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Ikat Sarees


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Ikat Sarees

Sarees have been in trend since the time immemorial. There were so many different inventions in sarees that they have become the most versatile traditional attire for women. One of the conventional and versatile sarees that are trending from many years are the Ikat Sarees. 

The word ‘Ikat’ means the fabric is made using an Indonesian decorative technique where the warp and weft threads are tied and dyed before weaving.

The process of manufacturing the ikat sarees is quite sophisticated with the most intricate methods. The yarns or threads for ikat sarees are tightly bound together and then colored with the resist dyeing method. The resist dyeing is a traditional method of dyeing the fabrics or textiles in patterns. The method includes resisting or preventing the dye from reaching all over the cloth, thereby creating intricate and illustrative patterns.

Discover the conventional ikat sarees

Some people also name the ikat sarees as Pochampally Ikat Sarees as they are manufactured in Bhoodan Pochampally, in the Telangana State of India. They are the same as the Patola Sarees, which follow the same procedure of tying, dying and then weaving the saree. The only difference in them is their geographical origination, which gives these sarees different names. Also, some patterns are different in both of these sarees. Even Odisha is famous for the production of ikat sarees. They are also known as ‘Bandha of Odisha’ and have become a geographically tagged product of Odisha since 2007.

There is another broader classification of the ikat sarees, which is the single ikat and double ikat saree. The single ikat saree is created by interweaving the tied and dyed warp with plain wefts. Sometimes, the variation is added by inserting resisted weft yarns in the plain weft. On the other hand, double ikat sarees involve resist dyeing on both the warps and wefts and then interlacing them to form the exceptional intricate patterns.

Various facets of ikat sarees

As you can see, the ikat sarees are woven with a traditional method of tying, dying, and then weaving, you can get them in all possible fabrics. The material of these sarees solely depends on the type of yarns used for weaving. The manufacturers use silk and cotton to add the most realistic appearance to the ikat sarees. 

These sarees are lightweight and comfortable to drape over with no efforts. You can try different draping styles if you love to experiment with fashion. The patterns may sometimes include zig-zag lines, stripes, or geometric patterns repeated over the folds. The modern ikat sarees include polka dots, floral motifs, human figures, or monuments.

Flaunt with fabulous ikat sarees

If you love to have sarees in your wardrobe, then the ikat sarees are a must-have for all saree lovers. You can confidently showcase your desire for contemporary looks by adding these sarees to your collection. We are sure your friends and family will make you their style diva and admire you for your choices. You have many options to choose from varying colors and patterns. 

The comfort and aesthetics of ikat sarees go beyond perfection in the ethnic wears. You can pair these sarees with a matching blouse and put on some statement jewelry to add a glow to your outlook.

You can add the ikat sarees to your office wear sarees as they look graceful and formal with a traditional look. The varying shades of these sarees will never put you down with your style. You will appear more confident and pleasing with these sarees at your office.

Looking for something to wear on casual occasions? You can wear the ikat sarees at traditional functions, festivals, birthday parties, or even casual get-togethers. You can also give them as a gift to your loved ones and make their special days more grateful.

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