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Lehenga Suits


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Lehenga Suits

Lehengas are Ethnic Indian wear, which is recognized and appreciated all over the world. Though lehenga as used by most women as an escape from the sarees, they are trendy and have their own space in the fashion industry. Given their demand for Indian weddings, they have marked and left an imprint on consumers. One might watch women of all caste and religion wearing one on occasions like wedding, house warming parties, and other such festivals or formal events.

Lehengas are historically rich attire that uses to be worn by all the royal queens and families, with heavy embroidery and exquisite work on them. The lehengas are three-piece attire; the skirt, the choli or the blouse, and the dupatta. The trend has over time seen several variations and till date witnesses, new changes which are adopted by women.

Further, there are various ways the dupatta of the lehenga can be draped and worn in different styles. For example, the Guajarati’s have a very distinct way of wrapping the dupatta over the choli and ghagra, and similarly so does Bengalis. The lehengas make a perfect wedding outfit for women as they are hassle-free and comes in various designs fit for every woman's body and structure. In today's era, we live with fusion designs, which are a balanced mix of western and Indian culture. One such version of variation is the lehenga suits.

The lehenga suit is nothing but a three-piece outfit, only the choli of the original outfit is replaced by a kurta. Inspired by outfits worn by Muslim brides, breaking the barriers of religion, the concept was used by designers and converted into a fusion that was turned into a trend and accepted by women gracefully. There are, of course, various types of lehenga suits to select from for women.

  1. Straight Lehenga Suit: Without many variations, the outfit is just as the name suggests. The straight lehenga suits have a straight suit, like that of a salwar suit. Only the skirt is contrasting in color and a matching dupatta. The straight lehenga suit can be worn by women on multiple occasions like casual parties, and if bought in better fabric like georgette or crape, it can be wedding appropriate as well if added little work to the mix.
  2. Trail Lehenga Suit: The trail lehenga suit has a trail, which means the kurta of the lehenga is shorter from the front and longer from the back, giving it a u-shape from the front. Mostly used as wedding attire for bridesmaids or a close relative’s wedding, the attire has gained popularity. They are generally stitched in lighter colors or pastels colors, which are in trend from some time.
  3. Double slit Lehenga Suit: The double slit kurta has two silts on the side of the kurta of the outfit. The kurta with side slits can be short in length or can be floor touching like the skirt, but with a dense pattern. The plain skirt can be visible as a base from the slits of the outfit. The skirt can of contrasting colors as well depending on the designer or the lady wearing the outfit. Generally, these heavy outfits don't require much accessorizing but can be paired with great dangler earrings and a matching pair of heels and a clutch bag.
  4. Triple slit Lehenga Suit:There are three slits in the kurta of the triple slit lehenga suit. One in the front and two on the sides. They are generally stitched in contrasting color combinations that go well, like that of red and golden. The skirt of the lehenga is one on bold color while the kurta is heavy worked. The matching dupatta completes the look along with minimalistic jewelry and a pair of matching heels.
  5. Single front slit Lehenga Suit:The single slit in the kurta of the outfit can be either on the side or front. Either way, both the designs have been trending in the market for some time now and are heavily in demand. The skirt of outfit most times complements the kurta and appears as a border of the entire dress. The distinguished can be felt where the slits start, and the ghagra or the skirt is visible. The little visibility of the stomach in the outfit makes it trendy and stylish.
  6. Flared Lehenga Suit:The flared lehenga suit as the name suggests has a flare. The kurta of the outfit is fitted from the bust and flared from the bust down. The length of the kurta can be as short as till waist and longer till just a few inches above floor touching. The skirt of the outfit creates an illusion of a broader, and the whole outfit appears as one. Most times the outfit is worn without a dupatta and paired with matching accessorize and a pair of heels.
  7. Heavy embroidery Lehenga Suit: The lehenga suit that with heavy embroidery on them is used for formal events like weddings, and festivals like Diwali. They come in various fabrics, but look the best in heavy fabrics like silks. Most times, the kurta of the outfit has heavy work on them all over. The more stylish pattern has heavy work on the sleeves while the front is plain. Such designers outfit can be front open (single slits) too and double slits as well depending on the designers.

Lehengas are the most versatile outfit that has no boundaries and can be worn by women of all ages and religions. A 3-year-old baby wearing a lehenga would look cute, while a girl and a lady wearing a lehenga look graceful and beautiful. One can pair the lehenga with matching pair of heels and accessories, to complete the look for the occasion.

Lehenga Suits Care Tips and Tricks

  1. We are here to help you keep your lehenga suits in top shape. By following the below-mentioned step you’ll get the desired results. So let’s get started -
  2. A big no to perfumes, sprays, math balls, and deodorants. As all these things can damage the pure zari, rich embroidery, and other metallic finishes
  3. Weaves with metal and pure silk thread are susceptible to aerosols and environmental degradation. So, be very careful when wearing and storing them
  4. Do not let the outfit come in direct contact with moth or naphthalene balls
  5. Avoid frequent washes for your heavy traditional Indian outfits
  6. Do not iron expensive lehenga suits on high heat. Rather opt for a steam iron, however, make sure the outfit is completely dry
  7. Lehenga suits with embellishments come with a ‘Dry Clean Only’ tag, kindly follow it meticulously
  8. In case washing the outfit at home, go for gentle hand washing and not machine wash. Use good quality, gentle detergents
  9. Store expensive outfits in a clean and dry cupboard with no direct sunlight

FAQs on Lehenga Suits

What is Lehenga Suits?

As the name suggests, Lehenga Suits is a fusion of a lehenga and suit. It is a ravishing outfit that can make any women wearing it look stunning. Unlike the traditional lehenga outfit, Lehenga suits look modern and are no less than a style statement. During wedding seasons, when everybody is wearing the age-old traditional Indian outfit, a lehenga suit will make you stand out in the crowd. Thus, making Lehenga Suits for weddings and other important functions is the perfect outfit. They are available in a variety of colour, embroidery, and embellishments. With time even Lehenga suits have changed, and now customers have several Lehenga suits variations to choose from.

What are the different types of Lehenga Suits?

From the time Lehenga Suits were introduced, they have created a rage among buyers. Over time designers have come up with several variations of the lehenga suits, thus keeping them in trend. Some of the most common types of Lehenga Suits are - trail lehenga suit, heavy embroidery lehenga suit, straight lehenga suit, single front slit lehenga suit, flared lehenga suit, triple slit lehenga suit and more. Out of the above-mentioned options, women buy heavy embroidery lehenga suits for weddings and similar big occasions, as they feature heavy, intricate work all over.

How much do lehenga suits cost?

Lehenga suits price range from a few thousand and go to double-digit thousand (even lakhs) figures. Their price depends on the fabric used, type of embroidery and embellishment, and intricacy of the work. Customers can buy lehenga suits online and find all the different varieties ranging in the required price bracket.

What is the best place to buy lehenga suits?

Buying lehenga suits online is a good option, customers can also visit the popular stores in town. However, lehenga suits online shopping has a few advantages, like you get to choose from hundreds and thousands of options, which is not the case with offline shopping. Further, online you get to see lehenga suits with price, material, care information. Either way, we’d suggest you always go for a reliable, authentic, and trusted website or showroom.

How to style lehenga suits?

Lehenga suits are a beautiful piece of outfits that can turn any woman into a queen. And if you style and accessories properly, there is a limit to this outfits diversity. For instance, if you are wearing a lehenga suit with heavy work around the neck, then try pulling back your hair into a bun (messy or neat), go for a statement earring, and either bold lips or eyes. In case you are wearing a light, cotton lehenga suit to a day event, we’d say leave your hair loose and do the no make-up look.