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Office Wear Sarees

As generations are turning over, there are many changes taking place. One of such changes is the rise in the number of working women. Women empowerment increased rapidly in recent years and so the demand for suitable outfits. To cater to their needs, office wear sarees came into picture as they tend to become the most ethnic and formal attire for Indian Women. 

Although, initially there were many sectors with stringent rules that avoided such outfits to office attire. But some of the sectors such as teaching, government offices and NGOs adhered to the saree outfit. Since then, there are many women who have opted for office wear sarees as a formal outfit rather than having formal shirts and trousers.

When can you wear these office wear sarees?

Are you still thinking about occasions that can really make your office wear sarees worthy? Relax, we will have a look at some events where these sarees can easily fit in without any hesitation.

  1. If you are working in any private sector, you can select the modest chanderi silk sarees, georgette sarees and cotton sarees as formal wear. Don’t worry, sarees are the most elegant and simple outfits that will not break the office norms.
  2. Also, you can have them as an option to wear at traditional or functional events and gatherings.
  3. If you are working in the government sector, then you might already have sarees as an outfit for the office. So we suggest you take a look at some of the upcoming new styles with silk satin sarees or georgette sarees to update your style statement.
  4. You can opt for office wear sarees while going for an interview or while attending any office meeting as they turn out to be a fantastic and alluring outfit that shines your personality.
  5. If you are a college student, then there must be various annual functions or traditional days/saree days held up at your college functions. So, you can look for these minimalist and simple office wear sarees to appear in a graceful attire.

Buy Office Wear Sarees Online From Stylecaret At Affordable Range

Gone are the days when sarees are considered only a party, event, or traditional ethnic wear. Now the fashion world has changed. More lady professionals and working women out there are now picking up office wear sarees as a go-to option to look astonishing and classy in any of their office functions and occasions. Linen, handloom cotton, and Ikkat are the most popular office wear sarees to be worn on any office occasion. They do not only look beautiful on working women of any age but also comfortable to wear and carry due to their lightweight fabric. If your closet does not have a few of each of these varieties of sarees, it is time to visit Stylecaret. You will find a wide range of attractive and fashionable office wear sarees with price in different shades & designs with a smart variation of fabrics.

Incorporating these sarees in your office wardrobe can help you break the stereotype of wearing formal trousers, tops or dresses every day. Since you spend most of the hours at the workplace, you need to make sure that you choose office wear sarees that are comfortable for long hours as well as stylish and professional at the same time.

Here we are sharing a few elegant and charming office wear sarees that will help you achieve a classy look at your office function. For more options, check out our office wear sarees for weddings.

1. Printed Chiffon Sarees - If you are looking for office wear sarees with comfort, style, grace, and convenience of movements, this is the type you should go for. They are extremely lightweight, so you will not feel any irritation or inconvenience while executing your official tasks. These are the popular office attire among women all the time and have been maintaining a craze with their pastel shades, stripes, floral and unique prints. You must try these sarees as your office wear once.

2. Comfortable Cotton Sarees - Cotton sarees have always been the perfect choice as office wear for women especially Bengali and South Indian cotton sarees. The feature that makes these cotton sarees an ideal office attire is their lightweight and breathable fabric. It is comfortable to wear, carry, and drape as well as gives you a classy and graceful look at the workplace. No wonder it is considered the best office wear sarees in the professional field. You can choose from a wide range of cotton sarees in different colors, patterns, hues. For an elegant look, opt for light prints on cotton fabric or monochrome cotton sarees with wide borders.

3. Tussar Silk Sarees - It is another popular type of fabric working women love wearing on official occasions due to their graceful and voluminous silhouette. The beautiful texture of the Tussar silk adores you with a sophisticated look. You can opt for these sarees for both daily office wear and on special days at the office to get everybody’s attention.  

4. Handloom Sarees - You can also opt for handloom woven sarees from different regions of India. They are lightweight, made of soft fabric, and keep you cool in the hot summer days. Bengal handloom tant sarees are known for their simple and sophisticated look at the workplace while Handloom cotton sarees are also a great choice to experiment with different colors, patterns, and hues. Pastel and vibrant hues will be the perfect shades for an office party. Cotton Ikkat sarees are also worth trying.

5. Silk Sarees - Silk sarees are quite popular among working women as they can be worn on any occasion, whether it is casual, official, or traditional. Their variety of prints and patterns on silk make them a perfect choice for office attire. Check out our latest collection of office wear sarees online.

Why buy office wear sarees?

Aren’t you tired of the Monday Blues? If yes, you won’t be anymore with such a wide variety of office wear sarees on this page. 

You always have some reason behind purchasing any product, and the one behind buying the office wear sarees should be to upgrade your closet with the latest sarees, so you do not cling around your wardrobe for hours finding out what to wear for the day.

Another reason being, after having a hectic day at office and commuting over longer traffic jams, you wouldn’t love to stay in outfits that make you feel uncomfortable and grumpy. That’s the reason why these alluring office wear sarees should be your ultimate pick to throw off all the discomfort.

Besides the office wear kurtis, the sarees are also one of the most trending ethnic outfits for working women. And who doesn’t like to be a trend follower? 

For this, you get a wide range of office wear sarees for formal attire such as the chanderi silk print saree, chiffon saree, georgette saree, digital silk saree and many more at StyleCaret. If you want to dress simply, then you can go for the linen cotton sarees, which are amazingly stylish and elegant for the office ambeince.

Buy Office Wear Sarees Online at StyleCaret. Stylist Picks at One Location!

If you have reached this point, then definitely you would have made your mind to buy the best outfit for your office wear from these never ending range of office wear sarees. Don’t hesitate to pick any one of them, as we at StyleCaret take utmost care about the quality of the products so that you don’t feel disappointed after purchasing it from us. 

Also, it might be tedious for you to visit the local stores, hunting for the office wear sarees that can suffice your needs. That’s the reason, StyleCaret is looking for ways to bring the most adorable ethnic outfits to reach every woman's wardrobe and help them choose the exquisite designs, patterns, fabrics from our well-categorized products.

We also provide worldwide shipping of your favorite products so that the trend wouldn't be restricted to only India. Even people from out of India love to flaunt sarees on special occasions. So shipping to any corner of the world is not an issue at all. Another fantastic thing is that you get a 100% cashback as reward points on your first purchase with us. Woohoo! Amazing right?

Well, then do you have any other reason left for not picking up your attention seeker office wear sarees from our site? We guess, you are not! So be sure to check out the products and also explore some of our trending products such as the designer sarees, party wear sarees, traditional sarees and many more on the way.

FAQs on Office Wear Sarees

1. Can I wear sarees as formal wear?

Though trousers, tops, skirts, and dresses are the usual office attire, the evergreen Indian sarees can also be considered to be worn at office functions. Wearing a saree makes women of any age look glamorous and amazing.

2. What do you do to look smart and confident in an office wear saree?

You need to be very careful about choosing the right fabric for the saree. Make sure you choose the light fabric and pick dark colors with beautiful prints and thin borders. A firm draping is also important.

3. What is the latest fashion trend in sarees?

The bold and beautiful black and grey sarees are quite popular among working women these days. You should opt for bright pallu or nice motifs on it.

4. How can I carry office wear sarees gracefully?

Drape your pleats neatly and make sure that the blouse has the perfect fitting. Pin your pallu at the shoulder for easy carrying.

5. Is Kurti a formal dress?

You can consider shirt style Kurtis or A-line Kurtis for office wear. Printed or plain Kurtis are also a good idea.