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Hand Woven Saree


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Handwoven Sarees - The Irresistible Traditional Attire

The creativity that handwoven sarees holds cannot be compared with the power-loomed sarees. The artisans put their every possible effort to make the handwoven sarees so exquisite among other sarees that they are beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Handwoven sarees contain natural weavings with impeccable intricate designs that attract women. These sarees are suitable for women of all ages. The traditional and royal ecstasy of handwoven sarees makes them opulent and alluring. Handwoven sarees are unique because each state from India represents its own culture through these sarees. Such as the Banarasi silk sarees form Uttar Pradesh, Paithani Sarees from Maharashtra, Mysore Silk Sarees from Karnataka and many more.

How to find the authenticity of handwoven sarees

It has been seen many times that the shopkeeper fools tourists by selling the duplicate power loom sarees which are the replica of handwoven sarees. These sarees are sold at a higher rate stating that they are original handwoven sarees. Even the most popular banarasi silk sarees are duplicated. The yarns for these sarees are rapidly being replaced by the blend of polyester yarns imported from China. But you can check out which is the authentic handwoven saree and which one is its duplicate. 

Handwoven sarees usually hold the dissimilarity, and some irregularities due to hand weaved designs. These hand weaved designs make them stand out as original from the power loomed sarees. The duplicate sarees will present symmetrical and perfect designs which are manufactured with a power loom. So you can check the detailing of work and categorize the authentic handwoven sarees.

Discover the beauty of handwoven sarees

You can have the handwoven sarees for special occasions where you need to value the traditional heritage. The conventional patterns consisting of temples, leaves, flowers, human figures exude the glam out of these sarees. You can create a unique style statement that will follow a luxurious personal appearance.

The vibrant colours and unique combination of brocade, zari work along with mirror or stonework on handwoven sarees makes them a popular choice for women with intense fashion love. You can never go out of choice with such fabulous sarees. The comfort and easiness of handwoven sarees will create a special place in your heart for a lifetime.

You can drape these sarees in various styles that will make you look unique and dazzling among other women. Some of the luxurious handwoven sarees even hold a place in the bridal trousseau. For example, the kanjivaram and from the South are the staples in their weddings and traditional functions. Similarly, the rich Paithani sarees are pride among Maharashtrian women. You can also have one of the precious handwoven sarees to select from any of the states that will uplift your style quotient.

Tips on maintaining handwoven sarees

Handwoven sarees contain delicate weavings which you should handle with care. It is better to give them for a dry cleaning where the person will polish, press and fold the sarees with intense care.

If you wish to wash these sarees at home by yourself, then follow these necessary steps to maintain them.

  1. Never use washing machines for handwoven sarees as the high pressure can dishevel their attractiveness and even wear off the yarns.
  2. Soak them in the lukewarm water with a mild detergent.
  3. Do not brush the handwoven sarees. Instead, wash them with your palms in case of any stains.
  4. Dry them under partial shade as direct sunlight may fade the colours.
  5. While ironing these sarees, you can use a towel above them and maintain the heat of iron so that it doesn’t stick to the cloth.
  6. Make sure the sarees are totally dry before wrapping them up.
  7. Do not store them under plastic bags as the moisture can put stains on the saree. Instead use butter paper or muslin cloth to wrap them.
  8. Also, you can keep a pest repellent besides the saree to keep the sarees away from the pests.

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