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Salwar Suits


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Superb Salwar Suits from StyleCaret

Salwar suits are also sometimes known as Punjabi suits, (sometimes spelled “shalwar”.) The suits were traditionally worn by Punjabi women and their style was influenced by the way the Indian Muslim rulers, the Mughals, dressed. Over time, Indian women from all over started wearing it. In the 80s they were even endorsed by the Indian government to be the official school uniform for young teenage girls.

What exactly is a salwar suit, you may ask? The suit consists of a pair of long loose-fitting trousers, (the salwar) worn with a tunic, called a kameez. A dupatta, or scarf, is often worn with this as well. The trousers are very wide but are gathered into cuffs at the ankles.

The kameez is also loose and flowing with long, draping sleeves. These suits are very flattering on most figures, and very cool and comfortable to wear, especially in hot climates. The everyday ones are made of cotton, and sometimes-synthetic fabrics such as georgette or crepe. Expensive ones for special occasions are made of silk.

Salwar suits echo the changes in traditional Indian culture in terms of women’s attire. This was what young girls in India wore while they were still single. Once they were married they would begin to wear sarees. In the past, girls got married very young, as soon as puberty was reached.

In more modern times, girls tend to marry when they are older. Older single women now had a dilemma about what to wear because it was awkward for them to wear their childhood clothing, but they couldn’t wear sarees, as these were traditionally been reserved for married women. They started wearing salwar suits instead. They were great because this is the only clothing option that gave them a right balance between being modest and trendy.

Today, a kameez and traditional earrings are often worn with blue jeans, western-style pants and skirts. How long the salwar? The length can be changed to suit the modern woman’s desires. The kameez is sometimes worn more fitted and without sleeves. At StyleCaret, we have a vast range of styles to fit in with all these various ideas.

Indian women, young and old, love salwar suits. It gives them a sense of ethnic identity. They maintain a sense of Indian culture, yet they are even becoming popular among women of other cultures who cannot believe how comfortable yet elegant they are! They are simpler to wear than sarees, because they don’t require any draping. These clothing items are stylish, elegant and contemporary, which is why they are becoming even more popular than sarees among modern, trendy Indian women.

We’ve made it so simple for you to shop for our suits because you can browse our beautiful collection online from the comfort and safety of your home. You can then order when you are ready.

Our salwar suits are perfectly made, beautifully stitched and embellished. Choose from simpler plain ones, to elaborately embroidered or printed suits; you’ll find one to suit your figure and taste, we guarantee it.