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Jacquard Silk Sarees


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Jacquard Silk Sarees

Sarees are an epitome of the traditional culture where you get to experience the different roots of India in just a six-yard or nine-yard drape. They are created with an exceptional combination of colors, fabrics, intricate patterns, and outstanding designs to add a spark to the feminine beauty. Some sarees will steal your heart with their sheer elegance while some with their irresistible fabric and design combination. On this page, we are introducing you to the jacquard silk sarees that show the best example of Indian craftsmanship and are bound to leave you speechless.

Jacquard silk sarees are known for their intricate patterns incorporated directly into the weavings of saree rather than being printed onto the fabric. Initially, these sarees were weaved on a unique loom called draw-loom, which required great efforts and more time for the weavers. In 1801, Joseph Marie Jacquard created a much more efficient jacquard loom for weaving the sarees, and hence the name jacquard silk sarees. In the next few years of this invention, electronic jacquard looms were created with the help of technological advancements, which further simplified the weaving process of these sarees.

Experience the versatility of Jacquard Silk Sarees:

You will find three types of fabrics in the jacquard sarees, namely, multi-colored brocade fabric, single-colored damask fabric, and the matelasse fabric, which gives a quilted and stretchy texture to the sarees. All of these jacquard fabrics are suitable for wearing at grand traditional functions and parties. Thus, you can add the jacquard silk sarees to your party wear sarees as well as wedding sarees without any second thought. Not only this, you can also sport them for modern functions such as office parties or family gatherings.

Additionally, the ethereal beauty of jacquard silk sarees is such that it suits women of all age bars. Regardless of the silhouette, you can easily drape them either by pinning up the pleats or flaunting the open pallu over your shoulder. The vibrant colors such as dark yellow, red, pink, turquoise, purple, and many others will leave no chance for making you a cynosure of the event. These sarees are adorned with heavy designer work that adds a luxurious feel to the jacquard fabric and makes it suitable for grand occasions.

The designer work on jacquard silk sarees includes zardosi and embroidery, which blend perfectly with the weavings of sarees. The small and detailed designs engraved with royal color shades will surely grab your attention among the plethora of other designer sarees. Moreover, the blouses paired with the jacquard silk sarees have a contrasting color combination, which makes these sarees look even more cheerful and adorable.

One thing that will keep you attracted to the jacquard silk sarees is the exceptional golden color border. The border filled with small designs adds shine and elegance to the overall look of these sarees, which make them the perfect outfit for cultural and modern occasions. As the jacquard silk sarees are woven with silk yarns, you can wear them in winters and embrace the warmth with a touch of traditional fashion.

Look captivating with the Jacquard Silk Sarees

Don’t you feel excited whenever the festive season arrives, or there’s supposed to be a big fat wedding of your closed one? And amongst all the chaos, you dedicate most of your time in finding outfits and matching jewelry. Now with this range of awe-inspiring jacquard silks sarees, you don’t have to keep searching for the perfect outfit as you can easily pick any one of your favorite colors. So here are some suggestions to add a sparkling look to your beauty:

For a wedding, you can select a purple color jacquard silk saree and stitch a fabulous 3/4th sleeves blouse with a back tie. Pair this outfit with gold jewelry and carry a small ethnic handbag to add oomph to your traditional makeover.

To add a shine to your upcoming festive celebrations, select a bright yellow color jacquard silk saree and pair it with a red blouse. You can get the ready-made blouse or stitch it according to your choice. Put on some statement jewelry and add your favorite lipstick shade to be a style diva among your family members.

Are you looking for graceful attire to wear at festival celebrations in your office? You would think a lot while selecting a heavy designer saree to your office, but why to worry when you have an impressive and elegant jacquard silk saree? You can pick up the light or dark shades of pink jacquard silk saree and pair it with a beaded necklace. Make sure to put a bindi if you are fond of it, and we bet your colleagues will compliment you for your overall outfit.

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If you want to add the fascinating pieces of jacquard silk sarees to your coveted raiments, then grab them online at StyleCaret. You will get to see a myriad of color options blended with different patterns that create a ravishing ethnic outfit. With these sarees, you will be able to exude a ray of traditionalism and carry your fashion statement whenever you want.

We at StyleCaret assure you that these sarees will steal your heart and make you fall in love with them. They are made with high-quality fabrics and crafted with the utmost perfection. You can get these jacquard silk sarees delivered across the globe with our worldwide shipping facility.

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