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Petticoat Available
  1. No
Blouse Available
  1. Yes
Blouse Length
  1. 0.8 mtr
  2. 0.7 mtr
  3. 0.75 mtr
  1. Unstitched
Fabric / Material
  1. Georgette Silk
  2. Chanderi Silk
  3. Bhagalpuri
  4. Georgette
  5. Star Georgette
  6. Monarch Silk
  7. Sunshine Silk
  8. Glitter Georgette
  9. Korian Silk Chiffon
  10. Super Silk Gerorgette
  11. Nyraa Silk
  12. Fusion Silk
  13. Milano Georgette
  14. Beliza Silk
  15. German Silk Georgette
  16. Handloom Weaving Silk
  17. Crepe
  18. Tussar Silk
  19. Moss Chiffon
  20. Gerogette
  21. Farido Silk
  22. Shaded Rangoli
  23. Textured Soft Silk
  24. Two Tone Silk Zinni Silk
  25. Cadburry Pallu With Vicitra Silk Skirt
  26. Onex Silk With Texture Kama Skirt
  27. Two Tone Raga Silk
  28. Rangoli Two Tone
  29. Vichitra Silk
  30. Shaded apple Silk
  31. Two Tone Zinni Silk
  32. Royal Silk
  33. Tabby Silk Pallu With Mahi Silk Skirt
  34. Banarasi Silk
  35. Fancy
  36. Silk
  37. Nylon Satin
  38. Nylon Silk
  39. Alfino Chiffon
  40. Art Silk
  41. Banarasi Kanjivaram silk
  42. Satin
  44. Pure Banarasi Silk
  45. Two Tone Silk
  46. Rangoli
  47. Rangoli With Sana Silk
  48. C/N Satin Chiffon
  49. C/N Georgette With C/N Rangoli
  50. Sana Silk
  51. C/N Rangoli
  52. Banarasi Top With Dyed
  53. Dolla Silk
  54. Banarasi Top Dyed With Dolla Silk
  55. Shadded Dolla Silk
  57. MOSS
  58. Twon Tone Art Silk
  59. Bhagalpuri Silk
  60. Crepe Satin
  61. Kashmiri Silk
  62. Khadi Silk Jhalor
  63. Raw Silk
  64. Net
  65. Lycra
  66. Georgette
  67. Art Silk
  68. Rangoli Silk
  69. Two Tone Art Silk
  70. Chiffon Georgette
  71. Fancy Georgette
  72. Vichitra Fancy Georgette
  73. Silk Jaquard
  74. silk fabrics
  75. two tone chiffon pattern
  76. two tone bright georgette
  77. georgette
  78. silk
  79. bright georgette
  80. two tone sana silk
  81. two tone silk
  82. Pure Linen
  83. Banarasi Art Silk
  84. Linen
  85. Pure Viscose Jari Jacquard Georgette fabric
  86. Silk Blend
  87. Silk Brasso
  88. Brasso
  89. Bhagalpuri Cotton
  90. Kaushalya Silk
  91. Silk Fancy Georgette
  92. Two Tone Silk
  93. Heavy Banarasi Silk
  94. Two Tone Georgette
  95. Rangoli Georgette Padding
  96. Two Tone Chiffon Padding
  97. Two Tone Chiffon
  98. Chanderi silk
  99. Lavanya Two Tone Silk
Ideal For
  1. Women
Saree Length
  1. 5.5 mtr
  2. 6.30 mtr
  1. 5.5 Meter



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36 per page

Items 1 to 36 of 782 total

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Fabulous Saree Styles for Discerning Tastes

In terms of ethnic fashion, sarees are the embodiment of style. Some use up to nine yards of gorgeous fabric, while some are more restrained with just six yards, but they’re all exquisitely refined and will make you feel like a queen. Sarees are true works of art that showcase the diverse traditional styles of India. Although many new clothing innovations have been made since the inception of Sarees, the centuries old traditions still remain respected and preserved.

At StyleCaret, we are honoured to feature one of the largest online catalogues of sarees available on the Internet. Our styles are a stunning combination of modern innovation and ancient tradition.

Today’s trends do influence saree styles and colours, and we intend to keep up to date with that. We literally update the online collection on a daily basis. It’s easy for customers to browse our website and find exactly the right saree for any occasion, whether it’s a business function or a wedding.

Sarees can be worn absolutely anywhere, as long as you pick the right style. Wear one to do your housework, another to sit at your computer in the office, and another to get married. Sarees solve all the issues of “I don’t know what to wear”.

Saree Origins

Sarees started out in ancient Mesopotamia. The Mesopotamians taught the people of India how to weave cotton into practical attire for everyday use. The people of the Indus valley wrapped the fabric around their waists, gathering it up to allow them to move freely. Historical records show that this style of dress was also worn in Egypt, Sumer and by the Assyrians.

A Special Online Saree Assortment

We believe that your saree collection should be one that bows to traditional values yet is also on trend with new patterns and colours. Our beautiful collections have something for everyone and every occasion, for example multi-coloured fabrics, exquisite lace work creations and modern print designs. Our traditional sarees are works of art with their Resham embroidery on silk. We also stock bandhanis, half-half drapes and Kanjivaram sarees.

You’ll find a whole spectrum of colours, which is exactly what Indian fabrics are known for. Even the plainest style can be striking in a beautiful colour. We at StyleCaret want to keep up the colourful Indian tradition which is why we are right on trend with this season’s hues. At the moment it’s Rani pink, striking peacock blues, dramatic blacks, head-turning reds and vibrant oranges.

Choosing the Right Saree

As with any fashion trend, different shaped figures look better in particular type of sareers. Those with an apple shape body need to pick a saree that drapes carefully over the stomach and bust region to hide these trouble spots. Try a silk saree combined with stunning Jhumki earrings to draw attention away from the trouble spots.

For those with an hourglass figure, you should probably go for fabrics like georgettes and chiffons in bright colours, with large patterned edges and tiny prints. You are guaranteed to look beautiful whatever the occasion may be.

If you have a strong, athletic build, you can probably wear anything! Create more of a defined waist by wrapping it with cotton, silk or organza in soft feminine colours.