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Maheshwari Sarees


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Maheshwari Sarees - Pure Handloom Silk Sarees from Madhya Pradesh

Maheswari Sarees are a blend of cotton and pure silk with golden zari and brocade in different designs and patterns. Floral motifs, stripes and checks inspire the designs on Maheshwari Sarees while some also include geometric patterns. The Maheshwari fabric originated from a town called Maheshwar in the Madhya Pradesh state of India. This fabric is widely used for not only sarees but also for making dupattas and salwar kameez dress material.

The silk and cotton blend with zari and brocade work makes Maheshwari Sarees a unique outfit with an elegant and dazzling look. These sarees are lightweight and fully breathable that allows you to push off the dizziness in summers. Also, the silk threads make it a comfortable wear for monsoons where you don’t have to worry about the wetness of the cloth. Maheshwari Sarees are also suitable for winters because of the pure blend and soothing touch that warms your body. So the speciality of these sarees is that you can have them for any season without worrying about how to carry them. 

History of Maheshwari Sarees:

The beautiful sarees of Maheshwar fabric originated back in 18th Century in Madhya Pradesh. Initially, they were made of only silk, but as time went on, the weavers started adding cotton in the process. It became one of the tasteful element in the making of Maheshwari Sarees.

The person behind the origination of Maheswari Sarees is Queen Ahilyabai Holkar. She invited some of the skilled artisans from Surat and Malwa to create an exclusive 9-yard saree, which later became known as the Maheshwari Saree. A surprising fact about this saree is that the rani herself made a contribution in the design process. The sarees in those older days were used as a gift for special guests and royal relatives who used to visit the palace. Since that time, it gained popularity all over the world.

The Beauty Of Maheshwari Sarees:

The varied design patterns make these sarees noteworthy and appreciable. With each unique design, it holds a name that makes the saree distinctive from other variations. You will find Maheswari Saree with exquisite plain colours with a border filled with zari or brocade work. And, you will also find these sarees with chequered and striped patterns woven both horizontally and vertically.

Maheshwari sarees rule the markets all over the world with its glorious varieties. There are majorly five varieties in these saree which are named as ‘Chandratar’, ‘Beli’, ‘Parbi’, ‘Chandrakala’ and ‘Baingani Chandrakala’. The first three varieties usually come in striped and chequered patterns while the ‘Chandrakala’ and ‘Baingani Chandrakala’ appear in plain designs.

The colour variants in early days included only shades of red, blue, purple, green, black and maroon. But with modern fashionistas and rising trends of styles, newer shades or light colours also made their way into the making of Maheshwari Sarees.

Drape The Exquisite Maheshwari Sarees With Confidence:

The lightweight pallus drape over your shoulder by lining out your curves and makes you look fabulous. You can drape them in various styles as the graceful blend makes you feel comfortable and accentuates your look. They are effortless to put on even if you are a newbie in wearing a saree. These sarees won’t make you feel out of place. 

You can adorn it with a perfect pair of jewellery. Try to look out for silver jewellery if your Maheshwari saree is designed with more of cotton fabric with minimal patterns. If you have chosen a heavily designed pattern, then pick up the golden shaded jewellery to balance out your overall look.

You can wear the Maheshwari Sarees on any occasion such as weddings, reception, parties, festivals, traditional functions or even for office wear. Isn’t it amazing that a single outfit can fit on all occasions? Well, that’s the beauty of Maheshwari Sarees. 

You can adorn the bright shades for grand occasions such as weddings and festive events. On the other hand, you can opt for the light pastels to drape over in parties, get-togethers or at the office. The Maheswari Saree is the best ethnic saree that no one would like to reject from entering their office attire. The elegant and classy look makes it appealing and breathtaking for such an ambience. We are sure that it catches many eye-balls because of its alluring nature.

Also, these sarees are easy to maintain so that you don’t have to look after them every time. Make sure to dry clean it for the first wash and then later you can wash it by yourself at home with cold water and mild detergents. Keep the sarees rolled in or tie them to a hanger to avoid the folding lines deprive off the elegant finish of sarees.

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