attractive, modern appearance. If you have noticed that this is sometimes written as ‘kurti’ and sometimes as ‘kurta’, that is because the kurti is the shorter and somewhat less traditional form of kurti. The kurti can also be used to refer to the female version of the item, while the kurta is male – though this depends on where you read it!

This is a great choice for wearing to an office with trousers if you want to introduce a dash of color, or even a longer skirt. For those that want to cover their rears (so as to be a little more discrete), this is also a good choice.

If you live in a warm climate, then kurti can be worn at any time of year. They do generally look a little better in the summer though, so you may wish to wear them more during the hotter seasons if you don’t have sun year-round. The kurta is a little less seasonal, but still has a summery look (especially if you’re not wearing trousers underneath).

How to Wear

There are no hard and fast rules on how to wear the kurti. As mentioned, it can look great with a pair of jeans if you want to go for a more modern approach. In that case, more modern prints will work well as opposed to the more traditional embroidery.

You can accessorize a kurti in a number of different ways. It looks great with chunky golden jewelry, or if not, then some silver jewelry. Longer earrings also look good – remember that short kurtis are still fairly long as tops, and that is a great thing to mimic in the earrings. By creating lots of vertical lines, you draw the eyes downward and appear slimmer and taller.

Remember that kurti are intended for warm weather and as such, are generally intended to be worn loose and light.

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