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Kalamkari sarees


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Kalamkari Sarees

India is known for its diversity, which represents the creativity and culture of each state. The inventions and innovations have brought many artworks on the upfront with regards to creativity. One such form of saree that showcases the imagination of Indian artisans are the Kalamkari sarees. These are handloom sarees which require skilled labor to make the intricate design patterns.

Kalamkari is a combination of two words, which states ‘kalam’ means pen, and ‘kari’ means artwork or craftsmanship. Kalamkari sarees have hand-printed or block-printed art, which they produce by drawing artistic patterns with a pen. The designs on kalamkari sarees include flowers, leaves, human-figures, monuments, animals, birds, and mythological creatures. 

Discover the beauty of kalamkari sarees

Kalamkari sarees have been in place from as long as 3000 years ago. Since then, their art and creativity have been maintained for years, and still, it is being continued. These sarees originated in the old city of Machilipatnam from Andhra Pradesh. Also, they are known to be the most ancient art, which involves hand painting and block printing.

You will find the standard shades of red, black, and yellow in the kalamkari sarees. They are prepared from the roots of Madder, and Jajakku leaves. The artisans obtain natural color pigments by boiling these leaves in water and then use it to paint the kalamkari sarees. The fabric used for making kalamkari sarees is usually cotton and silk. These sarees are famous because they are made with a unique method of hand painting on a canvas with a tamarind pen.

Kalamkari sarees have two variations in their styles, namely Machilipatnam and Srikalahasti. These are the famous places in Andhra Pradesh that have introduced various design concepts in the kalamkari sarees. Machilipatnam Kalamkari Sarees are prominent for hand-painted sarees that involve floral and natural motifs. In contrast, Srikalahasti Kalamkari Sarees depicts the famous characters from Hindu Mythology, such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. As the mythological figures created a trend among the saree lovers, every woman now wishes to buy the Kalamkari sarees.

Look elegant with the kalamkari sarees

The kalamkari sarees are lightweight and soft in texture. Also, the use of cotton and silk makes them a suitable wear all over the year. You can make them as your traditional wear sarees to flaunt at functions or festivals. You can also try various draping styles if you love to experiment with fashion. 

The sheer elegance and softness of kalamkari sarees make them a perfect fit for every occasion, right from casual to formal. If you want to have an eye on what events will be perfect to wear these fabulous kalamkari sarees, then have a look at the following points below.

  1. Traditional Wear: As the kalamkari sarees have been in trend from so many years, they have created a special place in the traditional functions. The conventional methods of creating these sarees make them a popular traditional wear saree which you can wear at weddings, cultural events or festivals. The mythological characters and natural elements show that we preserve the cultural heritage of India even today with so many fashion trends out there. 
  1. Office Wear: You can add the kalamkari sarees to your office wear sarees because of their delicacy and class. They will add a graceful appearance to your personality and also go with the flow of office norms.

How to wash kalamkari sarees?

It is better to give these sarees for dry cleaning rather than washing at home because they need to be handled with care. You can put them for dry cleaning after 2-3 uses. In this process of cleaning, they use the solvent more than water. It is believed that kalamkari sarees tend to degrade in water because of the most delicate fabric. The solvent used to wash them can be altered with Petroleum Spirit. Petrol works as a solvent for many fabrics. Hence, petrol wash or dry cleaning are safer methods to wash the kalamkari sarees.

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