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Kota Silk Sarees


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Kota Silk Sarees

India is popular for its rich diversity, culture, and traditions that differ across every mile. The contributing elements for this diversity are either the people, their skills, and history behind their existence. Similarly, Kota silk sarees are famous because of the colorful and aesthetic traditional attire it possesses. These sarees are manufactured in a town called Kota in the Rajasthan state of India.

Rajasthan is full of bold deserts and high temperatures, which demands more light and comfortable clothes. The kota silk sarees are beyond perfect for this environment and also appear colorful, which makes it a popular choice among Rajasthani women. But, nowadays, the bold prints, chequered patterns, and silk weavings have made them famous in various other parts of India as well.

Kota silk sarees being graceful in appearance have also gained immense popularity across the globe, which now has become a trendsetter among young women. You might have already seen your grandma or mother wearing light and soft fabric sarees, which you used to play around with, and also, it used to give a feeling of motherhood. Kota silk sarees also hold the same motherly affection, which makes you look like a goddess.

What’s unique about the kota silk sarees?

Kota silk sarees were weaved by skilled craftsmen from Mysore. Sounds contradictory, right? It is one of the most fantastic saree that the ‘Masurias’, artisans from Mysore made after they were brought to Kota only for making these fabulous sarees. 

Hence, initially, these sarees were also famed as ‘Kota-Masuria’. The origin of kota silk sarees dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries, where Rao Kishore Singh, a general from Shah Jahan’s Mughal Army, brought the artisans from Mysore to Kota for weaving these sarees.

Kota silk sarees are made of pure silk without mixing any other fabric except golden zari work in some cases. These sarees are available in multiple color shades and also differ in the patterns that are weaved in them. Most of the sarees have chequered patterns, which are also known as Khats. While some kota silk sarees exude alluring beauty with fancy borders made of either geometric shapes, leaves, or floral prints.

What Is The Process Behind Making Kota Silk Sarees?

Undoubtedly Kota silk sarees are considered one of the finest silk sarees amongst all other silk sarees in India that come in lots of variety. Some of the popular types are Chanderi, Banarasi, Assam silk Tussar, Sambalpuri, Kanjeevaram, Patola, Mysore, Bhagalpuri, Kota, etc. Though its origin is Mysore, Rajasthan is well known for these Kota sarees. The procedure of making elegant and stylish Kota silk sarees is not as easy as it seems.

These sarees are processed through a dying process where the plain kota silk sarees are initially weaved with a white thread and then dyed once the weaving is completed. While some of the sarees with patterns and designs borders go through a distinct process. Here, the threads are first dyed, dried, and then used to make intricate patterns along the borders.

Pirn Winding is the initial step of making Kota Silk sarees where the yarns from hanks are converted into the spools for weft insertion. The same process is conducted for zari or silk thread.

Secondly, the task of peg warping the yarn is performed on the wooden pegs which are also known as pinjras. They are placed along the entire length of the yarn to get a crisscrossed form of two yarns for the weaving process.

The dyeing takes place in the next step where weavers prefer direct dyes to deliver comfortable use and long-lasting capabilities as mill dyed yarns consist of high-costs. It is done on the prepared warp and the hanks for the weft. The whole process of dying includes washing, and drying the hanks. Sizing is done to ensure the strength and stiffness of the yarns. This is the most important step as no further ironing or polishing of the saree is performed in the cluster.

The weaving of silk is done in such a way as to deliver square check patterns on the resulting fabric. It is the square pattern that is the most prominent and unique feature of these Kota Silk sarees. The addition of the silk makes the fabric lightweight and transparent as well as breathable.

If you are willing to embark on your presence with these astonishing sarees, check our latest collection of Kota silk sarees for weddings. These beautiful sarees are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe and you can find an extensive range of Kota silk sarees with price in our collection that includes solid patterns and floral silks perfect for every occasion.

Tips For Caring For Kota Silk Sarees

Since Kota silk sarees are made of pure silk, cold water washing with shadow dying is the essential maintenance requirement of the fabric making it preferred by women.

  • You should store each of your Kota Silk Sarees wrapped in separate cotton or muslin cloth. You can also go for using soft towels.
  • Do not forget to refold your sarees within a few months to prevent them from tearing in the fold lines.
  • You can either get your Kota Silk Sarees dry cleaned or wash them at home using cold water and mild detergent. Dry it in a shaded area instead of sunlight to avoid fading.
  • Place them in a cool dark place to avoid fading or discoloration.

Be a charming Femina with delightful kota silk sarees

Can you imagine yourself flaunting your saree on an occasion, and people appreciating you consistently? You will be glowing with happiness and beauty. So try out these attractive kota silk sarees and follow some of the below-mentioned styling tips to ramp-up your style statement.

  1. Sport a bold and dark-colored kota silk saree with golden zari work on the border with either geometric shapes or floral patterns. Embellish the outfit with golden jewelry and a small bindi. Also, don’t forget to apply matte lipstick, and you are ready to exude royalty with your look at any grand wedding or reception.
  2. The lightweight kota silk sarees with mild colors are suitable for office wear as they are comfortable and elegant. You can choose a light blue or beige colored saree to add affluence to your wardrobe. 
  3. The black color saree with a translucent fabric enclosed in a neon border can make you look ravishing on a dinner date or at a casual party. Make sure to try a hairdo with some statement jewelry to accentuate the look.
  4. If you are slim and love to exhibit your curves, then try the kota silk saree with a chequered pattern and a dark border. Tuck the pleats appropriately and spread the pallu over your shoulder, and let it rest on your arms. The silk fabric will fit in perfectly with your body and make you look like a style diva.

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There is another variant of kota silk saree, which is the kota saree. Kota Saree is made with a blend of cotton and silk, while kota silk saree is made with only silk threads. If you want to explore other sarees, then you can look at our trending varieties of Bandhani Sarees, Manipuri Silk Sarees, or Mysore Silk Sarees on the site.

FAQs on Kota Doria Silk Sarees

1. Which is the most famous district for Silk sarees?

Kanchipuram region in Tamil Nadu is mainly known for Kanchipuram silk sarees.

2. Which silk is the most costly?

Mulberry, Muga, Spider, velvet, and Charmeuse silk are the most expensive silk fabrics.

3. What is Kota Doria fabric?

Kota Doria or Kota Dori is a particular woven fabric with the very popular square-checked pattern known as “Khat”on the pure silk, cotton, or blend of these two fibers. The cotton provides stiffness to the fabric while silk makes it more softer and shining.

4. Is soft silk original silk?

Since soft silk sarees are the result of using pure threads of the fine silk fibers, they are the most preferred choice for women of all ages.

5. Which are the best types of silks that can be found in India?

Muga Silk, Tasar Silk, Kosa, Mulberry, Banarasi, Baluchari, and Chanderi are a few varieties of natural silks found in India.