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Traditional Kurtis


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Traditional Kurtis

The kurti is an item of clothing that has become increasingly popular among women in the US and Europe. This is originally an item from Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. However, it has become increasingly popular here owing to its hugely versatile nature and attractive look.

For those not familiar, the kurti is a long top or short dress that is often worn over the top of other clothes. It comes in a whole host of styles, but it is common for it to have a somewhat plunging neckline and often a lack of sleeves.

This is what makes the kurti a popular item: it is highly versatile and can be worn in many different ways and to many different occasions.

What is a Traditional Kurti?

If you are familiar with the kurti, it might be because you have seen it worn by women in the office. Many women enjoy the kurti today owing to its incredibly versatility. Because the kurti can be worn with trousers or jeans, it provides the ideal choice for the office – being loose enough to maintain modesty while still having an attractive and beautiful design that will draw the eye. These kurtis tend to feature modern prints that utilize bold, floral patterns.

This is not the traditional kurti however. Traditionally, the kurti was actually a somewhat plain item of clothing – often made from cotton or silk. It was worn by people in all walks of life and from all parts of Asia.

The kurti evolved from this point on though to become more elaborate and overtly feminine. It would quickly become an item that was regularly worn to special events. The styles worn to weddings and parties would often feature heavy embroidery, patterns, stone work, mirror work, and the like.

Today then, a traditional kurti can refer to either the plainer type that is perfect for everyday use, or the more elaborate and decorative item that can be worn to special occasions. It does not generally include the more modern form of kurti that utilizes modern prints and works well as a fusion item with jeans.

Whatever you choose to wear kurti for, there are numerous advantages. For one, they are very comfortable. They are loose fitting, and so they don’t tend to get overly hot or cold. At the same time, the attractive designs and flowing nature makes them very attractive and glamorous for special events. Because they can be worn with other clothes, they create huge numbers of different outfit variants – which similarly makes them a good option for people who want to maintain a more minimal wardrobe.

Whether you’re looking for the plainer cotton kurti, or something highly elaborate, you will find lots of beautiful styles to suit your needs here.