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Nauvari Sarees


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Nauvari Sarees - The Pride of Maharashtra

Every woman desires to wear a beautiful saree and look fabulous. And the wish to get some of the traditional wears is way different than craving for the designer and fashionable sarees. One such form of saree that fits into the wishlist of grace, attractiveness and sheer delight is the nauvari saree. These sarees got the name ‘Nauvari’ from the 9-yard length.

Initially, nauvari sarees were created with pure cotton, but nowadays you can get them in other blends of fabrics such as polyester and silk. The most prominent nauvari sarees that women prefer are the cotton made sarees because the pleats stay in place without bothering you. If you select the other fabric, then you need to pin them properly.

What makes the nauvari sarees quintessential?

There is something unique about the nauvari sarees that you will not find in any other saree. The pride that Maharashtrians give these sarees is because women of the great Maratha Emperor wore them. The comfort and ease to fight at any war and be a helping hand to the kings made the nauvari sarees the best choice among women. Also, the nauvari sarees possess a feeling of home, motherhood and care that cannot be compared with any other outfit.

You can drape the nauvari sarees in many ways as the draping style differs from place to place in Maharashtra and Goa. The Goan women, mostly from the Koli community, also wear the nauvari sarees but they drape it differently. 

You will come across four draping styles for nauvari sarees. The traditional draping style includes tucking in the pleats at the backside(also called ‘Kasta’) and folding the rest of the saree over the front side. This draping style looks more like a trouser where the pleats swirl on each other. Other draping styles include Peshwai or Brahmini drape, Contemporary Marathi style drape and Contemporary Marathi dhoti drape.

Add a glow to your festivals and functions with nauvari sarees

Have you ever seen any Marathi Festival Celebration? You can see that each festival is filled with women flaunting their nauvari sarees with a nath and many other embellishments which we will have a look at. The rich cultural touch and feel for any festival gets added only by the suitable outfits, and that’s what the nauvari sarees are bound to make. 

The dark yellow, red or maroon colour nauvari sarees paired with a kolhapuri chappal brings out the Marathi look on any woman. The nath, bajubandh(golden jewellery that needs to be put on your arms), and kamarband(waist belt) are considered to be the perfect embellishments for a nauvari saree. You just have to tie your hairs with a traditional bun hairstyle(also called Ambada) and adorn it with a small flower garland of jasmine flowers. 

Only golden jewellery suits the nauvari saree, so you don’t have to worry much about the types of jewellery to put on.

The nauvari sarees not only enhance your looks but also add cultural value to the festivals. 

Make the nauvari sarees your bridal wear

Many women choose the nauvari sarees as their bridal wear as it exudes the beauty and grandeur looks on the bride. The light shades of yellow, blue or purple nauvari sarees are a popular choice among the brides. 

You will find rich golden zari work on the border with paisley, brocade work. Some varieties also possess the embroidered art of small buttis, floral designs, leaves and traditional symbols to enrich the elegance of nauvari sarees.

These sarees do not contain heavy work, hence they are lightweight and comfortable even if you are trying them for the first time.

Have you ever observed Priyanka Chopra from Bajirao Mastani? What a classic and heavenly look she possesses in the dazzling nauvari sarees! Well, many brides love to imitate the bollywood divas for the nauvari attire, and they can't resist the goddess in them.

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