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Handloom Sarees


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Handloom Sarees - Perfect Blend of Contemporary and Modern Fashion

There is always one or the other trending outfit that dominates over the other. Such is the case with sarees. One of the sarees that are ruling for many years are the handloom sarees that look aesthetic, stylish, comfortable, royal, and traditional. Every handloom saree holds a unique piece of creativity that comes from different corners of India.

Nowadays, modern fashionistas are eagerly connecting with the local skilled handloom weavers who are the masters of such creativity that still creates a craze among women. Handloom sarees are rooted in Indian history and possess a traditional ecstasy. These sarees are now in high demand across various cities and also around the globe. 

The handloom sarees suit every need right from fabric to its affordability. You can find silk sarees, chiffon sarees, cotton sarees, and georgette sarees under the handloom sarees that make an elegant attire for beautiful women.

Look like a classy and chic Femina at events with handloom sarees

Grab the eyeballs of your loving friends with enticing pieces of handloom sarees. Once you wear them, the class will itself speak out of your style. Be it a party or wedding, wear the handloom sarees with grace and confidence. We bet nothing can stop appreciating and following you. You can keep it as a priority option for any classy occasion so that you don’t stand out of style. 

Let’s look forward to specific events where you can wear these eye-catching handloom sarees.

Weddings or Receptions: Sport a bold yellow color handloom saree with a long necklace and keep your hair open and free with some curls tucked in. Carry a matching clutch and put a red bindi along with a matte lipstick. You will look stunning and fabulous with this attire at any wedding or reception. The silk fabric with enticing artwork of buttis and floral motifs accentuates the appearance of any saree.

Grand Soiree or Traditional Functions/Festivals: Try wearing a red, blue, or olive green shade for occasions where your cultures and heritage need to be valued. The vibrant colors suit the vibe and adds a glow to the traditional festivals. Pair with golden jewelry that will complete the look and make you look appealing in the shimmering lights.

What makes handloom sarees so trend-worthy?

The trend generally arises from some of the remarkable features that a product possesses. Similarly, the handloom sarees are quite exclusive and quirky, which makes them adorable among women since ages.

With such a multitude of colors and ornamented work, these sarees can never go out of style. You can rock the shows with a desi style and add an oomph to the events. Handloom sarees are also a craze among bollywood stars, and you can observe them flaunting with style on red carpets and award functions. 

Some great features of handloom sarees are as follows:

  1. The fabric of handloom sarees are quite breathable, smooth, and season friendly, which makes it a go-to wear for any season.
  2. The unique, fascinating, and intricate designs on these sarees add allure to the traditional functions or weddings.
  3. Handloom sarees have a broader classification, which provides many beautiful designs and patterns arising from each region. Some of the handloom sarees are tussar silk sarees, banarasi silk sarees, maheshwari sarees, sambalpuri sarees, chanderi sarees, and many more.

How to take care of a handloom saree?

Handloom sarees need much care and attention, especially if you want them to look as good as new. These elegant sarees get damaged easily when subjected to certain environmental factors and wear & tear. So, here are a few things one should keep in mind -

  1. Dry cleaning is the best option, however when washing a handloom saree at home make sure its hand washed gently and is pre-soaked in saltwater for a while
  2. Don’t over soak a handloom saree or use a lot of detergent, as it might lead to discoloration
  3. It is advisable to rinse the saree in cold water a few times before using a mild detergent that is suitable for delicate fabrics
  4. Avoid using bleach, string stain removers, bleach etc

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If you want to be in top fashion inspirations among your friends, then you should definitely buy these glamorous handloom sarees from StyleCaret. Each saree offers you immense flexibility, affordability, and creativity, which enhances your personality. The traditional sarees are bound to add a glow in cultural function, which can be done by sporting an alluring handloom saree.

You don’t have to think about getting the product delivered at your doorstep, even if you are based in any corner of the world. The unquestionable quality of our products has led to many adorable customers who became a part of the StyleCaret family.

You can grab a fantastic deal with these stunning handloom sarees. Wanna know how? You will get a 100% cashback as reward points if it is your first purchase at StyleCaret. Sounds interesting, right? So be quick and grab your favorite sarees as soon as possible.

FAQs on Handloom Sarees

How many types of handloom sarees are there?

There are several types of handlooms sarees made across India. For instance, we have Banarasi handloom sarees, tussar handloom sarees, Kanchipuram silk sarees, cotton tant sarees, Kalamkari cotton sarees, chanderi cotton saree. Each of the above mentioned handloom saree has a distinct style, drape, and are suited for different occasions. Like the handloom sarees for wedding will include Banarasi silk saree, and Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram silk saree.

How can you tell if a saree is a handloom saree?

Handlooms sarees are quickly making their way into every woman's closet, as they look elegant and never go out of style. However when out to buy handloom sarees online or off-line, it’s important that you bring home the right product. Handloom sarees price start from a few thousand and go to a few lakhs, depending on the variety and purity. If you are on a look out for pure handloom sarees for wedding or just to built your collection, here are a few tips - -Look closely at the saree, if every square inch looks identical then it might not be an authentic piece, as handloom weaves are bound to have small discrepancies - Check the reverse side of the saree, if its identical/mirror image of the front then it’s a genuine piece. Also, if the reverse-side finish is smooth with all extra threads snipped off, it is a hint of purity - Handloom sarees with price at the higher end are usually the ones hand weaved

Which one is better, handloom or powerloom?

Saree is a beautiful piece of attire, be it powerloom or handloom. However, compared to the powerloom, handloom sarees price is higher, as a lot of skill and labour goes into making it. The powerloom sarees, on the other hand, look equally beautiful and are a good option for those looking for a more budgeted piece.

What is the process behind making handloom sarees?

As the name suggests, handloom sarees are made by hands, by humans, and are woven diligently. The process involves a shuttle-pit loom made of wooden beams, ropes, and it has poles for support. An integral part of the process is the shuttle that is thrown from Tarshullar side to side by the weaver. Some weavers also use a fly-shuttle loom that can produce different patterns with the sarees varying in quality and size. The handloom sarees are made from cotton or silk threads and the weaving process involves several stages. Traditionally, the process involves - dying, wrapping, sizing, attaching the warp, weft winding, and weaving.

Which handloom saree looks elegant and can be worn casually?

Handloom sarees online shopping can be a task, especially if you aren’t aware of the kind/type you want to buy. These sarees look super graceful and elegant, no matter the price tag. However, we are often asked which handloom saree can be worn to casual affairs. Well, for small, casual occasions you can pick a fine cotton handloom saree - they are simple yet stylish. Another advantage of a handloom cotton saree is that it's lightweight and airy making them easy to carry and perfect attire for hot and humid weather.