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Straight Kurtis


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Straight Kurtis

The straight kurti is a straight garment that can be worn over the top of a dress, jeans, or leggings, and which can be worn in a variety of different scenarios.

A kurti is originally an item of clothing from India and which is still worn traditionally. However, it has made its way to various other parts of the world owing to its supreme simplicity, comfort, and versatility. It is effortless stylish, while also being very comfortable – not a combination you find often!

What is a Straight Kurti?

Essentially, a kurti is a long shirt or a short dress. It is often patterned or floral and can feature either a modern design or a more traditional, embroidered look.

Often a kurti will flare out ever so slightly once it passes the waist. This create a slightly more dress-like look and helps to make it floaty and summery.

The straight kurti on the other hand has a much straighter silhouette and goes directly down from top to bottom. It is therefore a little better suited to more formal events and goes well with the more traditional stylings and other garments such as a churidar or a salwar.

The kurti can be worn by both men and women and the straight kurti is also more often the kind worn by men. Of course there are some significant differences in the design for men and women – with men’s kurtis being generally plainer and far less floral! These are normally worn with a Pajama.

You might also have heard of a kurta. If you’re wondering what the official difference is, then a kurta is a longer version of the kurti. That said, the two words are used largely interchangeably today, and the straight design is actually more often used for the longer material.

Kurti go well with a wide range of different items of jewelry if you want to dress them up. Women will often wear them with long earings, or large, chunk, golden jewelry. In terms of footwear, they are once again highly versatile with everything from sandals to large heels working well!

Our Site

Take a look around our site and you should find a wide range of different kurtis to suit your every need. On this page, you’ll find our straight kurtis for women, which include a lot of traditional, formal designs, as well as more comfortable, modern, and casual garments that can be worn in a variety of other scenarios. We truly believe that we offer the best quality garments, the most attractive designs, and the best value money – so you should be able to find something beautiful here for any occasion.

More Types of Kurtis

Take a look around our site and we think you’ll find we have a wide range of kurtis to suit every style and every taste. Among our favorites are our ‘shirt kurtis’ that essentially look like long shirts and that look fantastic as casual wear or as formal options for the office. They look great in checkered patterns!

Or how about the poncho style kurti? This definitely looks more traditional but is fantastically comfortable, perfect for a very hot day, and can be worn in a variety of different ways.

Now you’ve discovered the kurti, make sure to discover all your options by taking a look around our site!

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