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Crop Top Lehengas


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Crop top Lehengas

Lehengas are traditional Indian attire that is recognized by designers, fashion police, and people, in general, all over the world. Sarees and Lehengas are two Indian attires worn by women that fascinate the western people to try and embrace. Though, now we have come a long way from just being traditional with our attires. We now live in an era where fusion works the best. The customers demand something new and exciting to wear for every occasion. One such fusion that has been in trend for some time and has stayed is crop top and Lehenga. They are one of the best mixes of western and Indian culture where the Lehengas are worn with crop tops of the same patterns or completely contrasting colors. And since there is no dupatta in the outset, the crop top lehengas are worn with a jacket and other variations of crop top lehengas at weddings.

In the earlier days of probably a few decades ago, whenever people spoke about Lehenga choli, they typically talked about the lehenga choli brides wore on their wedding, but lately, there have been so many versions of Lehenga. The modern-day women now seem to fall back to old traditions for fashion, which just proves the statement that a fashion statement tends to return after a certain period of time. The choli in this trend is replaced by a crop top, which is different in shape and structure. The crop top in a lehenga is comparatively longer in length to a choli, which is why a choli lehenga comes with a dupatta, while a crop lehenga comes with a jacket. The dupatta-less outfit is more accessible to carry and comfortable in moments and while dancing as well, which makes it a perfect wedding attire for ladies.

Crop tops were a 90s fashion which made a sensational come back in the fashion industry. So much that it is now used in ethnic wears where they have replaced cholis. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the designer's experiment of creating something new was successful and is adopted by the masses. The fusion makes great wedding attire that was in demand these past few seasons. It is obvious that the crop tops lehengas will have various variations in themselves as well, depending on different body types and structures and even colors.

Cape Type Crop Top Lehenga

The cape style is relatively new in the industry and massively in demand. The stylish trend is everyone's favorite and often worn by the bride too for functions like ring ceremony or Sangeet. The cape of the crop top acts as a dupatta which is attached to the crop top, making it comfortable for movement. The cape can be heavily embroidered for wedding purposes but can be a sheer one as well, just for aesthetics. The caps also can be short, covering the upper arms, but also be longer than the arms like long bell sleeves.

Banarasi Silk Crop Top Lehenga

Banarasi crop top lehenga is a perfect outfit for girls for occasions like weddings. They look royal and trendy. Like another fusion to the mix, the Banarasi crop top lehengas work based on color contrast or a matching color lehenga. Similar to Banarasi silk crop top lehenga, one can also opt for, cotton silk, raw silk, or brocade depending on the choice of the customers.

Pastel and Dark Colors

Though pastels are in trend right now, the dark colors have been in trend for the longest time. The pastel colors enhance the look by brings a glow to attire while the darker colors highlight the features of the person wearing it.

Digital Prints Lehenga

India has been known for different kinds of embroiders, but the latest fashion has digital prints that have taken over. However, embroideries will be evergreen and can never be put out of style; digital printing can be done of any sort of fabric and is relatively more comfortable to carry. The digital lehengas make a great girly wedding outfit.

Boxy Crop Top Lehenga

Boxy crop tops are a style where the tops are fitted from the bust and lose from the waist. The boxy tops might be longer in length. They are best worn by women with the heavy upper body. One can go for lighter fabrics for Boxy crop top lehenga with digital prints for occasions like weddings, house warming parties, and other semi-formal events.

Crop Top Lehenga with Jacket

As mentioned above, the crop top lehenga does not require a dupatta, but if one feels the outfit or the look is incomplete, they can definitely add a jacket to it. For crop top lehenga for weddings, a heavy embroidered jacket works best, where the jacket can be short or floor touching. The jacket can also have rich borders and light fabric. The jackets give an illusion of being taller, so it works great for the girls who are shorter in height.

Straight Crop Top Lehenga

The straight crop top lehenga is just straight like the name suggests and has spring falls. And is best worn by the petite girls who are shorter in height, when paired with heels. It can be plain and simple with contrasting colors and can be worn for any semi-formal events and casual parties.

Quarter, Full Sleeve, and Cold shoulder Crop Top Lehengas

The crop top lehenga blouses have a lot of variation as well. The skirt of the lehenga can be pleated, straight or flared, but various kinds of blouses can go with it. The full sleeve blouses have been in trend for forever, giving a royal look to the outfit. The Quarter sleeves crop top lehenga is generally used with heavy wedding outfits, with contrasting colors. The cold shoulder has been in trend for a while since they made a comeback. The cold shoulder makes a perfect ingredient to the fusion mix that the entire crop top lehenga attire is. Girls often wear sleeveless blouses too with the skirt to be more trendy and stylish.

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