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Brocade Sarees


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Brocade Sarees - Be A Style Diva With Enticing Artwork

Brocade sarees are a regal outfit among new age women. But the inspiration behind wearing the brocade sarees come from the older women who carry a grace of traditional and royal feeling. The brocade sarees are made with intricate designs patterns where the silk, golden, or sometimes even cotton thread is used for transfixing and twisting the strands around a wrap.

Brocade is the fabric generally woven out of silk. You will find much of the brocade design on traditional sarees such as Banarasi Silk Saree or Mysore Silk Saree. Brocade sarees are made with the brocade fabrics and also woven in the same pattern as it is on the other sarees. The border and pallu of these brocade sarees are filled with splendid work by artisans.

You can find diverse patterns such as geometric shapes, small floral buttis, and paisley prints surrounded by a rich border that puts a grandeur look to the brocade sarees. What makes these sarees unique is the golden border engraved on a dark and light hue, which makes the sarees glossy and shiny. 

Carry a regal look with Brocade Sarees

The brocade design was a trend in the olden days, and it made a royal outfit for both kings and queens. And it is so amazing that you get to wear the same royal ecstasy with the brocade sarees. The luxurious and eternally elegant brocade design on these sarees will make you a style diva.

The dark shaded brocade sarees are much more exuberant than any other sarees. If you want to be a point of attraction in a grand royal party or traditional ceremony, then try a maroon or navy blue brocade saree that will exude the sheer elegant beauty out of you. 

You can give your mom a vibrant colored brocade saree as a gift on her birthday or anniversary to add an oomph to the event. 

You can also wear the brocade sarees at weddings and receptions which look alluring and shining in the bright lights. Pair the outfit with a matching piece of jewelry such as golden jhumkas and antique necklaces. The saree fits your curves and makes your appearance more attractive and pleasing to the eye.

You never know what new styles can make you look like. To try out new designs and make one of them the best outfit is one of the main steps in raising up your fashion game. And, to create it, you have to hop on to newer patterns and designs continuously. You can definitely make the brocade sarees one of your styling experiments. We are saying this because these sarees are perfect for women of all ages. 

One of the regal saree looks you can opt for a traditional day at your college or office is wearing a black saree with brocade work and pairing it with oxidized jewelry. We bet no one will get their eyes off from you. 

You get a bunch of color shades to select from, a range of patterns, and enticing pieces of designs that will never go out of style.

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