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Silk Kurtis


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Silk Kurtis

The kurti is an increasingly popular garment from India that is now worn more and more here in the West. This can perhaps most easily be described as either a short dress, or a long top. Either way, it can be worn over the top of trousers or over a skirt, and won’t look out of place.

Other aspects of the kurti include the deep, horseshoe neckline, and the lack of sleeves. That said, kurti tops now come in a variety of styles and almost all the ‘rules’ are broken at some point or another!

The silk kurti is of course just such an item, but is by definition made from silk. Silk kurtis have all the advantages of any other kurtis, only they are also incredibly soft and comfortable to wear and to touch, and have a shimmering color and flowing texture. Because the kurtis is often worn over other items of clothing, it is well suited to this lighter material.

Benefits of Kurtis

There are several reasons that kurtis have become so popular.

The first is that they are so incredibly versatile. As mentioned, a kurti can be worn over the top of trousers, and it is commonly worn on top of jeans to create a very casual look. This can work well with a silk kurtis as an option for office wear for instance.

At the same time though, a kurti can also be worn over the top of a skirt in order to create a slightly more dressed-up look, and in some cases, a kurti can even be worn on its own as a longer dress. Typically, the term kurti is used to describe a slightly shorter variation of the item, whereas the word ‘kurta’ might be used to describe the longer version. Sometimes however these terms are used interchangeably, or to refer to the different genders.

Kurtis tend to come in both more traditional styles with beautiful, embroidered patterns, and more modern styles with bold, colorful prints. This way, you can find an item to suit whatever occasion you are dressing for.

This versatility again means that a kurti top can be worn to a casual get together with friends, or to an important formal affair. Many women today say that they keep a kurti and pair of jeans in the wardrobe and this is often all they need for a wide variety of occasions!

Our Kurtis

Our kurtis include a huge selection of different styles and fashions to suit every occasion and every style. You should be able to find whatever style of kurti you are looking for, and on this page you will see our wide selection of silk kurtis. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, then be sure to browse our other store pages!