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Casual Sarees


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Casual Sarees - Style with Comfort

Are you one of the women who never wore a saree just because of the discomfort and tedious task of keeping it in place? Well, now you can break this discomfort and easily flaunt yourself in a beautiful range of casual sarees that are selected to style you in the best accessible way possible. Sounds exciting, right? 

What comes to your mind when you hear of casual wear? Well, most of your answers will be the comfort, light-weight, soft fabric, and easy maintenance. That’s the main reason why we have made a customized range of casual sarees to fulfil your hope of wearing a saree. These casual sarees are exclusively available with a sole purpose to make you look stylish and impeccable. They can highlight your personality and give you a stunning look.

Why opt for casual sarees?

You may have seen that many women and those in their teenage years are inspired by many bollywood divas who wear the sarees in movies, and they love to imitate the actresses' looks. And you may notice that those actresses don’t wear heavy sarees all the time. They usually flatter most of the casual sarees, which represents feminine beauty and attracts the attention of many people. 

Well, you may not wear it specifically because you need the attention of people, but the comfort and ease that these casual sarees bear are next to another level. You can flaunt with light fabrics such as chiffon sarees, georgette sarees or crepe sarees and create a dazzling style statement that your fellow mates can appreciate.

Types of Casual Wear Sarees

Casual sarees are selected and organized with a sheer purpose on the comfort, easiness and light-weight they offer to the wearer. 

So let us have a glance at some of the sarees that will fit into your casual wear.

Chiffon Sarees: The chiffon sarees have a light-weight and some amount of transparency because of the mesh-like weaves. The fabric is plain-woven with threads of either cotton, silk or other synthetic fibres like rayon, polyester and nylon. You can select the chiffon sarees as casual sarees which are either full plain with a lace border or the one with full intricate patterns.

Cotton Sarees: Cotton is another best fabric that provides the utmost comfort and ease for any outfit. The cotton sarees are suitable for casual wear as the material is durable, natural, weatherproof and light. You can feel relaxed and enjoy your day without worrying about maintaining it.

Georgette Sarees: The georgette sarees are somewhat grainy in texture. They are rallied into casual sarees because of the thin, plain and light-weight feel of the fabric. You can find these sarees with various designs and patterns with a range of vibrant colours to fit into any occasion. 

Crepe Sarees: The crepe fabric is made of silk or wool and sometimes with a synthetic fibre too. These fibres make the crepe sarees appearance a bit crisp and crimped. With dark and light colour hues, each saree comes in a different pattern. Some may have patterns in geometric texture while some may have floral motifs. You can also find the plain crepe sarees that have enticing work on the borders and pallu. These features make way for crepe sarees into casual sarees, and it opens your doors with many options.

Silk Sarees: Silk sarees are worth adding into the casual sarees section because of the shimmering and glossy look of the fabric. It offers you both an alluring look along with the sheer comfort and softness of the fabric.

The availability of casual sarees does not end with the sarees mentioned above. You can also have the fantastic and eye-catching brasso sarees, velvet sarees, the trending organza sarees and the chanderi sarees. All of these fabric oriented sarees are beyond the perfection for casual sarees.

If you want to have some added design, then try the bandhani sarees or banarasi silk sarees which are glorious and will accentuate your look.

What Occasions Are Suitable For Wearing Casual Sarees?

Well, there are many occasions always lined up in everyone’s life, and women are the one who loves to make the events more remarkable. They don’t compromise on their outfits and styles. And to make any occasion extraordinary, you can have the fantastic, ethnic piece of casual sarees to flaunt with your unique style statement.

You can wear casual sarees daily if you love wearing sarees. Also, you can add them to your office wear sarees as they appear to be elegant and make you look classy. Casual sarees also make their way into most of the family functions and get-togethers. 

If you are trying a saree for the first time, you can try the cotton sarees or crepe sarees at any grand soiree or traditional function, which looks adorable without making you stand out of style.

Allure Your Traditional Look With An Exclusive Range Of Casual Sarees For Wedding At Stylecaret

Stylecaret's collection of Casual Sarees Online is all about a gamut of comfortable & easy to maintain fabrics, light embellishments in contrasting colors, and alluring prints in a range of designs and patterns making them a suitable choice among ladies. Apart from its casual vibes, their simple yet elegant and classy look attracts women to make a special place for them in their wardrobe. If you are also in love with the stylish and gorgeous looking casual sarees, try out our collection of Casual Sarees With Price. Women love to experiment with their style, fashion, and weave of the sarees to get a modish and contemporary look.

Our wide variety of casual sarees present you with the most trendy and game-changer collection to make you look classy and charming. You can wear them at home, thanks to their soft and breathable fabric, or also transform your traditional appearance with their intricate embroideries and works. Buy Casual Sarees Online from Stylecaret and choose from the plethora of colors, fabrics, and patterns. All the sarees are well-crafted to add a spark to your overall personality. If you are also willing to try something different than regular traditional sarees, this is the best chance for you. You can take a look into our exhaustive and fashionable lines of casual sarees with variety in cuts, color-combinations, and a blend of different fabrics.

1. Kalamkari Sarees - These Kalamkari casual sarees are known for their unique blend of different hues of shades, the sharpness of the patterns & intricate detailing by using typical tie & dye technique, as well as their availability in a wide range of fabrics. Women love wearing them to glorify their modish look at any event. It looks captivating and gives you a fascinating and glamorous silhouette with the floral, animals, birds, or face figure motifs.

2. Ikat Sarees - If you are looking for the most comfortable casual sarees with adorable designs & cuts, these are the perfect choice for you. What makes them different is the unique process of dyeing with resistant bindings all over the fabric in pre-arranged patterns and threads are dyed. These are the classy outcomes of extensive labor work. They are available in a range of beautiful patterns, colors, and blend of different fabrics.

3. Block Printed Sarees - Are you in love with prints or want to keep your look noticeable but sober? Then, try these Block Printed casual sarees which can give any woman a simple yet elegant and eye-catching look with their very famous Dabu prints and Bagru prints. The fabric is printed with natural dyes from plants making them an eco-friendly choice to adore traditional silhouettes. The exceptional print fabrics with fine details work best on any party or function.

4. Floral Digital Print Sarees - These casual sarees are the perfect way to keep your look close to nature due to the use of adorable floral digital prints all over the body. You can experiment in colors from light hues to vibrant bold colors. These sarees are in trend these days and women love wearing them as they are comfortable, lightweight, and available in a range of fabrics such as pure crepe, georgette, cotton prints to raw silk, etc.

5. Embroidered Linen Sarees - Since linen is an extremely lightweight fabric, ladies prefer to wear them on any special events or occasions. It is breathable that keeps you relaxed and active all day while the intricate embroidered work on the borders and pallus gives them a heavy and voluminous look with a modern touch of designs and patterns.

Buy Casual Sarees Online At StyleCaret!

With such a wide range of sarees starting from fabric oriented to occasion-specific, you can buy your favourite casual sarees online at StyleCaret for a hassle-free experience.

To make your online shopping more convenient, we have specially organized the best casual sarees from a range of sarees available on our site. You can pick any of them and avail yourself a beautifully designed saree. We at StyleCaret make sure to provide you with the best quality products. Also, we do have world-wide shipping of our products to make ethnic wear accessible all over the world.

And one more thing. Are you a discount seeker? Well, then we have a fantastic offer ready for our new customers. You get a 100% cashback as reward points on your first purchase with StyleCaret. So, don’t waste any further minute and grab this fantastic offer.

Make sure to explore our other varieties as well. Happy Shopping!

FAQs on Casual Sarees

1. Which material is best for casual sarees?

Since cotton is lightweight, breathable, natural, and extremely durable, it is one of the most famous choices in making these sarees.

2. What colors should I opt for in casual sarees?

You can opt for bold colors like Red, Blue, Magenta, or Mustard or light colors such as Peach, off-white, Pink, or Orange, etc.

3. Can I wear casual sarees in the office?

Since these casual sarees are lightweight and easy to maintain, you can wear them as office attire.

4. What is a casual georgette saree?

Georgette is a sheer, lightweight, and dense crepe fabric. Opt for vibrant colors and prints and pair them up with designer blouses.

5. How can I transform my casual saree look?

You can drape your sarees in a different style. Add a classy belt on your waist for a unique look or wearing a short outer jacket will also work best.