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Kerala Kasavu Sarees


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Kerala Kasavu Sarees

The southern states of India are quite famous for their rich culture and values. They are also known for the production of luxurious sarees with a unique blend of traditional touch. The Kerala kasavu sarees are one of the most popular sarees that emerged from the land of God’s own country, i.e., Kerala. 

These sarees are primarily known for the light pastels of gold, beige, yellow and white colours with a golden border (kasavu) which is generally made of pure gold, copper-coated or artificial yarns. 

Kerala Kasavu Sarees are handwoven sarees representing the feminine beauty with their enhancing glamour. Initially, they were worn by most of the Malayalee women. But the grace and elegance of these sarees have made them famous across the world.

The history behind Kerala Kasavu Sarees

The origin of these sarees states back to the Buddhist era where they were initially known as

‘Mundum Neriyathum’. The Kerala Kasavu Sarees gradually spread their essence in other states of southern India and became highly prominent in Kerala. The style of this fabric arises as an inspiration from the essence of Greco-Roman Culture, called ‘Palmyrene’.

Discover the elegance of Kerala Kasavu Sarees

The golden borders of Kerala kasavu sarees have rich, intricate resham work and zari borders which accentuate their allure. They represent the traditional culture and adds glam to the sarees. The decorative borders have also introduced an option for designer blouses that goes with the sync of adorned golden borders. You can find prints and weaving of temples, peacocks, flowers and human-figures on the pallu of kasavu sarees. The borders are excluded from heavy work and hence contains repetitive patterns of stripes, flowers or leaves.

You will find some peaceful shades of yellow, beige, gold and white in the Kerala kasavu sarees which symbolizes the traditional appearance of Kerala. The borders are always imprinted with contrast to the colour of sarees to make them look vibrant and beautiful.

When to wear the Kerala kasavu sarees?

Women from Kerala wear the kasavu sarees on a festive occasion named ‘Onam’. You will see every lady, right from young to old, wearing these sarees embellished with golden or copper jewellery. Mohini Attam, the traditional dance of Kerala is incomplete without the Kerala kasavu sarees. Hence, you will see every woman participating in this folk dance flaunting the kasavu sarees.

As these sarees have grabbed the attention of women from other states as well, you can see them wearing the kasavu sarees at traditional functions or festivals. The wedding trousseau of South Indian Brides will always have the kasavu sarees which makes their special day more memorable and valuable.

You can wear these sarees to the office on the eve of festival celebration or at cultural functions. The lightweight and soft fabric will make you feel comfortable in the hot weather conditions. You can wear these sarees in winters too as the material is season-friendly. 

Is your mom’s birthday coming up? If yes, then grab the kasavu saree for her birthday gift. We are sure she will be overwhelmed with your choice.

How to maintain Kerala Kasavu Sarees?

It is better to give these sarees for dry cleaning at an initial stage. After 3-5 times of dry cleaning, you can start washing them at home with mild detergent. Make sure to avoid the machine wash as the high pressure can dishevel the yarns and zari work which is irreversible.

After washing and drying, keep the sarees wrapped in a muslin cloth or butter paper to protect them from getting damaged. Never use plastic bags to wrap the sarees as the moisture can add stains to sarees. The Kerala kasavu sarees are plain white with minimal prints and can easily show the stains which will make a dull appearance.

What are some interesting facts about Kerala Kasavu Sarees?

Kerala Kasavu sarees online shopping is great fun, but did you know that it is having a tough time surviving and receives tough competition from Georgette and Chiffon sarees. Also, Mohini Attam, the traditional dance form that originated in Kerala, is incomplete without a proper Kasavu look. The Kerala Kasavu Sarees online received a lot of liking and youth attention when it featured in a Bollywood film called ‘Aisha’, where it was worn by the actress Sonam Kapoor.

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FAQs on Kerala Kasavu Sarees

Which saree is famous in Kerala?

The South Indian state of Kerala is famous for several things like its charming houseboats, unique eco-tourism, architecture, tea plantation, and Ayurvedic treatment. However, there’s one more thing that has gained Kerala so much reputation and recognition, and that’s its fine silk sarees. The silk sarees of Kerala are a fine example of what talent our weavers possess. These nine-yard beauties are known for their amazing luster, soft texture, and smoothness. Now there are a few varieties of silk sarees that originated in Kerala, like the Mundum Neriyathum Kerala Saree, Kannur Cotton Saree, Maradaka Silk Kerala Saree, Kalpathy Silk saree, Samudrika Puram Silk & Cotton Kerala Saree, and lastly Balaramapuram or Kerala Kasavu sarees. Of all the available options, the Kerala Kasavu Sarees have a global reputation of their own and have the finest count of silk, and are completed in natural colour.

What is Kasavu saree?

Kasavu sarees, also known as Kerala sarees, symbolises the South Indian state’s rich culture and tradition. These white and gold sarees have a uniqueness that non-other nine-yard shares, adding to their elegance, is the texture, natural colours, and the gold border. In Kerala, the Kasavu saree holds a special place, so much so that no festival or occasion is complete without a Kasavu. Furthermore, the term ‘Kasavu’ means zari or gold thread used in the saree’s border. The Kerala Kasavu Sarees for weddings are considered a great pick if someone wants to go for that chic, minimalistic look.

What is Kasavu made of?

Originally Kasavu cloth was handmade from cotton yarn. As for the border, it is made of gold threads. The yarn of the Kasavu sarees must be hand-span; however, these days, mill-made yarn is used as the former is both difficult and expensive. Next, the cloth is soaked in water for several days and is stamped while it is soaking. After a week, the yarn is taken out and dyed. This is followed by making the wrap and stretching of the yarn. Before the wrap goes on the loom, it is destarched a few times, making it clean and absorbent. Beyond this, there is no weaving process. The Kerala Kasavu sarees are taken off the loom and go on the shelf.

How long does it take to make Kerala Kasavu sarees?

The production time of Kerala Kasavu sarees mainly depends on the count. While a plain saree with border and strip will take three to five days, the one with motifs will take a much longer time. Kerala Kasavu sarees for wedding feature elaborate motifs and take up to a month to make as it is done via hand wefting.

How much Kerala Kasavu sarees cost?

Kerala Kasavu sarees price depends on how plain or heavy it is. While a plain Kerala Kasavu saree would cost around INR 3000, one with zari work can go up to lakhs - but again depending on the amount of labour and gold that goes into making.