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Combo Salwars - Every Wardrobe Essential

If you reside in India or are a fan of Bollywood movies then you must know about this famous traditional outfit called the Salwar Kameez. Commonly known as the Punjabi suit, it is the staple dress of women in northwest India and estern Pakistan.

A salwar kameez or salwar suit mostly comprises three clothing items - the salwar (bottom wear), the kameez (shirt, worn on top), and a dupatta (or a stole). All the three pieces can feature the same pattern or available as combination, either way it makes the person wearing it look stunning. And it is found in several colour and fabric options.

Salwar kameez is a very easy-breezy outfit, it is super comfortable to carry and work along, so much so that one can even sleep comfortably in a cotton salwar kameez combo. Because they are so comfortable to wear, women often end up purchasing several pieces at one go. Buying two or more salwar kameez is obviously a bit costly affair, and we have a great solution - the combo salwars.

What's combo salwars?

As the name suggests, combo salwar is a set of salwars. So, instead of buying two individual pieces, one can buy combo salwars online or offline and not only add variety to the wardrobe but also save some money.

Also, available are combo salwars, in different colours and material. It will help you pair your kurtas differently and stylishly with contrasting/matching bottoms.

Combo salwars shopping

One can buy combo salwars online or go to the nearest retail outlet. However, the variety and collection you’ll get on a dedicated clothing website can’t be matched with that of a showroom. Combo salwars online shopping is both fun and relaxing, as you’ll be able to choose amongst various styles. And don’t worry about the size, as you’ll definitely find the right fit. Here you’ll find
Combo salwars for wedding, party, home, office and all the other purposes. The combo salwar price would depend on the fabric and work the salwars carry.

Best place to buy combo salwars

You have landed on the right place, as we have a great collection of ethnic and trendy combo salwars. From different patterns to bright colours, you get all that you desire for your wardrobe.

FAQs for Combo Salwars

What are the different types of salwars?

Salwars are one of the most comfortable traditional Indian outfits out there. Apart from being comfy they look stylish too and can be paired with a well-fitted kameez or even a long tee. There are quite a variety of salwars available lik dhoti salwars, patiyala, harem salwars, afghani salwars, simple and straight salwars.

What is an Indian salwar?

A salwar is a part of the three piece traditional Indian attire, salwar kameez. This one is worn at the bottom over a tunic and is paired with a dupatta.

Which fabric is most suitable for a salwar suit?

The classic salwar suit fabric material is cotton. It is a breathable material that allows you to complete everyday chores easily. There are other fabrics as well that add to salwar kameez’s style statement like silk, georgette, chiffon, etc.

What is the difference between salwar and churidar?

Salwar is a part of a traditional Indian attire, where else churidar is a modern variant. Compared to the salwar, churidar is more fitted around the thighs, ankle, and hip area. While salwar is considered as a loose, breathable pajama, a churidar is more like a ledding.

What should be worn with salwar?

Salwar can be paired with a kurta, kurti, and even a top. When worn with a kurta or kurti it will give a traditional touch and a western touch with top. However, the most common choice is Kurti as it makes a perfect salwar kameez combination and suits every age, and body type.