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Brasso Sarees


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Brasso Sarees - Creativity at its best!

There needs to be a special characteristic for anything to stand out extraordinary among a huge range of similar things. What are we really talking about? It's about the amazing art work of Brasso Sarees which steals the heart of many women because of its grandeur and intricate design patterns. Brasso sarees are made with a technique called ‘burnout technique’, which is done with an acid itch process. The patterns are basically embossed on the transparent fabrics that resembles the structure and brightens it out. This makes the embossed designs appealing as it overlays on another fabric and fits perfectly into the whole saree. The embossed material is usually felt like velvet which is engraved on the opaque net like fabric to present the designs that are made using stencils and various patterns.

Brasso sarees come with various colours ranging from light pastels like pink, orange, beige to dark pastels like red, blue, green, olive green and many more. These embossed designs were previously done on cotton fabrics, but now they started experimenting with chiffon, silk and georgette fabrics as well. That's the beauty of brasso sarees that they don't disappoint you with such a wide range of colours and fabrics with foliate motifs and intricate design patterns. 

The brasso sarees are amazingly light weight that drapes over well and makes you feel comfortable. You can style them with printed blouses and usually looks best with a full sleeve or 3/4th sleeves blouse. 

Also, they satisfy the season's need as you can wear them in any season right from summer to winter. The light weight fabric along with velvet embossing blended with chiffon, georgette, silk and cotton fabrics is what makes the brasso sarees ideal for any season. 

Occasions to flaunt with Brasso Sarees

If you are looking for outfits for any occasion like traditional functions, cocktail parties, kitty parties, office parties or even wedding functions, you can opt for brasso sarees without any second thought. They look chic and elegant as they tune with any body type with a wide range of colours. 

You can also make it as your bridal wear with the red coloured embossed brasso saree that will shine in the crowd and make it a memorable day for you while appealing your beauty. 

It is also preferable if you are traveling across a long distance as it is really comfortable with light weight and seasonable fabrics. Brasso sarees can also be your office wear saree with the minimalist style and formalistic touch. 

These brasso sarees can also be a gift for your loving mother or darling wife, also it can be a gift for your sister's birthday. Women love when they get such gifts that bright up their looks.

Womens never compromise with their outfits as they always love to appear modish and elegant. And to suffice this needs, you get such amazing varieties of sarees such as the wedding wear sarees, party wear sarees, chiffon sarees and also sarees from their roots such as the banarasi silk sarees from Banaras or the kanchipuram sarees from Kerala.

If you are confused with whether to choose brasso sarees or the other range of sarees mentioned above, then ask yourself these questions:

Do you want to look minimalist with style?

If yes, then definitely brasso saree is the perfect one to go for. With the embossed work on light transparent fabrics, it doesn't make you look too dramatic and also offers a variety of colours.

Do you want to feel comfortable with a saree?

If yes for this too, then we suggest you don't look for any other option other than brasso saree. Because they make you feel comfortable with utmost stylist appearance. With its lightweight, it can drape over well without falling off.

Buy Brasso Sarees Online at StyleCaret.

You can find an amazing range of brasso sarees with its alluring beauty to flaunt on your upcoming occasion. Be sure to surf them all and filter according to your needs. If you are looking something for bridesmaids outfits for your wedding, then these brasso sarees can make a style statement with varied designs and eye-catching colours. 

It may be tedious for you to visit every local store and look for various designs to fulfil your satisfaction of buying a brasso saree. That's why we here at StyleCaret have brought some of the fantastic creations from different vendors without compromising on the quality of the sarees that will be delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks away.

We have world-wide shipping of the products to satisfy everyone's needs in any corner of the world. Don't worry about the quality of the products because we are really serious about it and cater to fulfil all your needs.

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You can also look for other varieties of sarees based on the roots, fabric, work or occasion. Make sure to explore them as per your needs.