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Collar Neck Designs


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Collar Neck Salwar Suits

The fashion industry has flourished over the past few decades because of the highly professional fashion designers. There are a lot of old trends which you currently cannot count down, but the new and fresh styles always grab the attention of the younger generation. Women still get inclined towards the upcoming trends, whether it is a small twist in the existing patterns or a brand new style of salwar suit. 

One such style which hit the fashion trend is the collar neck salwar suit. This style is popular as it beautifies the neckline with designer embellishments. Women with sleek neck and slimmer body shape prefer the collar neck salwar suits as they cover up their neckline and give an aesthetic look to their personality. The collar neck designs are also adorned with different patchwork, lace borders, and sequins for a ravishing look.

Different types of Collar Neck Salwar Suits

If you wish to have charming and engaging salwar suits in your closet, then you should try the collar neck salwar suits that are available in unique patterns. You can get the collar neck designs in almost every type of salwar suit, right from Anarkali suits, Palazzo suits, Churidar suits to Patiala suits.

Are you tired of the same old round and V-neck patterns? If yes, then the collar neck salwar suits are the best option for you. There are many types of neck designs available in the salwar suits, but nothing else can beat the allure and captivating nature of collar neck suits.

Some of the salwar suits have a blend of traditional and modern fashion, such as the Indo-Western collar neck salwar suits. The georgette salwar suits with collar neck designs are top-notch of our ethnic section because of the sheer elegance and grandeur of neck patterns.

These suits have a front-cut that continues with the neck pattern and gives a charming look to the wearer. The edges are covered with either lace or zari threads, which makes it look more adorable and shimmering. You can opt for these suits while attending a wedding function or grand soiree. The collar neck salwar suits are available in a wide range of vibrant colors that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Want to try the collar neck salwar suits for casual wear? If yes, then you can have the khadi salwar suits with mandarine collar necks that have a formal as well as casual impression. The simplistic appearance of these neck designs will uplift your personality and make you look ravishing. 

You can also have the cotton salwar suits and jute salwar suits as your casual and formal wear attire. These suits offer you sheer comfort and a chic look with a traditional bliss. The collar neck salwar suits can be your go-to outfit for any function, be it a casual get together with your friends or a cultural function with your family. 

The most exciting thing about collar neck salwar suits is that you don’t have to fret about the suitable neck patterns. They already have made it easy for you to take along the beauty of the collar neck in attractive styles and patterns. Some of the high-neck collar suits have become staple wear of young fashionistas. These dresses cover up your shoulder and showcase a pattern on the lower back in either drop or round shapes. It looks fascinating with the heavy designer dresses which have embroideries, sequins, and mirror work as it sparkles up the overall beauty. The collar neck salwar suits are also preferable for a comfortable drape as they fit exactly with your body shape.

Maintenance guide for Collar Neck Salwar Suit

Like any salwar suit, collar neck salwar suits require that minimum love and care to look new-like for long. Here are some tips and tricks that’ll help you in the process -

  • If your Collar Neck Salwar Suit has pure zari work, metallic finishes, gota patti, zardozi, or kundan work then do not spray direct perfume or deodorants. Also, do not put mothballs in direct contact with such delicate work, as all these actions will blacken the delicate work
  • Avoid washing delicate salwar suit after every wear, as it can damage the work and weaken the fabric
  • Guard the suit against spills and stains
  • Do wear sweat absorbing pads if you tend to sweat a lot
  • Embellished salwar suit comes with a separate set of care instruction, do follow that meticulously
  • Only go for trusted and authentic dry clean service
  • When washing your salwar suit at home, make it a point to use good quality detergents. Reetha or soap-nut can also be used
  • Never use hot water to wash your delicate clothes
  • Dyes, bleach, and harsh stain removers must be kept at an arm’s distance from expensive salwar suits
  • Never wring or squeeze delicate salwar suits
  • Heavy salwar suits must not be left hanging on the cloth lines, as dripping water will add to the suit’s weight and can lead to loss of shape

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If you want to add these exceptional patterns of collar neck salwar suits to your coveted raiments, then grab them online at StyleCaret. You don’t have to visit any local stores and waste your energy in crowded places. You can easily get them online without any hustles, and that too at your convenience.

You can get these suits delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks away. Are you based out of India? If yes, then don’t worry because we have a worldwide shipping facility to make the ethnic suits accessible in every corner of the world.

Are you looking for a discount? Well, we have got you covered for that too. You will get a 100% cashback as reward points if it is your first purchase at StyleCaret! Sounds great, right? So, hurry up and grab these beautiful pieces of collar neck salwar suits to uplift your fashion game.

FAQs on Collar Neck Salwar Suits

Are collar neck salwar suits popular among buyers?

Salwar suit is a popular Indian attire that is worn by women of all ages and classes. They are quite comfortable, especially compared to a saree, and are super easy to work in, as there is not much to care about. There are several styles and fit variations in salwar suits, one of which is the collar neck salwar suits. Like other forms of salwar suits, the collar neck is a popular pick among buyers as they not only look super sophisticated and classy but also are very comfortable.

Where to buy Collar Neck Salwar Suits?

One can buy Collar Neck Salwar Suits online and a wide range is also available at local retail stores. However, in the former option, you get to choose from hundreds and thousands of pieces, crafted as per the latest trend. Furthermore, Collar Neck Salwar Suits online shopping is very much relaxing for obvious reasons of doing shopping in the comfort of your home. Collar Neck Salwar Suit with price and other essential details makes it easy to make a quick buying decision.

What is collar neck salwar suits price?

The collar neck salwar suits price range between a few to double-digit thousand figures. It all depends on the fabric used, the intricacy of the work, embellishments, embroidery, etc. Also, a designer piece would cost way more than a casual salwar suit.

What are the different collar styles?

The collar is a part of the garment that stands around the neck. It can be found attached to a coat, shirt, blouse, and even a kurta/kurti/kameez. There are three basic types of collar on which are based on different styles of collar. So, we have the standing collar (it is the stiff standing band around the neck), flat or falling collar (it lies flat on the shoulder), and turnover collar (it stands around the neck and rolls or folds over). Coming to the different collar styles, a few of the most popular and commonly found collar neck designs on salwar suits are - Peter Pan Collar, Detachable Collar, Sailor Collar, Puritan Collar, Mandarin Collar, Rolled Collar, Flat Collar, Chelsea Collar, Johnny Collar, Winged Collar, Cuban Collar, Ruffle Collar, and more.

Can collar neck salwar suits be worn for weddings?

Collar Neck Salwar Suit for weddings is a very good choice. They look different from the usual salwar suit with an old V- and round-neck design, thus making you look no less than a style icon. One can buy collar neck salwar suits online, they are available in several colour and patterns. For weddings, you can go for a bold colour collar neck salwar suit with heavy embroidery and embellishment.