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Kota Sarees - Simple and Elegant Ethnic Attire

Women are fond of trying new outfits every day, and that temptation introduces them to every design and fashion existing in the market. One such traditional sarees that are ruling the heart of women since ages are the kota sarees. These sarees have originated from a town named Kota in the Rajasthan state of India. 

Kote sarees are usually made of a garment called Kota Doria or Kota Dori, a blend of cotton and silk, which makes the fabric both breathable and soft. You can find Kota sarees either in chequered patterns or with plain solid colors filled with fancy borders. The borders may sometimes contain stripes, patterns or geometric shapes while some are made of silk and golden zari work. The kota sarees stand unique among other traditional sarees because of the affordability, softness, and texture of the saree, which look royal yet makes you feel comfortable. The cloth of kota sarees feels much like a muslin cloth.

You can find all types of patterns, including floral motifs and leaves. But the checkered patterns in kota sarees are always a show-stealer. Many people call these square-shaped checks as Khats. The weavers create the khats in a skillful manner where they employ the wrap and weft in the particular combination of threads to form an exclusive chequered pattern.

While creating the plain Kota Sarees, the weavers first make the saree with white cotton and silk threads and later dye them in different colors. Contrarily, in the case of designed and pattern made sarees, the yarns are dyed before weaving.

History of Kota Sarees

An incredible fact is that craftsmen from Kota itself did not made kota sarees. The weavers or artisans who weaved this amazing fabric were known as ‘Masurias’, and they belonged to Mysore, a city in Karnataka. 

Back in the 17th and 18th centuries, a general in Shah Jahan’s Mughal army named Rao Kishore Singh moved these artisans from Mysore to Kota. The sarees made by these artisans were prominent by the name Kota-Masuria sarees, which was the priority choice of royal families of Rajasthan. These Kota sarees are famous due to the intricate weaving methods and grandeur design patterns made on the fabric.

A Remarkable Presence With The Beautiful Kota Doria

One of the most prominent features behind the popularity of Kota sarees is the use of Kota Doria fabric with a recognizable squared check pattern known as “Khat''. What makes women love Kota Doria is its comfortable airy and lightweight fabric which is not less than a boon for Indian women especially housewives which allow them to perform house chores with very fewer maintenance requirements. The fabric is usually embellished with voluminous borders and several stylish floral patterns known as bhuti. Buy Kota Sarees Online depending on the occasion you want to wear them.

How Are These Kota Sarees Made?

The weaving of beautiful Kota sarees with Kota Doria is a typical household activity that involves:

Winding - It is the process of transferring ‘lachhis’ or hanks onto the bobbin for warp. It requires winding to bring them into the stage of using the on the loom for weaving. The process is done using a small swift by rotating the wheel by hands.

Warping - It is the process of coming up with a set length of warp consisting of the pre-arranged number of threads to be used for completing the width of the fabric.

Dyeing - Then these yarns are dyed or colored manually by dipping them in the pre-heated water and dyes.

Sizing - The process of Sizing is done to provide strength to the yarn especially in cotton. This is done using rice starch and juice of onions.

Drafting-Denting-Piecing - Then the individual cotton and silk are portrayed with double clasped country cotton and dented by using dents of bamboo in a specific pattern to deliver the checks along with the weft. Since this entire process is time-consuming, an alternative method is used known as piecing where the individual threads of the warp are tied to the corresponding threads of the earlier warp.

Weaving - After that, the task of weaving is performed on the pit looms by shuttle technique. It is done so delicately that almost the same size of Khat is produced.

 Designing - The particular designs that are to be produced on the saree is first made on the graph paper and then transferred to the fabric through several techniques.

Look ravishing with Kota sarees

The vibrant colors, rich fancy patterns, and appreciable soft cloth of kota sarees will put an extraordinary glow to your personality. Always ensure to embellish the kota sarees with either golden or silver jewelry. You can also experiment with the oxidized ones but never put on fancy earrings or necklaces as they don't go in sync with this saree’s frame.

The silver and golden zari borders add a luxurious feel to the saree, which makes it ready to wear for any wedding or reception event. Also, pairing it with a sleeveless blouse can make you look more appealing as the color hues create magic when styled aesthetically.

Kota sarees are sheer lightweight and comfortable, which makes them an ideal office wear saree. The calm and alluring patterns, along with checks, can add an oomph to your personality. Also, the fabric of this saree is breathable, which makes it a perfect summer wear. You can get a wide range of colors to choose from so that they can fit into every theme and environment.

Sport a black kota saree with vibrant borders and put on oxidized earrings and necklace while attending any casual party or get-together with friends. We are sure that your friends won’t stop admiring and appreciating you. 

The kota sarees are such a beauty that they can suit women of all ages and any body type. Due to this, you can see all the older women still craving for kota sarees rather than any other sarees. 

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You can also check out the kota silk sarees, which are a variant of kota sarees. The difference between both of them is that kota sarees are blends of cotton and silk, while kota silk sarees are made of pure silk threads.

Make sure to explore our trending varieties of handloom sarees, traditional sarees, cotton sarees, and silk sarees on the site. 

FAQs on Kota Sarees

1. What Kota Sarees are famous for?

The comfortable, lightweight, and elegant Kota sarees come from a small place in Rajasthan. An outstanding choice to glorify traditional look for all special occasions and events, these are made from a firm combination of cotton and silk threads.

2. Which saree material should I Opt for daily use?

Since the pure soft cotton material of a saree gives you a firm grip to make, carry and maintain crispy pleats of a saree and allows you to consider them for any event, pure Kota sarees made from cotton and cotton-silk are an ideal choice for you. You can wear them in the summer as daily wear.

3. What is Kota Doria Fabric?

Kota Doria is a lightweight fabric made of a small woven checked pattern known as “Khat'' by weaving it on the traditional pit looms in Kaithoon near Kota in Rajasthan. These Kota Doria sarees are made of pure cotton and silk.

4. Is Kota Doria Cotton?

It is a distinctive woven fabric with charming square checked patterns crafted on the fine silk, cotton, or blend of these two fibers.