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Manipuri Sarees


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Manipuri Silk Sarees

Saree is one of the most traditional and ethnic wears in India. To make it more accessible and attractive, every Indian state comes up with its own unique style that represents the history and traditional ecstasy of the state. But there are some states which are totally different and possess unique and astounding outfits. One such north-eastern state, which is famous for its distinctive outfit, is Manipur. The sarees from Manipur are comfortable and fashionable. They are named as Manipuri Silk Sarees as they belong to this state.

The Manipuri Silk Sarees are a mixture of Manipuri Culture and Fashion, where they hold the aesthetic style. 

What’s unique about Manipuri Silk Sarees?

The material of these sarees are lightweight and a bit transparent. You can easily drape them in different styles and create a glamorous outfit. What makes manipuri silk sarees special is that they have unique geometric designs, stripes, and lines at the borders and pallus. You will not find any floral motifs or natural elements engraved on these sarees. 

And, the color hues that are put into manipuri silk sarees are basic solid shades or either red, green, blue, orange, and yellow. Some sarees are pure solid-colored, while some of them are a combination of two or more colors, which creates an alluring look.

Also, manipuri silk sarees are much affordable than any other traditional sarees. So you can try them out if you want to have a contemporary look. Manipuri silk sarees are worn in different styles across different regions of the state. These sarees are also worn with a three-set garment called ‘Innaphi viel', ‘Phanek’ which is a lower wrap and a long-sleeved choli.

The golden threaded work on manipuri silks sarees adds an enticing look to the wearer. You can make the outfit more enchanting by embellishing with a matching piece of jewelry or just put on dangling earrings and tinkling bangles.

Be a style diva with Manipuri Silk Sarees

You can add these simple yet elegant pieces of manipuri silk saree into your daily wear as they are much more comfortable than any other sarees. The fabric being lightweight is suitable for every season and can be a handy outfit for every day. You can even wear it while lounging at home if you love to flaunt in sarees.

Make it your office attire - You wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing heavy work saree to the office as they go out of the formal wear norms. But the manipuri silk sarees are plain, simple, and stylish, which will brighten up your office look and make your personality more outstanding. 

Don them at festivals and traditional ceremonies - If you want to go ethnic but not look too dramatic, then the manipuri silk sarees are a perfect go-to for any occasion. To lighten the mood on festive events and traditional soirees, you can drape a beautiful yellow or red color manipuri silk saree, which will enhance your looks and attract many eye-balls. 

Tips for maintaining a Manipuri Silk Saree

Manipuri Silk Sarees are beautiful, delicate creations that require proper care ensuring their long life and forever freshness. Here are a few easy tips for maintaining your beloved Manipuri Silk Saree -
  • Washing tips: Hand washing and dry cleaning are the only two options to clean a Manipuri silk saree, as machine washing will ruin its beauty forever, and it might also shrink. Once washed, make sure the saree is completely dry before you fold it to store it.
  • Storing tips: Don’t store Manipuri silk sarees along with other sarees, instead keep them in a separate bag. Also, place naphthalene balls or dry neem leaves and silica gel to protect the saree from worms and moisture

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FAQs on Manipuri Silk Sarees

What is Manipuri silk fabric?

Manipuri silk fabric is one of the many types of silk produced in the country. It is primarily used to make Manipuri silk sarees that are a perfect representation of the North Indian state culture and fashion. This fabric is lightweight, and a bit transparent. It can be draped in several styles, thus creating a glamorous look. A good quality Manipuri silk sarees online shopping is great fun, as customers get to choose from a wide variety of options.

What is the difference between Manipuri Silk Saree and Rani Phi Sarees?

Both Manipuri Silk Saree and Rani Phi Saree come from the North Indian state of Manipur and, at first glance, might look similar to many. However, the two differ from one another in several ways. The Rani Phi Saree, for instance, is semi-transparent and showcases beautiful motifs and hues. Made up of either cotton or silk fabric, the Rani Phi Saree gives a royal look and feel to the person wearing it. Manipuri silk sarees, on the other hand, are made up of silk fabric and modern dyes. Customers can opt for Manipuri silk sarees for wedding as they provide that much needed sheer and traditional look. One can even buy Manipuri silk sarees online in popular tones of deep red, deep purple, and chocolate brown. Compared to the Rani Phi Sarees, which have a modern vibe, the Manipuri Silk Sarees are a bit more traditional.

What is the difference between Manipuri Silk Saree and Kanchipuram Silk Saree?

While both the Manipuri Silk Saree and Kanchipuram Silk Saree make the women look elegant and beautiful, they are distinct from one another. While the Manipuri Silk Sarees originated in the North Indian state of Manipur, Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram Silk Sarees are created by master weavers in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. Also, Kanjivaram sarees are quite expensive compared to the Manipuri silk sarees price that starts from a few thousand. Further, a Kanjivaram silk saree is known for its royal, traditional look and feel; Manipuri Silk Sarees, on the other hand, feature a sheer look.

What is the best place to buy Manipuri Silk Sarees?

Manipuri Silk Sarees online shopping is great fun and convenient, as buyers have a great variety of options at their disposal. Furthermore, via online mediums like, buyers get to check out the latest Manipuri Silk Sarees with price, making it easy for them to stick to the set budget.

Is Manipuri Silk Sarees a good option for weddings?

Manipuri Silk Sarees for weddings is a great choice, especially if you want to look elegant without the drama. Pick the Manipuri Silk Sarees in bright colous like red and yellow as they look great during festivities. You can further enhance the look by pairing the saree with a blouse with intricate embroidery.