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Stone Work Kurtis


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Stone Work Kurtis

If you want to make pretty much any item of clothing more beautiful, then adding a little bling is very often the way to go.

Stone work simply means attaching attractive stones to your items, which in turn can help to provide additional color, more interesting textures, and of course eye-catching glimmer.

As we will see, adding stone work to kurtis is the ideal combination. A kurti is an increasingly popular item of clothing that comes from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and a host of other Asian countries. Essentially, it is a little like a long top, or a short dress. This is then often worn over the top of other items of clothing, which makes for a highly versatile range of options for wearing.

Originally, kurtis were worn by a wide range of different people in India – including all regions, all classes, and all walks of life. From there, kurtis evolved to find themselves worn by women for special occasions in many cases.

And then from there, the kurtis would spread to Europe and the US as part of the Bohemian movement. Today, kurtis are popular for a whole host of use cases – including being commonly worn as office garments where their versatility and modest appearance are huge benefits.

How to Choose Kurtis

With so many different types of kurtis then and with so many different options, how do you know which is right for you?

Combining the stone work with kurtis of course makes for something that is particularly well-glamorous and therefore well suited to special occasions. Kurtis are commonly worn to weddings and other special occasions, owing to their traditional nature and their stunning designs. Perhaps the kind that is best suited to being worn to such affairs is the more traditional kind with the hand-embroidered patterns. These are the kinds that are perhaps most likely to feature stonework, and to have that extra detail.

When choosing kurtis then, consider whether the right type for you is the type with these beautiful decorations, or whether you would be better served by something more modern with a bold floral print. Of course these modern patterned kurtis can also work well with stones – it is simply less common.

There are many more ways that you can vary your kurtis and find the right style for you. For instance, kurtis can also come in a range of lengths (long, short, or asymmetric) and with different elements such as sleeves or flares.

On This Site

On this site, you will find a broad range of kurtis. We stock kurtis that are modern, kurtis that are traditional, and kurtis that feature unique styles. You will find them in a range of materials too, from chiffon, to silk, to cotton, to crepe, to rayon.

All of our kurtis are beautifully made and hand-chosen. Take a look around and get ready to mix up your wardrobe!