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Lehenga Choli


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Lehenga Choli

Lehenga choli is a three-piece Indian ethnic attire consisting of a choli (short or crop top), lehenga, and a dupatta. The lehenga is a long skirt woven in unique patterns with exclusive designs. The lehenga choli is also known as ‘ghagra choli’ and ‘chaniya choli’ in different parts of the country.

Lehenga choli is decked up with attention to detail craftsmanship that contains mirror work, sequins, stonework, cut beads, and threadwork. Some are decorated with digital prints, brocade work, zardosi and aari work for minimal designs. As it became the most popular ethnic outfit of Indian women, the fashionistas started introducing new trends with cheerful colour palettes and exquisite patterns.

Nowadays, lehenga choli has become a popular part of the Indian wedding trousseau. The contrasting colour combinations of lehenga choli makes it a perfect traditional outfit for auspicious occasions. The variety of patterns have made their way into many wardrobes. Women choose to wear the lehenga choli on other traditional occasions as well.

The upcoming patterns of Indo-Western and jacket style lehenga choli are now ruling the fashion industry. The younger generations admire these styles for modern occasions like parties, farewells, and get-togethers. You will find both the heavy designers as well as simpler lehenga cholis to cover your fashion choices.

If you desire to try them instantly, then choose the readymade lehengas which are available in multiple sizes. We also have the semi-stitched lehengas. on our online store so that you can stitch them as per your size with an already outlined neck and sleeves pattern.

Background of Lehenga Choli

The origin of Lehenga choli dates back to the 10th Century where North Indian women mainly wore it. But it gained popularity after the arrival of the Mughals and their subsequent rule from 12th to 18th Century.

Earlier, lehenga choli was made with limited fabrics such as cotton or silk. But with its increasing demand, the fashion designers introduced other fabrics like satin, georgette, net, velvet, brocade, rayon, and last but not least, the luxurious banarasi silk.

Discover Various Facets of Lehenga Choli

When it comes to selecting lehenga choli, the first thing you should be sure about is the fabric. There are a plethora of fabrics to fulfil every woman’s fashion taste. You can select the fabric of your choice depending on the season in which you will be wearing the lehenga choli.

For example, the breathable and lightweight fabrics like cotton, silk, rayon, satin, and georgette are preferable for summers. The luxurious fabrics such as velvet, banarasi silk, net, and brocade are suitable for winters as they provide warmth to your skin.

The next thing to look upon is the prints and designs. You can decide on selecting the designer or simple lehenga choli depending on the occasion where you want to wear it. You will find exclusive prints of natural elements such as peacocks, leaves, and floral motifs. Some of them are embellished with designer work which includes embroidery, sequins, and mirror work.

The lehenga choli is such a versatile traditional outfit that you can wear it at traditional as well as modern occasions. Be it parties, festivals, weddings, house parties, or cultural ceremonies, the lehenga choli will always leave you spoilt for choice.

You can drape the dupatta in various styles for unique looks on different occasions. Here are some of the styles you can try to reveal your fashion statement:

Drape 1: Bring the dupatta from back to front diagonally over the right shoulder to waist. This is the most fashionable yet straightforward style to carry on while wearing lehenga choli.

Drape 2: Drape like the Gujarati Saree front side pallu for festive occasions or weddings.

Drape 3: If your dupatta has a larger designer border, then drape it in front with a cowl gather. This is the oldest style which still looks regal on designer lehenga choli.

Drape 4: Pin the borders on both sides and leave the leftover dupatta as an open drape on the front side. You can carry this style at weddings functions and festivals.

Drape 5: Drape like a saree by securing it with the waist belt and wrapping at the bottom.

Drape 6: Drape the pleated dupatta on one side of the shoulder. Gather the leftover cloth and carry it to your back diagonally from the front side and pin this other end at your backside of the lehenga.

Types of Lehenga Cholis Depending on the Girth of Lehengas:

You will be quite amazed by different types of patterns available in the lehengas. The circular or flared lehengas, panelled lehengas, mermaid or fishtail style lehengas, and A-line lehengas are some of the styles that you can choose from the lehenga cholis.

Circular/Flared Lehengas - They have a broader bottom width and are suitable for women of any body shape.

Panelled Lehengas - They are suitable for petite and hourglass body shaped women.

Mermaid/Fishtail Style Lehengas - Suitable for women with hourglass or rectangular body shape.

A-line Lehengas - These are suitable for women with straight or rectangular body shape.

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